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Status Retired
Following Mayhem


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Mortal Description:

(Written by Cordir):
There's something distinctly strange about the dwarf before you. For one
thing, he's nearly six feet tall, and massively thick. He beams a warm,
open, friendly smile at you, and the powerful, pleasant scent of fresh
mushrooms wafts through the area. His body is unusually blocky, almost ...
square? and his armor has several dents where it appears someone kicked
him rather firmly. You cannot help but raise one hand and tentatively
tap on his chest. The deep, hollow sound that echoes back makes you blink.
... Hollow? Okay, this is getting VERY strange. He giggles and points
at a sign on his right shoulder above his heart that reads, "Please do
not tap, kick, or hit the vending machine!". He pokes a wide black spot
on his chest that you thought was just an unsual armor design, and it
opens to reveal... food! The variety is both amusing and horrific; every
imaginable edible item from apricots to zebra roast... shrunken heads,
elven stew, even worms for the aara! He grins at your confusion and says
with another smiel, "Please...take some, I can't carry this much weight!"
Once you have taken your fill, this kindly soul trundles off to provide
for another deserving adventurer.

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Immortality Petition:

wed Jan 23 13:06:55 2002
To: IMMORTAL ( posted with author's consent)

Hello, my name is Artanis Shinhan, and I am petitioning for immortality...

I am a follower of Plato, and have played TFC for nearly 4 years. I have never been repremanded for cheating, nor anything else in my 4 years here on TFC. I have several duties as a High Council member (COE - Circle of Enlightenment), ranging from being the Quest Master - I quest hopeful followers of Plato, (around 30 to this date), and I am the ex - Blacklist writer of Wisdom as well as an Instructor (Effective 30+ follower of Plato with his permission of course)

I have met my requirements in levels/mobmasteries by achieving 30th level in the Cleric class, and 50 levels of mobmastery. I have spent a great deal of time pondering the fate of Artanis, and have decided to eventually (hopefully, if the gods deem so) to become an Ambassador, Attendant, and then hopefully FLI (I have FLI rules/ requirements/ description/ finfo all completely prepared. I have 615 hours of playing time as Artanis, and with a grand total of about 1750 hours.

I believe I am generally newbie friendly, and an asset to TFC. I believe I could do a great job as an immortal on TFC, if you choose to deem that honor on me. I have good knowledge of the realm, and have experience as many classes - was planning to compete for Class mastery as Artanis, which was cut short when I found out it would be a while until the newer version of it came out :). I have read, and understood/accepted completely "Help Become" and "Rules" (God Rules). Once again, if you choose to bestow this honor upon me, I believe I will do well..

Thanks for listening, and for your time :)

Humbly, Artanis

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