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God of Food & Drink
Status Retired
Race Human
Classes Cleric
Followed Coleman
Immorted AMB: 8/23/96
1st Demi: Winter 1996
2nd Demi: 7/24/00
Following Food

Mud Contributions:

Current Description:

WHO Lists:

Hum [ Wa: 7 Cl:14       ] Larry(Mirth), Looking for Moe & Curly       02/??/1996
Hum [ Cl:19 Wa:17       ] Larry was the FIRST stooge of TFC-MIRTH     04/16/1996
Hum [     Ambassador    ] Larry-MIRTH- Now the Biggest Wimp on TFC    09/??/1996
Hum [      DemiGod      ] Larry: God of Anything But Turkey           12/04/1996
Hum [      DemiGod      ] Larry: God of Belgian Waffles <Inv 10>      02/23/1997

Character History:

Larry's Immortal Profile/Bio

(Taken from the TFC Website Archives)

Larry was born in a simple life, being the son of a farmer. Being brought up in the environment made Larry a very serious person. Too serious. When Larry reached the age of decision, he realized that this simple life was not for him.

He decided upon a life serving the church. But which church. After much soul searching and thought, Larry came to the conclusion that he needed to lighten up. Larry decided to become a member of The Church of Mirth. The Church of Mirth is led by Coleman (tm). As a member of the Church of Mirth, Larry, in time, gained a small sense of humor. He also met and made many friends. The two biggest friends of which were Yelp (Warrior Priest of Mirth) and Marvin (The Wizard Explorer of Mirth). There were many others that Larry was glad to call friend, but these two were his greatest allies.

As Larry neared the second ascension of life to Godhood, he realized that there was one other love in life. Food & Drink. These items when shared with good friends can cure all evils. There is not an item that can be eaten or drunk that does not remind Larry of good times spent with friends. Of course, what more can you ask for than good times spent with great friends.

Larry will always hold a special place in his heart for the followers of Mirth.



Player Provided Information:

Larry (death spelled) me one time, after I sacc'ed up some birth control pills... (a change sex item)
Immortality killed Larry. Three of his closest friends left Food - two joined Conclave. He was never the same, or even close, after that. At least Doc stayed until the end with me.

Personal Timeline:

8/23/1996 - A day for the TFC history books On this date, at one point in the day, there were NINE ambassadors - a new record. They included brand-new Ambassadors Ironbrain, Larry, and Mekt, as well as Foolkiller, Gryphon - a Coleman follower, and Zarous - a Cerebus worshipper (who were promoted to Demi God later that day).
11/1996 - Doc reaches 30th level, the first Larry follower to do so.
02/20/1997 -[ Myronides and Larry on cant.]
11/05/1998 - Larry's temple is removed.
07/24/2000 - Larry is re-promoted to Demigod!
07/25/2000 - Klavier suffers from a near fatal bout of food poisoning. Larry is suspected responsible...
1/17/2001 - Larry is retired due to inactivity.
9/10/2001 - Okk posts Larry Went Down to SkullTop.