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Pyros Ith'rake
Lord of Fire
Status Retired
Race Elf
Classes Mage
Followed Nayr
Immorted AMB: Jan 1996
Demi: Feb 1996
Following Fire

AKA The Syla-Slave, The Pyromaniac, Arch-Mage of Mischief

Pyros' Immortal Profile/Bio

(Taken from the TFC Website Archives)

Pyros was a powerful mage on another world before coming to The Final Challenge. There were many powerful mortals on that world, and the Gods of that place grew angry at this. They took what power they could from Pyros and others, and used it to make sweeping changes. Not liking these changes, Pyros devised a way to open a rift to the Ethereal plane and escape. He drifted for a long time trying to find another world where he might flourish. Time and distance were different in the planes he passed through. At some point, Pyros began physically aging in reverse and he had to find a new world before he became a child again. Luckily, one presented itself before it was too late.

Pyros soon discovered that most of his powers, especially his power over fire, did not work in this new place. He would have to adapt quickly if he wanted to survive and succeed.

It was from these humble new beginnings that Pyros began his ascent to power once again. The elven Guildmaster of Mages took on the task of training Pyros to wield the magic of this world. From there, he was accepted by Nayr the Wise as a follower. When Nayr grew in power and no longer needed followers, Pyros forged ahead on his own, soon becoming an Arch-mage in his own right. When his friend and former fellow follower Syla reached immortality, Pyros became her first follower and Arch-mage of Mischief!

With Syla as his Goddess, Pyros was content to explore the world, cause mischief here and there, and aid his friends when he could. As the years passed, and Pyros regained the equivalent of what powers he had lost, he began wondering what it would be like to lead his own group of evil followers. Soon, he knew he must take the next step along the path of destiny...

Pyros' History

(Information gathered from a website created by Pyros.)
(Per Pyros: This is a first draft - June 26, 1997)
Pyros used to be an elven mage before achieving immortality. He pretty much did as he pleased as a mortal, but he most enjoyed playing with fire, causing mischief, and of course combining the two by performing fire-related pranks.

Now, Pyros is the God of Fire on the Final Challenge Mud. He is married to (and the legal property of) his longtime friend and only love, Syla, the Goddess of Mischief. For the most part, Pyros is a nice, friendly god. His followers fear his sarcasm and witty remarks more than his ability to burn them to a crisp. Although Pyros is an evil god, he dislikes cruelty and murder. Greed, subtle manipulation, and trickery are Pyros's preferred outlets for his evilness. On occaision, foolish people have irritated Pyros enough that his cruel side shows itself - much to their dismay.

Followers of Pyros are encouraged to take after him and seek personal gain without resorting to the more crude evil methods of murder and looting. Pyros was able to befriend many people and reap the benefits of these friendships -- beneficial spells, a helping hand when needed, extra equipment which he could disperse to his fellow evils, and appreciation and respect that has served him well to this day.

Outline of Historical Events:

(Information gathered from a website created by Pyros, date unknown.)

I. Pre-TFC time period.

  • Pyros emerges in the Realm of After Hours Mud ( 2000)
  • Exploration of other worlds (Wandering Mud, Batmud, others)
  • Pyros settles down and grows powerful (Batmud)
  • Batmud decays until it is no longer recognizable. (
  • Pyros wanders between worlds until he finds The Final Challenge.

II. The Mortal Years

  • Pyros struggles as a newbie while he attempts to regain his powers.
  • Nayr the Wise accepts Pyros as a follower
  • Pyros meets Syla, Midge, and other fellow followers.
  • Syla and Midge save the somewhat inept Pyros from various hazzards, wisdom is gained.
  • Nayr attains Godhood, his following is scattered.
  • Pyros recovers from the grief of losing his God, dreams of the day that Syla achieves immortality.
  • Pyros meets Szordrin, Chug, Ginny, Coleman, and others, roams the land adventuring and growing into a respected (but godless) mage.
  • Syla achieves Ambassadorhood, Pyros doubles his efforts, bypasses all his comrades except Chug and Szordrin.
  • Pyros becomes the first follower of Syla, demi-goddess of Mischief!
  • Pyros attains the rank of Arch-Mage of Mischief.
  • Mischief flourishes and spreads across the land.
  • Syla becomes absent from the world, her following slowly dispersed except for a few devoted souls.
  • The last of the followers of Mischief, a disillusioned Pyros decides to leave the land until his Goddess returns.
  • Time passes, Syla returns to spread mischief.
  • Pyros returns at his Goddess' summons, discovers he has a new fellow follower, Khore.
  • Mischief flourishes again, Pyros realizes his ambitions lie beyond being a mere mortal Arch-Mage.

III. Immortality

  • Pyros is summoned by Madman, 'relieved' of his mortal belongings by Scar, and promoted to Ambassadorhood. (phew!)
  • Pyros slays many a newbie in attempts to help them, oops.
  • Tynian promotes Pyros to demi-god!
  • Mortals begin seeking the God of Fire. The Temple of Pyros is built.
  • Pyros works up the audacity to ask Syla to marry him, she accepts!
  • Nayr presides over the wedding ceremony in which Pyros signs over his ownership papers to Syla and Syla entrusts her soul to Pyros.
  • Mischief and Fire prosper and grow as allies.
  • Worthy followers of Pyros are granted the option to quest to become Guardians and Lords of Fire (And perhaps High Lord someday)
  • The 1st Lord of Fire, Jazz, grows corrupt and overly greedy - he is slain and bannished by an angred Sirak.
  • The number of Pyros followers grows past 50 in number.
  • The Firelord site is created.