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Led By Tripper
Alignment Neutral Good
PK Model Sword
Attendants Whitehawk
Future Immortal Followers Athorne
Ordained Mortals Garland
Allies Plato
Enemies Bliss
Temple The Tiger Den

Following Description / FINFO:

Tripper, leader of the Tigers, Lesser Power of the Sword.
Following's self-perceived alignment: Neutral Good.
The followings of Plato, Robert, Athorne, Clue are considered allies.
The following of Bliss is considered an enemy.

Brief following description:
The Tigers are an old and historic GOOD following first
established under Lorna. Today's Tigers live by several
critical principles among which are: Honor, Loyalty, Respect,
Service, Duty, Integrity, and Courage. The Tigers are
dedicated to the prosperity and growth of the following
and the Game. Tigers limit thier PKing to those who have
attacked Tigers and protection of the innocent. Most of
all Tripper is dedicated to helping his followers ENJOY
the GAME.


PARTIAL LIST: Abe, Alaric, Aphrael, Arby, Arianos Shena Talesedrin, Athorne Battlehammer, Bootmaster, Brianna, Conrad, Cyncere, Darkangel, Dundrave, Eliza , Gaeruu, Garland, Hornblower, Kalak, Khorlan Farseer, Korran Stonebow, Lataal Haasek, Makavalli Lin, Mandrake, Micah, Ograk, Polanthis, Quixletobia, Rhaen Xaryth, Rhyann, Riella, Sabella, Santiago Lin, Skeeve, Snyder, Solid, Stu, Talyn Napei, Teutonic, Tiax, Tyrell, Tyreth, Venthaladir, Victoria, Wistom, Yar Stoutfellow

Requirements for Entry

1) You must be of at least effective 11th level.
2) You must be of good character and reputation.
3) You must be sponsored by a Tiger in good standing.
4) You must complete a quest commensurate with their level and experience.
5) You must complete an interview with Tripper or his representative.
6) Tripper must invite you to worship him.

Tiger Timeline Items:

  • 01/10/2002: Tripper releases the Tigers to attack any worshiper of Torchbearer at will.

Additional Notes

[Note 22] Tripper: Rebirth of the Tigers

Sun May 21 19:56:10 2000

As a mortal I served Lorna and the Tigers for over 1000 years. I was happy there and prospered in an environment of challenge and growth. I like to think that my current prosperity is due in no small extent to the nature of the Tigers and their Goddess.

I suffered enormously when, as Lorna's Ordained, she was promoted and her presence was forcefully torn from my breast. I wandered the realm Godless and bereft of leadership and focus for many years.

During my trials and solitude I observed the world from a new perspective in search of another leader who shared the qualities and view I had learned with Lorna, but alas I found none. In time I sought shelter with Solanthas and the Wardancers who, by then, had many of my fellow ex-Tigers under his wing. Solanthas took me in and treated me well while I decided my future fate. For Sol's kindness and support I am forever grateful.

In time I decided that the realm was poorer for the loss of the Tigers and that it was my fate to try to overcome this loss.

I petitioned to Lorna for permission to rebuild the Tigers under my leadership and was granted her permission and blessing.

Today I announce the Rebirth of the Tigers. Let it be understood, they are my Tigers, not Lorna's. While the new Tigers will have much in common with their heritage Tigers there will be much that is different as well.

My temple, when it finally opens, will personify Tripper's vision of the Tigers very well. I welcome all who wish to visit there and will try to accommodate all that wish to visit.

I am dedicated to the growth of all in this realm, and hope to help TFC grow and prosper as a game. I look forward to the fun and challenges of being the leader of a following in this realm, and hope that mortals and immortals alike will enjoy this game with me.

Please welcome each new Tiger as they appear.
Master of the Tigers

Tiger Anniversary 05/16/2001:

To commemorate, here's some Tiger Info:

  • Tripper was promoted to Demigod in the evening of 16 May 2000 while LD. His computer had locked up, and after rebooting and re-logging on, he was greeted with a barrage of Congratulations for a promotion that had apparently been executed while he was LD.
  • Tripper has accepted over 200 followers in the intervening period not all of whom still exist.
  • Tripper has Ordained : Athorne – Now a Demigod in his own right, Wistom – Choo Choo Tiger, Khorlan – Sentinel and current Ordained, Garland – Soul Hunter and current Ordained.
  • Tiax, Tiger Counselor was also recently immorted and currently serves as an Ambassador in the wee hours of the morning.
  • Tripper has accumulated over 2800 FLI hours in support of his Kittens.

[Board 6] Tripper: Charges of cheating against others in the realm.

Fri Sep 14 15:55:39 2001
To followers of: Tripper
Very recently Talyn posted a note to the Tiger List that made a charge of cheating against Molo. This is very serious and is unwise without proof.
While there is much to agree with Talyn in terms of sentiment in his note, I have to caution you that this board and the TigerList are extensions of the game, and my Tigers will NOT make charges of cheating against ANY player without documentable proof. Specifically I will not condone an honor attack by ANY Tiger on an immortal without indesputable proof. Just don't do it.
That said. I don't particularily like Molo either. He has perpetrated a jihad against the Tigers since the moment we were born, and continues to attack because of my relationship with Lorna who he really hates on all levels. Unfortunately your lives within the realm have been more difficult than it likely would have been otherwise, but you and the Tigers have weathered the storms over and over and over again and for that I am immensely proud of you all.
We have survived all that Molo and his minions have thrown at us and still we grow and prosper. I am proud of you. I commend you. I cheer you.

[Board 7] Tripper: Silonch, Tripper's Crimson Lady

Fri Sep 14 15:55:43 2001
To followers of: Tripper
Silonch of the Black Conclave is a favored of Tripper. She is a long time friend and to be protected. She does NOT have the heart of the Conclave, but through a mis-guided sense of loyalty cannot or will not desert that which still pains her heart. She is to be loved, and cherished and protected by my Tigers. I will tolerate NO abuse of her.

[Board 8] Tripper: My absense.

Fri Sep 14 15:56:00 2001
To followers of: Tripper
I regret my absense among you, but I'm sure that you will understand. I served 33 years as an officer in the Army, and have and had many friends in the Pentagon. I still serve the Pentagon as a consultant today.
I have lost 3 confirmed comrades in the Pentagon, and at least 9 that I consider lifelong and dear friends who are missing still. I pray daily.
I am in my home office doing work for and reasearching data for them now, and have little time for outside endeavors.
I have not abandoned TFC or the Tigers, and I trust you will understand.
If anyone wishes they may post this to the universal note list, but I do not have the time to redo it all over for another board.
Take care Tigers, take care of each other, and behave as if I were there to rift you for being wicked.

[ 10] Tripper: Tiger Policies Part 1

Thu Aug 17 08:54:21 2000
To followers of: Tripper
1. TRASH-TALKING/TAUNTING: We simply will not engage in either of these activities. Both just enrage our adversaries and solidify their hatred of the Tigers. Additionally, they do not show us off in a good light to the rest of the realm. We are above this type of activity. Silence is golden.

2. CORPSE LOOTING: We will not loot a corpse of an adversary that is not our own victory. Corpse looting is for scavengers and we are above the carrion eaters of this world. You may, however, SACRIFICE, the corpse of an enemy should you come across it. Do not take any object, no matter how tempting, from a corpse that is not a direct result of your own efforts.

3. CORPSE RETRIEVALS: You are encouraged to CR for all Goods, Neutrals, and the innocents of this realm. You are also encouraged to seek out the corpses of our enemies and sacrifice their putrid bodies in order to deny them their ill gotten gains. Be careful, the former resident of the corpse and his friends are very likely to be in pursuit of the same objectives, and such an action is inherently dangerous. You are not ENTITLED to any equipment from any corpse that you retrieve for others. Our honor dictates that the corpse be returned intact if possible. Not demanding compensation for a CR is good PR, and enhances our reputation.

[ 11] Tripper: Tiger Policies Part 2

Thu Aug 17 08:54:24 2000
To followers of: Tripper
Board subject Tiger Policies Part2

4. NUTURE NEWBIES: Newbies (defined as level 15 and under, UA, and with no detrimental history) are to be cherished and nurtured. We will help them in anyway that we can within the confines of our operating procedures. I encourage Tigers to cloth, feed, and re-cover corpses as much as possible. It is very likely that the newbie you help today will be a Tiger very soon. If we neglect, ignore, or abuse them, they will go elsewhere to our detriment. Let's get them young, and train them to be upstanding members of our society, and productive Tigers.

5. NEWBIE KILLERS: A newbie killer is any small character that preys on the innocent. In most cases they are young killers trying to earn a reputation so that they may be acceptable to the evil of this world. In some cases, they are not REAL newbies, but older characters that are experienced and prey on the innocence of the real newbie. Personally, I hate the oldie-playing-a-newbie, who abuses and takes advantage of the innocent worse than the real killer newbie. These people are to get no assistance of any kind. In fact I encourage you to make their lives miserable within the limitations of the rules. There are many ways you can discourage their actions: invis'ing their potential victims, blowing their invis's with fairy fog or similar spells, spelling up potential victims, and haunt them by being omnipresent. Be resourceful and let them know what you are doing and why. Encourage them to change their ways, but make it plain to them that you will continue to aid their potential victims as long as they continue to abuse them. Stay alert though because the newbie killer is likely to cry to evil for help to drive you off.

[ 12] Tripper: Tiger Policies 3

Thu Aug 17 08:54:27 2000
To followers of: Tripper
6. NEUTRALS: Neutrals are not to be attacked unless there is direct and verifiable justification. They are not to be classified as evil just because they help evil in minor ways. In many cases a Neutral has no idea what intent an evil has in asking for spells. And a neutral is not responsible for the uses that evil put to their services. Cordir and the Chosen of Fate have a special place in my heart. Cordir supported me during my trial with Evil and the Arcanes. Chosen were among the first to offer and donate mana items for the benefit of your Lord. Go out of your way to help them. The Chosen are absolutely off limits to PK'ing. NO tiger will attack a member of Fate without specific prior approval of Tripper.

7. NEUTRALS and EVIL and PK's:
If a Neutral is grouped with an Evil you are not to attack the Neutral. You may attack the Evil. The neutral is to be given the opportunity to flee the battle before he becomes your target. If the Neutral flees within 2 or 3 rounds of combat they are to be considered to have not participated in the fight and you will not pursue them. If the neutral remains in the fight and assists your target either DIRECTY by fighting/casting on you, or INDIRECTLY by casting aid spells on your adversary they are to be considered as helping your adversary. Under these conditions you may subsequently pursue the Neutral. HOWEVER, if you attack and/or kill the neutral subsequent to the original battle you must send me an UNEDITED log of the WHOLE battle. If a Group containing a Neutral attacks you you may pursue the Neutral as long as your justification lasts. Again, send me the log for the record, so that I can defend your actions in the case of the expected controversy that will follow such a kill. As with all attacks upon you, send the justification line from your 'who justified' list, and a description of the battle.

[ 13] Tripper: Tiger Board Policies

Thu Aug 17 08:54:29 2000
To followers of: Tripper
This board is yours as well as mine. It is a way for the Tigers to communicate with each other, and with me. Feel free to post any reasonable information on this board that you wish until such time that we have an alternative means of communications.

As in all things Tiger, keep your posting clean, rational, and above board. This is not a place to rant about others or the injustices of the world. It is a place for you to inform each other of the happening of the Following and the Realm, a place to teach others what you have learned and experienced. It is a place for you to communicate across the time boundaries to Tigers that play different hours than you do.

Use the board wisely, there is limited space here. I will monitor the board and remove inappropriate and outdated postings, but for the most part will only control what's on the board to protect the important stuff. My policies remain a high priority item until such time as I can move then to the Tiger web site, but it will likely be some time before I can get to serious work on the site.

My first priority at the moment is getting the Tigers on their feet, and recruiting suitable new candidates. In this effort I seek the aid of my Tigers. Seek out good young candidates, help and encourage them, and let them know of the benefits of our following.