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Kaira (III)
Sadistic Femme-Fatale of the Black Conclave
Created 2004-07-07
Status Active
Race Human
Hometown Harper’s Landing
Last Seen June 2011
Followed Molo
Partner Isolas
Relatives Colin

Mud Contributions:

Has initiated 44 attacks (22 justified, and 22 not justified).
Has been attacked 30 times (14 justified, 16 not justified).
Is credited with 2 PKs (1 justified, 1 not justified).
Has been killed 1 times (1 justified, 0 not justified).
Scored 33 mobmaster, 0 mobhunt, and 0 location quest points.

Current Description:

To describe Kaira is, as poets say, to paint a nightingale's song which cannot be done. She is three-and-twenty years of age at this time, although time never seems to touch her. Her skin is like alabaster, her hair a black so true it gleams blue where the light touches it and her eyes a sapphire that gemstones might envy. As you glance up to meet her blue eyes, her gaze goes through you like a spear, your knees turn to water, and there is no doubt in your mind that you in are front of the Sadist. Her smile makes you tremble and you pale at the exquisite cruelty etched in that smile. When she speaks it’s as if she placed a finger on your soul, soft and commanding. She beckons you and you obey unthinking with nothing but the force of her will and the deadly allure of her beauty. The shock of her voice sweeps through you like a spear. And with the aftermath of the shock comes desire, a vast drowning wave that sweeps through you as if you were a twig in a flood. You sway, your bones turn to molten fire and your flesh shaping itself in the form of her desire.
Kaira is in perfect health.

I'm one of those BAD things that happens to good people.
Kaira is in perfect health.

WHO Lists:

Hum [       Ra: 6       ] Kaira.                                                     07/07/2004
Hum [    Sh: 2 Ra:10    ] Kaira.                                                     07/12/2004
Hum [    Sh: 8 Ra:10    ] Kaira.                                                     07/16/2004
Hum [ Th:10 Ra:10 Sh:10 ] Kaira, Guard of the Black Conclave                         07/22/2004
Hum [ Sh:14 Ra:10 Th:10 ] Kaira, Guard of the Black Conclave                         07/27/2004
Hum [ Sh:18 Ra:10 Th:10 ] Kaira, Guard of the Black Conclave                         01/25/2005
Hum [ Sh:21 Ra:10 Th:10 ] Kaira, Guard of the Black Conclave                         01/29/2005
Hum [ Ra:20 Sh:21 Th:10 ] Kaira, Shaman of the Black Conclave                        02/16/2005
Hum [ Sh:29 Ra:20 Th:10 ] Kaira, Shaman of the Black Conclave                        04/29/2005
Hum [ Th:11 Ra:20 Sh:30 ] Kaira, Shaman of the Black Conclave                        05/01/2005
Hum [ Ra:24 Th:15 Sh:30 ] Kaira, Sadistic Femme-Fatale of the Black Conclave         05/30/2005
Hum [ Ra:25 Th:15 Sh:30 ] Kaira, Sadistic Femme-Fatale of the Black Conclave         06/25/2005
Hum [ Ra:26 Th:15 Sh:30 ] Kaira, Sadistic Femme-Fatale of the Magi *BC*              07/27/2010

Character History:

Kaira is one of three children: Triplets. Colin level 11 ranger, level 15 cleric, level 10 thief. The other child died shortly after birth. Kaira is the oldest by 3 minutes.


Player Provided Information:

I am generally very careful not to be overly blatant in my violations of the mud-sex rules governing TFC. Not so, Kaira. She got it in her head that she was going to go all out in a scene with me, smack dab in the middle of the Guild Hall. All I can say is that I am glad there were no members of the God+ staff online at that particular hour. As it was, far too many people heard far too much via info. (Yes, there's a log. No, you don't get to see it: only her Deity got a copy.) Some folks got quite an education on just what explicit acts can go on between two girls and some basics on a BDSM dynamic...

Personal Timeline:

01/29/2005: Kaira gossips (in common), 'Sabella since you are an anguisette does that mean you'll pay me if I kill you?'.
05/05/2005 - Natilena sets Tiberius' nemesis loose in Safehaven, holding a gift for anyone who can catch her. She is slain by the group of Kaira, Noctus, Oook, Hiro and Kykmi.

Player Information:

06/02/2011: When told via email about her Wiki page, Kaira asked Cordir to relay a "Hi!" to everyone.