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The Evil Pest
Created Dec 23, 2000
Race (Drow) Elf
Hometown Malenest
Classes Ranger
Followed Asia

Kaincard.jpg Kain card.jpg

Mud Contributions:

Current Description:


A sinister smirk adorns the face of this ebony skinned Drow.  Neither his
height or build give reason for feeling intimidated, but something about
him alerts your nerves.  Trusted by few, yet cared for by many, this Drow
is not often understood.  Silver hair trails down his back in a strangely
flattering vortex-windblown mess.  Dark eyes drift past you, their intentions
completely unreadable.  Ultimately, even staring at him for a period of time
tells you little about this unpredictable dark stranger.

Kain is in perfect health.

Kain is using:
<used as light>     (Glowing) a black torch
<worn on finger>    (Powerful magic) a Black Widow spider
<worn on finger>    (Moderate magic) the strange amethyst ring
<worn around neck>  (Artifact magic) a Minor Amulet of Health
<worn around neck>  (Moderate magic) the engraved silver amulet
<worn on body>      (Moderate magic) a reinforced leather shirt
<worn on head>      (Moderate magic) a studded leather cap
<worn on legs>      (Moderate magic) a pair of animal hide leggings
<worn on feet>      (Moderate magic) a pair of reinforced leather knee-high boots
<worn on hands>     (Moderate magic) a pair of padded cloth formal gloves
<worn on arms>      (Moderate magic) a pair of studded leather sleeves
<worn about body>   (Potent magic) the Ward of the Triat
<worn about waist>  (Moderate magic) a studded leather girth
<worn around wrist> (Moderate magic) an animal hide wrist guard
<worn around wrist> (Moderate magic) the stunning pyrite bracelet
<wielded>           (Artifact magic) (Black Aura) (Glowing) The Shadow Dragon Claw
<wielded off-hand>  a black sword
<worn with pride>   (Red Aura) (Glowing) the sigil of the Hunter
<worn with pride>   (Moderate magic) (Glowing) the Crest of the Dragon Riders

WHO Lists:

Elf [    Cl:22 Ra:16    ] Kain.                     -=PAIN=-=NASH=-                 01/23/2001
Elf [    Cl:23 Ra:16    ] Kain.                     -=PAIN=-=NASH=-                 03/01/2001
Elf [    Cl:26 Ra:25    ] Kain, Jabbuk Elg'selvatar d'lil Veldrin                   07/12/2001
Elf [    Cl:29 Ra:25    ] Kain, Jabbuk Elg'selvatar d'lil Veldrin                   09/14/2001
Elf [    Ra:26 Cl:30    ] Kain, Jabbuk Elg'selvatar d'lil Veldrin                   10/15/2001
Elf [    Ra:28 Cl:30    ] Kain, Malla Jabbuk Elg'selvatar d'lil Veldrin.            10/26/2001
Elf [   Veldrin Kyorl   ] Kain, Malla Ul'Jabbuk Elg'Selvatar d'lil Veldrin.         10/31/2001
Elf [    Verin Abbil    ] Kain, Malla Ul'Jabbuk Elg'Selvatar d'lil Veldrin.         12/29/2001
Elf [      Elghinn      ] Kain, Malla Ul'Jabbuk Elg'Selvatar d'lil Veldrin.         03/01/2002
Elf [     Soul Train    ] Kain, Malla Ul'Jabbuk Elg'Selvatar d'lil Veldrin.         04/30/2002
Elf [     Velg'larn     ] Kain, Malla Ul'Jabbuk Elg'Selvatar d'lil Veldrin.         05/15/2002
Elf [ Or:22 Ra:30 Cl:30 ] Kain, Malla Ul'Jabbuk Elg'Selvatar d'lil Veldrin.         07/13/2002
Elf [ Or:22 Ra:30 Cl:30 ] Kain, Malla Ul'Jabbuk Elg'Selvatar d'lil Veldrin.         08/25/2002
Elf [     Velg'larn     ] Kain, Malla Ul'Jabbuk Elg'Selvatar d'lil Veldrin.         01/11/2003
Elf [ Th: 2 Ra:30 Cl:30 ] Kain hunts the reaver's hunted.                           07/03/2003
Elf [ Th:13 Ra:30 Cl:30 ] Kain hunts you!                                           07/18/2003
Elf [ Th:21 Ra:30 Cl:30 ] Kain hunts you!                                           10/30/2003
Elf [ Th:28 Ra:30 Cl:30 ] Kain hunts you!                                           01/12/2004
Elf [ Th:29 Ra:30 Cl:30 ] Kain hunts you!                                           02/10/2005
Elf [ Th:29 Ra:30 Cl:30 ] Kain hunts you!                                           04/05/2005
Elf [ Ra:30 Th:30 Cl:30 ] Kain hunts in the Dark!                                   07/17/2005
Elf [ Ra:30 Th:30 Cl:30 ] Kain.                                       Mafia         01/03/2006
Elf [ Ra:30 Th:30 Cl:30 ] Kain.                                                     08/29/2006

Character History:

03/02/2001: ### Locke killed by Kain at Temple Courtyard
08/28/2001: ### Tirant killed by Kain at Lower Temple Courtyard
12/01/2001: ### Nalor killed by Kain at A Classroom
12/03/2001: ### Belsambar killed by Kain at The north side of the training hall
01/15/2002: ### Legolas killed by Kain at A Small Chamber
01/23/2002: ### Tirpitz killed by Kain at South-Western Avenue
03/06/2002: ### Silvanus killed by Kain at Southern Avenue
03/08/2002: ### Kelanea killed by Kain at (a zone that doesn't exist any more)
03/16/2002: ### Maximus killed by Kain at In the Vault
03/20/2002: ### Tomato killed by Kain at Lower Temple Courtyard
04/01/2002: ### Grale killed by Kain at Quarantine
04/30/2002: ### Tirpitz killed by Kain at On The Slopes of Took Hill
07/13/2002: ### Nalor killed by Kain at Lower Temple Courtyard
08/25/2002: ### Lorax killed by Kain at The Inner Sanctum
08/29/2006: ### SPAR: Shilea killed by Kain at In A Sparring Arena

History Snippet: 12/29/2001 - Fate's Fjust

Kain tells you (in drow), 'how much longer am on on your fjust, Mistress Lady?'.
> fjust
Kain Eff. 43 expires Mon Dec 31 01 00:30:04

You tell Kain, 'until december 31st.'.
Kain tells you (in drow), 'scowl'.

History Snippet: Fate's Fjust: 09/28/2001

NAME            EFF LVL    EXPIRES
Kain Eff. 37 expires Mon Oct 08 01 08:15:14

12/30/2001: Lots of Rifting!

Cordir says, ‘Vorax! Would you rift Kain a whole bunch?’
Cordir says, ‘(allowing him to heal some between, of course)’
Cordir says, ‘just a for fun sort of thing, and tell him it has my name on it?’
Vorax says, ‘why yes, yes i will.’
Cordir beams.
Cordir says, ‘Can I watch?’

By a Crackling Campfire
[Exits: east south west]
A steak of Glorin, the adventurous seafarer catches your eye.
(Invis) (Token magic) (Glowing) A ward has been placed to keep heavy fog at bay.
(Dark Cyan Aura) Teluin is here.
(Dark Red Aura) Kain is here.
A warrior is here, practicing battle stances and weapon swings.
A demon slayer stands here, having absolutely nothing better to do.

Kain sniffs sadly at the way you are treating him.

You giggle.

Vorax's soul rift *** ANNIHILATES *** Kain.

Kain utters the words, 'sanctuary'.
Kain is surrounded by a white aura.

Vorax's soul rift MUTILATES Kain.

02/11/2002: Talking to Ty

Tranquility ftells, 'I spoke to Kain earlier, but it got my weapon returned, when it was picked up off the ground by a mob'.
Tranquility ftells, 'I should be rifted'.
Cordir ftells, 'you're right.'.
Tranquility ftells, 'and he is in the room at this time'.
Cordir's soul rift *** ANNIHILATES *** you!
Your cloak is shattered!
That really did HURT!
Cordir's soul rift *** ANNIHILATES *** you!
That really did HURT!
Kain throws back his head and cackles with insane glee!
Kain says (in drow), 'more more!'.

02/11/2002: Woe Is Me And My Eq!

Kain says (in drow), 'I am not well eqed!'.
Kain says (in drow), 'not even dmg capped :('.

Tranquility pretends she is Kain and grumbles about being at 28 dam instead of 30!
Tranquility holds the back of her wing to her forehead.
Tranquility says (in common), 'oh, the woe'.

A large pity party is instantly thrown for Kain, the downtrodden.

Tranquility giggles.
Tranquility laughs.

Kain says (in drow), 'I'm 30 instead of 35'.
Kain yay, party!!

The world's smallest band begins playing the blues to commiserate with Kain.

Legionaire laughs.

Tranquility snickers softly.
Tranquility still does death by papercut.

01/10/2002: Anathema, Strike #6

You say, 'Kain is a BAD BOY'.
You say, 'And I'm not talking to him any more'.
Legionaire giggles. Legionaire says (in common), 'whats he done now'.
You say, 'He's going on his 6th Anathema strike'.
Legionaire will give him a clip around the ear for you.
You nod. You say, 'Thank you'.

02/27/2002: Who is hated more?

(Log by Cordir)

Arianas gossips (in common), 'who does everybody hate more, me or Kain?'.

Saruman gossips (in common), 'I hate myself mostt'.

Thingone gossips (in common), 'i wuv you both'.

You gossip, 'I'm with Thingone. I like you both.'.
You gossip, 'Though Kain is an annoying Anathema type person.'.

Thingone gossips (in common), 'yeah cordirs with me *wink*'.

Kain gossips (in drow), 'we have a bet! you must pick one or the other'.

Lorax gossips (in common), 'Arianas for me then'.

Arianas gossips (in common), 'So, that's one for me'.
Arianas gossips (in common), 'more votes!!!'.

Riella gossips (in common), 'i vote against arianas....hes ugly'.

Kain gossips (in drow), 'cordir hates me most'.
Kain gossips (in drow), 'one for me'.

Arianas gossips (in common), 'who is hated more? me or Kain?'.

Kain gossips (in drow), 'it's no fair cuz all the people who hate me aren't on :('.

You gossip, 'Actually, I can't say I hate you, Kain. You annoy the bejeebers out of me every time you're on Fjust, but I kinda like you none the less. = ( '.

Kain gossips (in drow), 'I gotta log off before vote is taken'.

Arianas gossips (in common), 'Kain, everybody hates you, don't fool yourself! they just don't wanna say anything'.

Garland gossips (in old-common), 'Hehe I agree Cordir, he attacks me all the time, but ya gotta luv um :>'.

Arianas gossips (in common), 'people aren't scared to say they hate me :P'.


Player Provided Information:

Cordir gossips, 'So... anyone with time line news?'.
Doc gossips (in common), 'Kain admited that he really wanted to be me'.

Poof gossips (in elven), 'Kain is BAD'.
Snarf gossips (in common), 'what did he do?'.
Celeborn gossips (in common), 'peed on the floor'.

Tranquility says (in common), 'I think Kain is beyond redeption, personally'.
Tranquility stares at the sky.
Tranquility says (in common), 'but that is my opinion'.
Kain frowns.
Tranquility giggles.
Kain is a goodie!
Kain shows you his blue aura.

Tranquility ftells, 'so, for reference, Kain kinda has been trying to be good'.
Aslan ftells, 'Kain, you sure? is that possible? *whistles a tune to herself*pokes herself*'.

Kain... *sigh* What more can be said that I haven't already quoted or logged above? Kain was, beyond a shadow of a doubt, one of my favorite Anathema of all time. Devilish and mischievous, he just LOVED the PK game. He was also very kind and helpful, and probably broke his following's rules a number of times doing kind things for members of Fate.

Personal Timeline:

06/23/2001: Kain levels to 23 ranger (Ra:23 Cl:25).
07/01/2001: Kandrell, Arbin, Shadar, Symon, Meck, Sporrogha, Ravage, Mong, Dragonaire, Kain, and Ozrenicqwpo all join the Shadows.
09/17/01: Lanfear is PK'd by Kain under what some feel are fishy circumstances. Kain posts a note on the topic. <LOG>
09/06/2001: Kain reaches Cl:28\Ra:25.
10/10/2001: Kain posts a note: [ 21] Kain: Docile Kain / Wed Oct 10 06:29:30 2001 / To: cordir / I posted a note long ago stating my standpoint on the situation, with no reply. I remain Anathema, receive no help from fate, and have been attacked once. I just thought it to be fair that I notify you of my decision attack members of fate. Thanks for everything! ~ Kain, Jabbuk Elg'selvatar d'lil Veldrin.

[ 17] Treehugger: Kain killed me.
Wed Oct 17 05:09:04 2001
To followers of: Tripper
Kain killed me last night, it was dumb.
He swung MUTI DISEM on me, and i got hit by some pretty bad lag right then. Nail him! That's my second just on him and i'm too small*SNIFF* GOGOGOGOBIGTIGERS!(or just put stuff to the Treehugger donation group *grins*) Thanks all!

10/22/2001: Kain completes mobmaster 47.
10/30/2001: Kain is ordained by Vorax, receiving the title Veldrin Kyorl (Shadow Guard).
12/26/2001: Kain completes mobmasters 60 & 61.
12/28/2001: Tranquility laments that Kain told Cordir that Ty had been “mean”.. and she was immediately rifted without even having her side of the story heard. (Tranquility does the drama queen act, with the back of her hand to her forehead. Tranquility says (in common), 'Oh, woe is me'.)
12/30/2001: Kain attacks Galatea of the Chosen of Fate.
01/04/2002: Kain reaches 14 ordained.
02/11/2002: An Anathema (*cough*Kain*cough) actually sells Bridget 'hunt-free exp time' for a kiss, this 'get out of pk free' pass to last until midnight mud time tonight.
03/02/2002: Kain completes mobmaster 86.
03/16/2002: At the request of an immortal, the following information is being provided on Anathema: "Today, Maximus was executed by Kain for Maximus' acts of treason within his following" <<To clarify, this course of action was suggested to Vorax, and he allowed it to happen. Prior reports incorrectly stated it was at Vorax's order.>>
03/22/2002: Kain shows up with a bamboo fishing pole, declaring it to be sharp and poky. Khore pokes Kain with a pole. Khore utters the words, 'rift'. Khore's soul rift *** ANNIHILATES *** Kain! Kain is DEAD!! Khore gossips, 'Nope, not sharp... but the rift was.' Kain hits level 20 Ordained. (Cl:30/Rn:30)
05/18/2002: A GT is held in Phoenix, Arizona at Tranquility's house in Arizona, with Tranquility, Ptarchyzk, Tyanna, Cordir, Nyx, Jahiliya, Kennet, Tripper, Belsambar (via phone), Foolkiller, Gaul, Tirant, Kain, Majere, Syla, Tokugawa, & Marisa attending. See a few MORE photos from the GT.
06/15/2002: Uriel gossips (in common), 'A stick has been planted in the ground and Kain's decapitated head is atop it.'. Uriel gossips (in common), 'i use it when i hide behind a tree and i stick it out to see if its safe'.
06/30/2002: Kain attacks Lanfear of the Chosen of Fate.
08/04/2002: Tynian posts a note responding to questions about Kain's death.
09/04/2002: Kain levels to Or:23\Ra:30\Cl:30.
07/02/2003: Kain joins the Wyld Hunt, worshipping Katrana.
07/03/2003: Kain reaches Th: 3 Ra:30 Cl:30. 07/08/2003: Kain levels thief a lot, reaching Th: 9 Ra:30 Cl:30.

Player Information:

Kain05182002.jpg Kain plays from Arizona, and attended the GT held at the home of Tranquility.
(Source of the picture from 2002)