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Retired January 17, 2001
Race Dwarf
Classes Cleric
Followed Larry
Following Chaos

Mud Contributions:

Current Description:

An elder dwarf stands before you, shorter and more plump than most of his kind. His face is caked with dirt and grime, and his beard is tangled and unkempt. His armor stands in no better shape; etched and dented from past encounters with creatures unknown. He nods to you with neither a grin nor a frown, but more like an indifferent gesture, as if to say "if you're looking for someone who cares, you've come to the wrong place."

WHO Lists:

Dwa [     Wa:25 Cl:30   ] Natas LeVey, Faith Healer of *Balance*    02/04/2000
Dwa [      Demigod      ] Natas, Lord of Chaos                      10/01/2000

Character History:

Natas was born and raised in the great city of Dwarvenhold. His upbringing was not out of the ordinary and his home life was much like that of other Dwarves. In his youth, he spent many days working as a mushroom picker in order to help his family. He was handy with a mace, and through the teachings of Cardinal Auroron, he slowly became somewhat of an adventurer.

It was shortly after he had come of age, that he decided to devote his life to Larry, the God of Food and Drink. Here, he prospered and learned a great many things. With Larry's paladin, Boyardee, Natas set off on many great adventures, doing his best to rid the world of evil influences. Later in life, he would reflect back at these times and say, "These were the happiest days of my life…."

But, alas, all good things do end, and there came a time when Larry did not visit the realms very often, and then, not at all… Natas stayed with his God until the bitter end when, at last, Larry was retired and forgotten. These were the dark times, and Natas hung up his mace and armor for a good while. With Larry gone, so was a large part of his spirit. Never again would Natas follow a God aligned with good.

Years passed and time changed land and the people in it. Still Natas did not return. It wasn’t until he met Lord Tokugawa, and His band of follower, that this changed. Natas took up his mace once again, and followed Tokugawa. During this time, he found a deep respect for the beliefs and teachings of his Immortal lord. Only one thing troubled him… For years, he watched as his friends were helplessly slaughtered, and taken advantage of. Natas, being of the neutral faith -- even though he had reached the pinnacle of mortal achievement -- could do nothing but stand by and watch.

Bitter and disillusioned… this is how his ascension to the Immortal ranks began…


Personal Timeline:

[ 7] Natas: buh bye
Wed Jan 17 21:57:33 2001
To: all
My time in this realm has come to an end. I would like to thank
all of my followers for making my time here enjoyable. I would
also like to thank Tynian and Nayr for offering me the opportunity
to serve as an FLI on this great mud. While I am leaving, I will
only be leaving in this form. I plan to continue playing here as
a mortal. :)

Natas, Lord of Chaos

Player Information: