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Dun U'in (IV)
Created March 18, 2006
Status Active
Race Human
Classes Mage
Followed Solaron
Isolas x2
Relatives Sister: Lexie

Mud Contributions:

Current Description:



Dun (IV): Male Human 20 Ranger, 19 Thug, 23 Mage (Eff. 35)
Was created 2006-03-18 00:47:56, and has
   played 18dy 34min  (actual time online).
920652 total experience earned.
Scored 3 mobmaster, 4 mobhunt, and 0 location quest points.
Scavenger hunts for the week   : 2nd.
Scavenger hunts for the month  : 3rd.
 7 day activity rank           : 32nd.
14 day activity rank           : 50th.
 7 day out-of-safe room rank   : 17th.
------------------------------- PK INFO -------------------------------
Has initiated 193 attacks (73 justified, and 120 not justified).
Has been attacked 138 times (73 justified, 65 not justified).
Is credited with 13 PKs (6 justified, 7 not justified).
Has been killed 23 times (12 justified, 11 not justified).

WHO Lists:

05-06-2006  :  Hum [       Ma: 8       ] Dun is sick in the head *Ivorytiger*
05-29-2006  :  Hum [    Ra: 1 Ma:10    ] Dun Seeks his place within the Pattern.
07-18-2006  :  Hum [ Tg: 5 Ma:10 Ra: 9 ] Dun, Child of the Light
02-11-2007  :  Hum [ Ra:14 Tg:12 Ma:15 ] Dun U'In, Deathbringer of the Nashite Magi
08-06-2007  :  Hum [ Ma:16 Tg:15 Ra:15 ] Dun U'In, Deathbringer of the Nashite Magi
04-29-2008  :  Hum [ Ra:16 Tg:15 Ma:18 ] Dun U'In, Deathbringer of the Nashite Magi
02-02-2009  :  Hum [ Tg:17 Ra:19 Ma:18 ] Dun U'In, Fire Swallowing Mage of -=KOTE=-
04-19-2011  :  Hum [ Ra:19 Ma:19 Tg:18 ] Dun U'in, Fearless Mage of Nashite Magi
08-28-2011  :  Hum [ Ra:19 Tg:19 Ma:23 ] Dun U'in, Fearless Mage of the Nashite Magi

Character History:

On 10th of Jawiliea, Flora was making her daily rounds in the Lineaoth Mines when a dwarven traveler came running through the mines screaming for Flora. As she noticed him, his travelers cloak was battle ripped and still smoldering. He stepped in close and handed her something while whispering,’ I am sorry Ma’am’. He turned and raced out of the mines then vanished from Flora’s view. She looked down to see what the traveler had given her, to her surprise it was Dun’s journal. Immediately she began to tear up then turned heading towards her living quarters with her head hung low looking at the book passing everyone without a word. Now in her quarters she sits on her reading stone and opens the book.

Lineaoth Mines:

Entry one: My name is Dun. I have been studying the skills of Mage and Ranger, I was born on Dreade the 23rd, The Thawing Ice, 3pm. Me and Lexie, my big sister were moved to Lineaoth Mines after our mom and dad were murdered. Time for me to see one of the mages here for my training.

Entry two: Today I was late with my entry as I have trained vigorously on my Ranger skills. Flora is real upset with Lexie because she keeps running around with this boy named Zahar he is of the Shaman type. I hope Lexie talks to Flora about this.

Entry three: Learning Mage skills has been rough but I fairly enjoy them. With magic missile, shield, and invis under my belt I am really starting to feel like a real mage. Flora told me that Lexie is heart broken that Zahar decided to leave the mines on a great journey.

Entry four: It has been some time now since I last had an entry. Right now all hell has broken loose, Flora is raging mad at Lexie. Lexie keeps wandering out of the mines at night to talk to Kim who is planning on becoming an evil Demigoddess. I have also been studying the arts of Thug from this dwarven kid at school, I don’t think either of them has noticed since Lexie is being so wild.

Entry five: Training has been hard with my big sister gone, she ran off and joined with Kim and met this Triston guy. I hope she is happy with him even though I do truly miss her as does Flora, she been trying to help me through this time. It’s hard for me being the first time me and sister has been apart.

Entry six: I’ve learned everything I can at these mines. I have decided to take a journey of the Soul Search.

Flora wipes a tear from her eye as she remembers the past and turns the page.

Soul Searching

Entry one: After leaving the mines I came to Lineaoth Valley wandered around for a bit and found this thing called the Vortex and entered it. I did not know the nightmare that would be until I struggled for my life in there. When I finally landed it was a place called Ancient Cobblestone Road. I wandered South from there and found the White Forest.

Entry two: Today I found another dwarven village called Dwarven Hold it was nice but nothing like home. It was there that I found Lord Solaron, after talking with him for a while which then I decided to join him. Then I was Dun, Thug of Mafia.

Entry three: It has been many journeys since my last entry. All is well, this journey has brought me to a place called the Twisted Forest. Going to wander around some in here.

Entry four: Well it seems this place is really twisted I have lost all contact with Mafia and Solaron, not sure what’s going on or where I am. Crap, I have a whole army of large spiders coming for me.

Entry five: Killed the large army of spiders, then Lord Isolas found me. He offered his help and I greatly took it, we set off and he explained the ways of Magi to me.

Entry six: All is good I joined Magi and found more brothers and sisters.

Flora shakes her head as she turns to the next page.

A Less Evil Path

Entry one: Things didn’t work out at Magi. I set out for a new path, a less evil path.

Entry two: After many days of journeys I came across DarkClaw in my hometown of Kuroth. We sat and talked. I expressed my views as did she. Flora showed up to tell me information that my sister went missing, that no one has seen her in a very long time. I don’t know what happened but my whole body lifted off the ground, eyes turned the darkest shade of red that I have ever seen, fire burned from my fingertips, and then I faded from existence.

Flora was suddenly concerned there were no more entries, the rest of the book was blank. She left the Lineaoth Mines to go to her ocean side bungalow. A knock at the door had Flora spring up and fling it open.

To her surprise, Vex and I are carrying Lexie’s limp body. “She needs help,” says Vex. I hug Flora and take guard at the front door.


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