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Race Elf
Classes Cleric
Followed JohnPaul
Partner Lynain

Mud Contributions:

Current Description:

WHO Lists:

08/16/1998   Elf [    Cl:13 Wa:12    ] Gunner wandering elf minding his own business Virtue
10/??/1998   Elf [    Cl:22 Wa:22    ] Gunner Wandering Healer of Virtue {EMS} {Sorliea}
12/21/1998   Elf [    Wa:21 Cl:22    ] Gunner Wandering Healer of Virtue  [EMS] {Sorliea}
06/28/1999   Elf [. . Wa:28 Cl:26. . ] Gunner the Elven Guard of Holy Virtue -EMS-
01/10/1999   Elf [    Cl:23 Wa:22    ] Gunner Wandering Healer of Virtue {EMS}
06/21/1999   Elf [. . Wa:27 Cl:26. . ] Gunner Elven Guard of Virtue. .. . -EMS-
07/08/1999   Elf [. . Cl:26 Wa:29. . ] Gunner the Elven Guard of Holy Virtue -EMS-
12/05/1999   Elf [    Wa:30 Cl:30    ] Gunner High Guard of Holy Virtue  *Lynain*
08/17/2000   Elf [    Stormbringer   ] Gunner Master of Winds
05/29/2001   Elf [    Wa:30 Cl:30    ] Gunner forgot how to play
02/04/2002   Elf [ Th: 8 Cl:30 Wa:30 ] Gunner: Cleric of the Ashen Moon
03/19/2002   Elf [ Th:18 Wa:30 Cl:30 ] Gunner Guardsman of the Ashen Moon
05/03/2004   Elf [ Th:20 Wa:30 Cl:30 ] Gunner: The former Virtuous Wind of the Ashen Moon 

Character History:

[ 22] Cordir: ...
Tue Sep 28 14:06:50 1999
To: All in the Realm

Three times three Triunes and more,
since the chaunt of the Ebon Bard was heard.
Many times, the call to words stirred that soul,
many times, the call ignored, the Bard's title
claimed by another. Such is no longer.

In the time of the Testing of Fates, the day of Marisae,
a Hound sought scent. Long had he wandered the halls
of stone, seeking the key within the Shadows. When the
moon's silver danced upon the tower's turrets, and
creatures stirred, deep within its bowels, then did he walk,
and seek, and find... and was found. Found and fought,
the Hound retreated, from such horror as would blanch
any heart, and sought solace and healing within the Web.

But the beast would not relinquish its toothsome meal
so simply. Soon, it's scales and bones rasped upon the
marble floor, its breath fetid. Its master came calling,
amused, giving caresses to the bare bones of the undead thing.

With courtesies was He greeted, and with courtesies did depart.
The creature's passing was noted, and blades were loosened
in their sheathes. Two stood forth, eager to test themselves,
their steel, their honor upon its unholy, unliving scales.
A third stood quiet, ready, willing, who could not permit
another to fall when in the breech he could stand.

When all were prepared, the Hound led the chase, and into
the dead dragon's embrace they charged. First one, then
another, fled from its breath and bite, but the warrior
stood, waiting. When all had departed, then at last he withdrew,
content that none but he would pay that price. Seeking
a place of sacred safety, his blade he lay against his throat,
and with a will, drew it close. In death, he freed the Hound
from chase.

Only words would he and the others accept, no other recompense.
Hear, then, all, the words of the Bard and Mistress of the Web:
Let all know the bravery and courage shown by Abender, Gunner,
and Kannon.
Fate is in their debt.


  • Gunner was specifically mentioned in Image5 in the temple of Bliss.
  • Gunner was specifically mentioned in the retirement note of Kerouac (09/29/1999).
  • Gunner appears on Bubba's infamous Justification List: You (38) killed by Gunner (60) on Sun Apr 02 00 10:33:09.
  • Gunner was part of the group that slew the Brass Dragon.
  • Gunner purchased two items from Tynian's Auction: Ring mail sleeves, ac 7 +3 dam (Selling price: 270,000), and Chain mail boots, ac 8, +2 dam (20,000).
  • Gunner attended the wedding of Tranquility and Noctus.
  • Gunner was there when Bethany Charms Belsambar.
  • Gunner participated in a conversation about What Makes a Good FLI.
  • Gunner was present for the Final Coven Ftell

Player Provided Information:

Personal Timeline:

09/27/1999: Kennet finds the Dracolich of the Shadowed Valley. Fleeing for his life, he makes it to the Guild Hall, where Abender the Stormreaver, Kannon, and Gunner offer to help. The battle is fought, and all are heavily wounded and their belongings damaged by the Dracolich's acid breath. The three refuse any aid or recompense for their losses.
10/15/2001: Mael gossips (in common), 'gunner logged in today - that should make it ( the time line) no problem'.
03/22/2002: ### INFO: Gunner tells Lexie (in common), 'heh beat this round.. annihilate, disembowel, disembowel, mutilates'
03/08/2002: Gunner, Isolas, Kelanea, Lexie and Kaleyah finally managed to kill Bethany... and as Fate would have it, she ghosted! All the while, a certain Anathema (*cough*Kain*cough*) was harassing the group. Kaleyah, Keat, Indiga, Solaron, Famine and Lexie, having enjoyed their epic battle against Bethany, continue the rampage by killing Justice.
07/08/2002: Gunner is #19 on the XP Ranks list.
06/22/2004: Natilena puts up her new and improved fountain of fun: Gunner's Fountain of Fun is here. Drink me! And this...just sounds wrong somehow.
03/31/2005: ### [Gunner says (in elven), 'i gotta run though... hmm wut should i say to my gf i wanna break up with her? or i wanna marry her.. it is april 1st.. which would get me in less trouble']

Player Information:

Gunner lived in Arizona.