Slaves of the Heart

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Immortal: Hum (Demigoddess ) Kim Alive And Kicking - Second Demi-Goddess Following
PK Model:

Brief following description (Finfo):

FINFO KIM: Kim, leader of Slaves Of The Heart, Demipower of the Sword.
Following's self-perceived alignment: Neutral Evil.
Brief following description:
Let the others quibble about logic and thought: The Slaves
of the Heart have not lost sight of what is truly
important - the wants and desires and emotions of the heart.
If it feels good, do it! When things aren't fun any more,
why do them?


  • Hum [ Wa:18 Th:24 Ma:24 ] Lexie, the First Disciple of Kim *MG*
  • Hum [ Wa: 2 Th:13 ] Cha'Drandra: Thieving little disciple of Kim
  • Hum [ Wa: 7 Ma:15 ] Kian is the Xth disciple of Kim
  • Hum [ Wa:13 ] Gorld the courageous little soldier of Kim
  • Dwa [ Sh:24 Wa:25 Th:11 ] Arianas Grimward. Third Slave of Kim *WdlL*
  • Hum [ Wa: 8 Ma:15 ] Kian is a *Slave* to his emotions!

Additional Notes:
Sadly, Kim's second term as a Demi Goddess did not last long.