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Bubba Lin ((at least #2))
Created 12/26/99
Status Inactive
Race Human
Classes Warrior
Last Seen 2002
Followed Torchbearer Natas


Mud Contributions:

Bubba's language on gossip was repeatedly "colorful," gaining him multiple silences and trips to the cooler.

Current Description: 09/09/2001

I am the voice inside your head, I am the lover in your bed.
I am the sex that you provide, I am the hate you try to hide.
I take you where you want to go, I give you all you need to know.
I drag you down, I use you up.
I speak religion's message clear, I am denial, guilt and fear.
I am the prayers of the naive, I am the lie that you believe.
I am the needle in your vein, I am the high you can't sustain.
I am the pusher, I am a whore.
I am the need you have for more.
I am the bullet in the gun, I am the truth from which you run.
I am the silencing machine, I am the end of all your dreams.
I take you where you want to go, I give you all you need to know.
I drag you down, I use you up.
Mr. Self Destruct.

Bubba has a special twinkle in its eye.
Bubba is in perfect health.

Bubba is using:
<used as light> (Magical) (Glowing) a birchwood rod
<worn on finger> (Magical) the perfect amber ring
<worn on finger> (Magical) the old star sapphire ring
<worn around neck> (Magical) a Major Amulet of Health
<worn around neck> (Magical) a Major Amulet of True Seeing
<worn on body> (Magical) a leather Biker's jacket
<worn on head> (Magical) a fur hat
<worn on legs> (Magical) a pair of quilted cloth peasant pants
<worn on feet> (Magical) a pair of studded leather shoes
<worn on hands> (Magical) a pair of heavy cloth gloves
<worn on arms> (Magical) a pair of animal hide sleeves
<worn as shield> (Magical) a medium druidwood shield
<worn about body> (Magical) the Ward of the Triat
<worn about waist> (Magical) a quilted cloth belt
<worn around wrist> (Magical) a reinforced leather wrist guard
<worn around wrist> (Magical) the noble pyrite bracelet
<wielded> (Red Aura) (Magical) the rod of the necromancer
<worn with pride> (Magical) (Glowing) a yin-yang pendant
<worn with pride> (Magical) (Glowing) the holy symbol of the draconian

WHO Lists:

02/08/2000 : Hum [. . Wa:11 Sh:15. . ] Bubba Lin, Principality of the Arcanes.
03/01/2000 : Hum [. . Sh:15 Wa:15. . ] Bubba Lin, dances with 30 foot smurfs.
08/14/2000 : Hum [    Wa:30 Sh:30    ] Bubba Lin,  High Seraph of Gluttony. -Chaos/AWA-
09/04/2000 : Hum [    Wa:30 Sh:30    ] Bubba Lin, Lorna's new cellmate.
02/20/2001 : Hum [ Th: 8 Sh:30 Wa:30 ] Bubba Lin. Master of the Conclave of Trashite. 
08/11/2001 : Hum [ Th:28 Sh:30 Wa:30 ] Bubba Lin,       -=Cabal=-
09/09/2001 : Hum [ Th:28 Wa:30 Sh:30 ] Bubba Lin, <-- THIS CHARACTER IS BROKEN.
09/16/2001 : Hum [ Th:28 Wa:30 Sh:30 ] Bubba Maldobar killed by  Peacekeeper at Bay Street
10/15/2001 : Hum [ Th:28 Wa:30 Sh:30 ] Bubba Lin, I'm on my way down now. *Coven*

Score: 09/04/2000

You are Bubba Lin, Lorna's new cellmate.,
393 years old (763 hours), created Sun Dec 26 99 19:04:09.
(Kelir the 24th, The Lifegiving, year 2387, 1pm.)
You live in Kuroth and your race is Human.
You are a level 30 Warrior, level 30 Shaman.
You worship Natas, who appears to be OFFLINE
You have 511/511 hit, 281/333 mana, 435/441 movement, 31 practices.
You have 0 training sessions remaining.
You are carrying 33/33 items with weight 148/225 kg.
Str: TRN   Int: TRN   Wis: TRN   Dex: TRN   Con: MAX   Chr: TRN
TRN = trainable, MAX = untrainable.
You are neither very lucky nor unlucky.
You have scored 458440 exp (1084050 total), and have 7748 gold coins.
You are at the top of the food chain in this class.
Autoexit: yes.  Autogold: yes.  Autoloot: no.  Autosac: no.
Wimpy set to 98 hit points.
You are standing.
You are slightly armored.
You are Chaotic Evil.
The linkdead combat command is set to:
<dri green>.
You are affected by:
Spell: 'absorb'.

Character History:

Who Is My Mom? 09/05/2000

Bubba gossips (in common), 'is the lich my mom?'.

Are You My Mother? 08/11/2001

(Log by Cordir)
Bubba gossips (in common), 'mom?'.

You gossip, 'Bubba, I'm not your mother.'.

Bubba gossips (in common), 'are we sure?'.

You gossip, 'Quite absolutely certain.'.
You gossip, 'No switching Mireya for you.'.


  • Bubba famously shared a copy of his Just list.
  • Bubba was a member of the Cabal of the Ash Moon Coven.
  • Bubba was selected by Gytar for the letter "B" in the Living Legends Unite Alphabet.
  • Bubba received votes in BlissPoll 2001B, for "The People You'd Most Want to Take with You to Visit the Master of Magic."
  • Bubba received votes in BlissPoll 2002A, for "Who fears you the most?"

Player Provided Information:

Natas says, 'if I do manage to unretire, I'm going to have one follower, thats all'.
Bliss says, 'don't take my bubba!'.
Bliss says, 'he's mine!'.
Kerriariadne says, 'I get Bubba!'.
Natas says, 'sweet jeesus, keep him!'.

Personal Timeline:

12/26/1999 : Bubba is created.
06/10/2000: Bubba completes MM#30 (a black dragonette), #31 (a dwarven hunter) and #32 (a clay golem).
06/20/2000: Bubba is silenced and coolered for threats and foul language on gossip.
06/11/2000: Upon completion of a quest for Lorna, Bubba is made permanantly an "it", stripped of masculinity.
06/13/2000: Bubba reaches Wa:22/Sh:30 and also completes MM#33 (duargar shaman) and #34 (boatswain).
08/02/2000: Bubba reaches effective 40th level (Wa:30/Sh:30).
08/10/2000: Kaern gossips (in common), 'The corpse of Bubba carried by a cat.'. Cask gossips (in common), 'I get the feeling that something else killed bubba, and the cat is just gnawing on it'.
09/07/2000: ### [Somewhere, Bubba edge if you help, you'll die i promise]
09/09/2000: Bubba gossips (in common), 'craige wants me to be his woman, looks like he's worn the goat out'.
09/10/2000: Bubba gossips (in common), 'everyone must smell like arse, i'm betting that no one has taken a bath'.
10/??/2000 : Bubba is abruptly deleted.
10/24/2000: "Bubba the Reborn" reaches 3rd level.
01/24/2001: Bubba is unsilenced and restored to Wa:30/Cl:30, and promptly joins Bliss's Ash Moon.
02/09/2001: Bubba Lin of the Coven triples.
02/20/2001: Bubba Lin, "Master of the Conclave of Trashite" reaches Th: 8/Sh:30/Wa:30 .
03/12/2001: Bubba Lin reaches Th:17\Sh:30\Wa:30.
08/11/2001: Qithlorien yells (in common), 'bubba wanna spend some more of bliss's mana?'.
09/18/2001: Bubba posts a very short retirement note, and several others post notes in response. Previously, he was silenced and coolered for extremely foul language on gossip.
07/30/2002: Bubba is recreated

Player Information: