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Led By Solanthas
Alignment Good
PK Model Sword
Attendants Artanis (07/02)
Natas (06/00)
Masher (06/99)
Future Immortal Followers Malin
Ordained Mortals Berrin
Temple The Temple of the Wardancers
The Glade of the Wardancers

Following Description / Finfo:

The Wardancers is a group of adventurers dedicated to fighting evil. The followers of Solanthas are expected to be strong and fierce in fighting, and gentle and kind to their allies and those they consider friends.


This list was provided by Solanthas, showing all of the WarDancers before his retirement, the first time he was a Demi.
Abaddon, Abender Stormreaver, Adaen, Ajantis, Alexis, Alustriel, Ammonia, Ariakas, Balrich, Bashful, Berrin, Bignose, Blacky, Brennan, Bruce, Celeborn, Clelf, Coach, Cygan, Daisy, Dantrag, Death, Decker, Deidre, Delita, Dhrakan, Dillon, Dogkicker, Elayne, Fiend, Fitz, Frito, Fuel, Galaphile, Gangreen, Godfather, Gorpanis, Grindel, Grismal, Gunde, Hagar, Herby, Islimach, Izzy, Jahar, Jayde, Kordos, Kosmas, Lobo, Longvault, Maimer, Markoon, Mithras, Morgoth, Myronides, Nalor, Neric, Nighthawk, Oetharm, Okenfold, Oscar, Pan, Plane, Prile, Rosebud, Sacarre, Saltheart, Seven, Shannon, Snarf, Stimpy, Syris, Tasha, Teeka, Telemachus, Telum, Terenas, Tummytumm, Vex, Wayung, Witchdoctor, Zeik, Zimmiz

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Requirements for Entry

Additional Notes

  • Solanthas was a FLI twice, and his following was known as the WarDancers both times.