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Talyn Napei
Created Restored: Feb 16, 2018
Race Elf
Classes Cleric
Last Seen 2011
Followed Tripper
Spouse Aslan
Partner Miressa

Mud Contributions:

[ 10] Talyn: Re: Lexie: An Ode to the Suicide Mage
Wed Dec 18 13:47:49 2002
To: all
I think your note should look like this:

Lexie: Haha you died and i got your corpse!
Poor Belsambar, out doing stupid things as usual and died again.
*little jerk of a tear* I'll lovingly sort your corpse for you.

[ 22] Talyn: Majere's retirement, my plans
Fri Oct 24 08:11:46 2003
To: all
Well, i logged in to find myself reformed. I read the note, i read the forums, i listened to people's stories, and i'll tell you all i'm DISGUSTED.
For basically a silly little personal leveled conflict between hunt and rose to result in Majere retiring, being retired(call it what you will) i'm beginning to think that this game is deteriorating into a bunch of little kids.
I am very frustrated at the recent actions of everyone on all parts, and have made the decision to remain Unaligned until such a time that my lord Tripper returns and regains his FLI status.
I am still the same Talyn that you have all known me to be these long years, i will still assist newbies as i always have, defend the good, destroy the evil. I will NOT be joining Coven, contrary to popular belief. Tripper wouldnt have it, nor will I. Any tiger that is currently in the ranks of coven knows how Tripper felt about them, and can deal with that when he returns.
I will likely be very inactive until the return of Tripper, but i wish you all good luck with these new times.
Talyn Napei, Defender of the Tigers/Rose

Current Description:

His eagle-like eyes meet yours as you glance at this impressive looking elf. His armor has been shined to perfection, its formidable mail and interlocking plates joining to form an impenetrable barrier between his body and the rest of the world. It shines with the light of his devotion, and is bolstered by his faith.
Upon more than a single glance, you recognize this elf as Talyn, Son of Maimer, Servant to Tripper.
Talyn is slightly injured.

His eagle-like eyes meet yours as you glance at this impressive looking elf. His armor has been shined to perfection, its formidable mail and interlocking plates joining to form an impenetrable barrier between his body and the rest of the world. It shines with the light of his devotion, and is bolstered by his faith.
Standing taller than many of his race, you realize that this is Talyn Napei, the Crusader of Light, Servant to Lord Tripper of the Tigers, and Husband of Aslan Tsarran. He appears attuned to the world around him, seeming to detect hints of your intentions with his long, pointed ears. Though he is young, you can see that he has weathered many a hardship, but maintains a friendly disposition. You feel comfortable, and almost protected in his presence, but a gut feeling tells you that you should remain on the favored side of this particular elf.
Talyn is in perfect health.

WHO Lists:

Elf [       Cl: 9       ] Talyn the Elf                                    01/26/2001
Elf [       Cl:18       ] Talyn Napei, Crusader of Light                   02/03/2001 * 
Elf [       Cl:18       ] Talyn Napei, Tiger Cleric                        03/03/2001
Elf [       Cl:18       ] Talyn Napei, engaged to Aslan, Tiger Cleric      07/15/2001
Elf [       Cl:19       ] Talyn Napei, Tiger Cleric, Engaged to Aslan      11/24/2001
Elf [       Cl:19       ] Talyn Napei, Husband to *Aslan* -Tiger-          01/10/2002
Elf [       Cl:30       ] Talyn Napei, Crusader of the Tigers *Aslan*      02/20/2002
Elf [    Wa: 1 Cl:30    ] Talyn Napei, Tiger Husband of Aslan              07/27/2002
Elf [    Wa: 4 Cl:30    ] Talyn Napei, Defender of the Tigers              10/07/2002
Elf [    Wa:16 Cl:30    ] Talyn Napei, Defender of the Tigers              12/17/2002
Elf [    Wa:17 Cl:30    ] Talyn Napei.                                     02/19/2003
Elf [    Wa:22 Cl:30    ] Talyn Napei, Knight of the Rose.  *Tiger*        02/25/2003
Elf [    Wa:29 Cl:30    ] Talyn Napei, Knight of the Rose.  *Tiger*        04/29/2003
Elf [    Wa:30 Cl:30    ] Talyn Napei, Knight of the Rose.  *Tiger*        05/24/2003
Elf [    Wa:30 Cl:30    ] Talyn Napei, Knight of the Rose.  *TIGER*        06/21/2003
Elf [   Holy Advocate   ] Talyn Napei, Righteous Captain, Tiger Knight     03/13/2004
Elf [    Divine Wrath   ] Talyn Napei, Righteous Captain, Tiger Knight     11/12/2004
Elf [    Divine Wrath   ] Talyn Napei, Righteous Tiger Captain -=Miressa=- 01/01/2005
Elf [    Divine Wrath   ] Talyn Napei, Righteous Tiger Captain -=Miressa=- 05/28/2005
Elf [    Wa:30 Cl:30    ] Talyn Napei, Righteous Tiger of the Mafia        01/15/2006
Elf [    Wa:30 Cl:30    ] Talyn Napei, Righteous Tiger *Mafia* *Beer*      03/25/2006
Elf [    Wa:30 Cl:30    ] Talyn Napei, Tiger                               02/06/2011 **

* While he had the keyword of 'light' in his title, Talyn was unaligned at the time. ** While he had the keyword of 'Tiger' in his title, Talyn was unaligned at the time.

Character History:

History Bits: 07/21/2001

Someone gossips, 'Tells please :)'.
Talyn gossips (in common), '*Nod to the Imm* :)'.
Talyn gossips (in common), 'Closing comment - Go find a shaman :P'.
Talyn gossips (in common), '*Shuts up* *Smirks on his way out*'.
IMMINFO: Talyn has been silenced.
Tynian gossips, 'Closing comment: Avoid closing comments when a god tells you to stop. Otherwise, they might just silence you'.
IMMINFO: Talyn has been unsilenced.

History Bits: Joining Enforcers

[ 6] Bliss: Talyn
Wed Jan 28 21:27:13 2004
To followers of: Bliss
Talyn has joined the Enforcers, however he has told me he will not attack any Coven. I am conferring with Elders on the matter. Until a decision is reached, there are to be NO attacks/thefts on Talyn. If your group is attacked, you may defend your group, but do not actively hunt him.

[ 7] Neodis: Talyn needs roasting not warding.
Thu Jan 29 01:32:01 2004
To followers of: Bliss
Lady Bliss, I would remind you that in my previous life Talyn was the one responsible for hunting me down and killing me. He then took my Coven blades and threatened to sacrifice them. He is not worthy of protection. Esspecially if he is willingly joining a hexed following. It's a choice everyone makes. He is even more well in formed and has history to account for. Why give him safety when more worthy people are hunted despite their non-aggrestion?

History Bits: Divorcing Aslan/War With Darkness

Back History: Aslan and Talyn were married in late 2001/early 2002. According to Aslan, the relationship fell apart on mud shortly thereafter. Both characters had multiple periods of inactivity for the next 18 months. In 2004, Aslan started up a relationship with a member of Darkness named Aralanthas. At some point in January, when Talyn returned and was less than pleased to find her involved with someone else, Aralanthas repudiated Aslan with some harsh language. Talyn responded with a declaration of war.

[ 21] Talyn: The War on Darkness
Wed Jan 28 11:28:00 2004
To: bliss katrana wylin cordir aslan
Upon encountering Aralanthas, he was rude, and very offensive. As per my agreement with Aslan, i've not killed anybody, nor made any decisions until i spoke with him. I have spoken to him, he has provoked me, i shall slay his kind until he drops to his knees, and appologizes to Aslan, myself, and the realm.
Wylin has offered me a temporary home in his Enforcers. I am planning to accept this position in the light of retribution. It is my duty to involve only those who have afflicted their evil upon my slumbering retirement...this includes ONLY the darkness. I will wear a blue aura, but i will NOT share the wars with Coven, or the Hunt. I will not aid you, and i will not hurt you. I ask that right now, we not let this escalate into anymore than what my battle dictates...darkness.
If you could all note me with your feelings on this matter, i would be more than happy to get things moving. Justice will be served. I will however provide/accept aid from Hunt and Coven with locations, or perhaps temple play so long as the primary goal would be to destroy a member of the darkness.
Talyn Napei, Husband to Aslan Tsarren, Crimson Knight of Tripper

Aralanthas says (in common), 'shes a bold face lier'.
Aralanthas says (in common), 'I don't want her now anyways'.
Aralanthas says (in common), 'shes trash'.
You gossip (in common), 'Let it be known.'.
You gossip (in common), 'Talyn Napei has declared war upon Kerriariadne's darkness.'.
You gossip (in common), 'Let the games begin.'.

[ 4] Cordir: war?
Thu Jan 29 22:43:38 2004
To: Aslan Talyn Kerriariadne
It was my understanding that the relationship between the two of you fell apart OFF mud, shortly after the wedding ceremony, and thus the relationship was abandoned ON mud. I never asked for details as it was none of my business. I certainly stopped seeing Talyn log in for quite some time, and can recall some conversation with Aslan about her taking a Vestal Oath, because she believed the relationship was over. That was August of 2002. Aslan's activity dropped at that point as well.
When, in 2004, I was approached about a relationship between Aslan and the Darkling, I didn't see a conflict or problem. There had been no RP of a union for over a year. It was somewhat surprising that the characters involved hadn't purged, for lack of activity. I reasoned that since Talyn was off doing his own thing and rarely seen in that incarnation, and Aslan had been largely inactive, I felt anything that increased her enjoyment of the game was a Good Thing.
This conflict is Not A Good Thing.
Talyn, you are not someone who is easly swayed from your course. I know that about you. I know also that you are a proud, strong, and capable individual, who, if they put their mind to it, could cause much harm to me and mine, and those of Darkness. I acknowledge that. And I ask you not to.
Why? there's enough conflict on the mud. There's enough bitterness.
If you really need and want to kill someone, you can hack Aslan's head off. I'll reequip her, and we'll move on, and all be much less happy about it, as you'll be Anathema, that will affect your participation on multiple levels, and it will just suck for everyone involved.
So... Please don't. Let it go. The relationship seems to have died in its sleep over a year ago. Conflict won't bring resolution, only new anger, hurt, betrayal.
I'm available as always to talk if you want. You know how to reach me, all of you.

[ 25] Talyn: My Response and Decisions
Fri Jan 30 09:29:45 2004
To: aslan cordir kerriariadne
Cordir, i dont think i've ever heard such ridiculousness from you before. If i had abandoned my wife, i would not have been upset that a heathen tried to fill my shoes. I'm not going to kill my wife, i've spent the last two years protecting her, and equipping her. I encourage you not to say such things, because it irritates me.
I attempted to speak with Aralanthas on this matter, he was rude, and insulting. Seraph showed his complete idiocy while telling me that it is not his position as an Ordained or "right hand" of his god, to handle the affairs of his fellow followers, and then told me "That's Aralanthas' problem, not mine". He then began to taunt and threaten me.
Aslan. I have never felt such shame in all of my years. Firstly, i visit to find that you have left me for another, regardless of our current status, and then as i had expected prior to speaking with him, Aralanthas was a loud-mouthed skut-headded beatle. The entire following of darkness has done nothing besides goat me on,and taunt me. I have declared war. I have declared it for a reason. And if you wish to betray me that much more, as to release yourself from Fate, and join my enemy, then continue, fuel my rage, for i will take your doing that as nothing more than a slap in the face, not only from you, but from Cordir and the whole of Fate as well. The only ones that you're going to hurt are the darkness.
Preferably, i would rather see a few darks die, and show to the realm that you do not tread on another man's essence, and if able, attempt to fix our brutally battered relationship.
The decision is yours, but i've already made mine. Dont make this harder than it is already.
Talyn Napei, Tiger


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