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Official Information

Ordained mortals are those that have been specially blessed by their god to carry out that Immortal's will and to protect the interests of the following. All Immortal-led followings may have one ordained mortal, if the Immortal and prospective mortal meets the requirements. Mortals MAY NOT QUEST FOR IMMORTALITY WHILE ORDAINED. Instead, it will be necessary to be released from ordained service.

Any race may be an Ordained Mortal if the mortal otherwise meets the requirements.

Skill List

Ordained skills and/or spells:

 Immunity           is at level  1  Common             is at level  1
Armor is at level 3 Dwarven is at level 3
Elven is at level 3 Gnomish is at level 3
Halfling is at level 3 Aarakocra is at level 3
Giant is at level 3 Minotaur is at level 3
Ogre is at level 3 Sahuagin is at level 3
Continual light is at level 5 Cure light is at level 5
Kobold is at level 5 Goblin is at level 5
Orc is at level 5 Refresh is at level 6
Turning is at level 9 Tongues is at level 10
Thoras is at level 10 Troll is at level 10
Create water is at level 12 Bless is at level 13
Create food is at level 13 Sphere use is at level 13
Blindness is at level 14 Dispel evil is at level 15
Dispel good is at level 15 True seeing is at level 15
Blynd is at level 15 Drow is at level 15
Cure blindness is at level 16 Cure critical is at level 18
Curse is at level 20 Invis is at level 21
Remove curse is at level 23 Remove fear is at level 24
Absorb is at level 27

Player-Supplied Information

(From the TFC for Newbies website created by Nyx)

You cannot select the ordained class during the character creation process. Rather, to gain this class you must not be triple-classed and you must be chosen by your immortal to be one of their ordaineds. Each immortal can have a limited number of ordaineds at one time, that number being dependent on how powerful the immortal is. The abilities of an ordained vary somewhat depending on whether their immortal is Good, Evil, or Neutral. If you are interested in learning more about ordaineds, read the files listed under HELP ORDAINED.

Rumor and Speculation

Preparing Your Classes for Ordained

If you want to be ordained, your MAGIC casting class should be prime. (If you have two classes, it will be the one to the left). This is because your classes switch around when you Ordain. Your Magic Class will then shift to the right, and your combat class will become your Prime class.

The benefits of this are to ensure that you have your combat class strength or dex while in Ordained. For example: If your combat class is Ranger, you will have Ranger dex (39 items held) and 725kg str from Ordained. If your combat class is Warrior, you will have 925 str from Warrior, and 38 items held from Ordained dex.

WRONG WAY to Ordain:
Dwa [    Wa:30 Cl:30    ] Joe The Soon To Be Sad Ordained

RIGHT WAY to Ordain:
Elf [    MA:30 RN:30    ] Joe The Soon To Be Happy Ordained