The Ruins of Ofcol

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The Ruins of Ofcol
Type Standard
Author Nyx
Installed September 21, 2003
Location Northern Continent

Area Lore/Back Story

When the great goblin shaman Herak'nii found a way to call forth a dark purveyor of death known as the nightwalker he quickly proposed to his king that having such a creature at their side would allow them to destroy the human city of Ofcol and ransack the Golden Citadel. The king agreed. Six nights later the nightwalker was released upon this realm, a thing far more powerful than Herak'nii himself had ever imagined; a thing far more powerful than he could ever hope to control.

After slaughtering the goblins who didn't run from the ceremonial area quickly enough the nightwalker did turn its attention to Ofcol, though for reasons of its own. With a flick of its mind it gave new life to all the dead near it and then lead its undead army to the city. The humans were able to protect their home at first, but with every casualty they suffered the nightwalker gained a new recruit. Before long, the Golden Citadel had fallen and the nightwalker had claimed it as its own.

The remaining guardians of Ofcol no longer try to take the battle to their attackers. Instead, it is all they can do to hold their position and keep the last of the city from being overrun. They are assisted in part by warriors from Dwarvenhold, for the dwarves remember their own terrible battle with dark things and how humans aided them back then. Too, the dwarves realize that if Ofcol falls then their home may be next.

General Information/Trivia

Player Provided Information


Map of The Ruins of Ofcol by Soloban


  • Ofcol is accessible from the Great Western Road to the South, The Whitefrost Forest to the North, and Goblin Mines to the East.
  • Entering the Citadel area from Ofcol requires a key (Orders from Marshal Diana)
  • Entering the Citadel area from Goblin Mines requires a key (Rough Emerald) held by Herak'nii