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Berrin Tharvo (VI)
Master of the Blade
Created February 26, 1999
Status Inactive
Race Half-Elf
Classes Thief
Followed Solanthas
Solanthas (2nd Demi)

Mud Contributions:

  • Berrin served as the Ordained of the WarDancers.

Current Description:

WHO lists:

Hel [ Th:16 Ra:30 Ma:30 ] Berrin Tharvo, Master of the Blade.    -WarDanceR-  (10/11/00)
Hel [ Th:16 Ra:30 Ma:30 ] Berrin is all alone in a world he despises (02/10/01)
Hel [ Th:16 Ra:30 Ma:30 ] Berrin: GOD IS DEAD! And no one cares. (07/29/01)
Hel [ Th:16 Ra:30 Ma:30 ] Berrin: Do me a favor, Kill Yourself!  (08/27/01)
Hel [ Th:16 Ra:30 Ma:30 ] Berrin: BladeMaster Reborn                   KAHN (09/11/01)
Hel [ Th:16 Ra:30 Ma:30 ] Berrin: Let the Bodies hit the floor.       KAHN (09/23/01)
Hel [ Ra:30 Th:17 Ma:30 ] Berrin the BladeMaster.    Sword of Solanthas   (07/17/02)
Hel [ Ra:30 Th:17 Ma:30 ] Berrin the BladeMaster.    Sword of Solanthas (01/15/03)

Character History:


  • DeOrdainment:

This log is from Berrin's point of view, and was provided by Solanthas. Date: 06/18/00
You have been released from ordained service!
Solanthas's holy essense is TORN from your frail body!
That really did HURT!
You sure are BLEEDING!
You suffer a PERMANENT loss of 13 hit points and 0 mana!
The classtitle has been cleared.

Checking for practice reimbursement:
Reimbursing 2 practices for armor.
Reimbursing 2 practices for cure light.
Reimbursing 2 practices for immunity.
Reimbursing 2 practices for tongues.
Reimbursing 2 practices for turning.

Player Provided Information:

While Berrin and I did not get along (to put it mildly), I have to commend his skills and abilities as a player. Abender Stormreaver asked me, on his behalf, to remove Berrin from the Anathema list, which I did - sadly, Berrin earned his way right back on. I still have a token from my followers of a Magic Mushroom that was specially grown to resemble Berrin's head, after I asked for it on a platter after one egregious interaction with him. Still: Every good story needs conflict - and Berrin was very good at providing it. I have been told secondhand that he was one of the most dedicated members of the Wardancers, utterly fearless, and a joy to have as a fellow follower.

Berrin was a really good friend of mine. He was a rather quirky guy and very opinionated. He also had no problem in voicing his opinions. We first started playing together in the late 90's while he was working his way to ordainment in the WarDancers. I was impressed at the rate at which he leveled, especially since he was hunted rather fiercely by the conclave members (I think it was Maldobar at this time that was the "one" to avoid). He got to level 40 at a rate I had never seen anyone do to this point, mostly because he refused to safesit from them and employed a zone-hopping tactic to ensure they'd spend countless hours looking--and not finding him. He especially loved to PK people and this is how we became friends (because otherwise Berrin was the type that if you didn't have something he wanted, he largely ignored you-and I mean that in the most endearing way). He decided one day that he needed a cleric and I happened to be playing a cleric at the time and was rather decent at making people die. From that point on we PK'd together when we could and became friends. Berrin was also the person that ended Maldobar's reign of terror (and inspired me to explore the art of PKing with your brain rather than your gear). At the time, Scriem was coded to kill anyone involved in combat in his room. Berrin executed a plan to engage combat with Maldobar in Scriem's room flawlessly, then ran back and gathered the corpses. I was awestruck by this and even used it myself several times. Eventually Scriem was changed, but that mentality evolved PKing into what it is today. Berrin was known as the BladeMaster and thus received the nickname "Blade" on ftell.

Berrin was the OM in the WarDancers my second following I joined where I played past level 10. He wasn't all that helpful with the knowledge of the game because well I kind of sucked and died alot. He would run and grab my corpse give it back to me but give me little to no help on how not to do it again. The thing I loved about him is he wouldn't speak much to anyone good or bad. He would do great things on the mud be it a good PK or run a zone in a group or solo and nothing was said about it. He was not greedy in anyway, he would hand me nice eq I had no business having just because he didn't need it and I put in a ton of time in the following. One of the best OM's for a following like WarD ever.

Personal Timeline:

  • 4/29/99 - Berrin of the WarDancers is Ordained by Solanthas.
  • 08/99 - A group consisting of Maimer, Abender Stormreaver, Berrin, and Myronides completely clears the Master's Tower and defeats the Master of Magic without a single fatality.
  • 8/21/99 - The 'Sudden Death' Round of Lorna's Trivia Quest is rescheduled again, and is held at around 1:00. Team Chipmunk and Team Weasel compete... the first round - everyone fails to answer correctly. The second round - Team Weasel answers the two part question half right. Team Chipmunk answers completely incorrectly. Lorna asks what the teams wish to do. Team Weasel offers to go to a third round... The Third round - both teams answer incorrectly. Faced with a variety of options, Lorna decides to grant first prize to BOTH teams, and the contest is finalized at a tie. Congratulations to both teams! Team Weasel consisted of: Jahiliya of Veladorn as Team Captain, Kennet D'Augustine, Nyx, and Gernoul. Team Chipmunk consisted of Berrin, Abender Stormreaver, Jahar, and Pan.
  • 9/30/99 - At the request of Abender Stormreaver, Cordir removes Berrin from the Anathema list.
  • 4/15/00 - Berrin attacks a group consisting of Rath (of the Conclave) and Alyria (of Balance). The couple flees, and Berrin pursues Alyria, slaying her. This prompts a slew of notes on the public list, discussing alignment and Berrin's actions.
  • 6/18/00- Berrin is de-Ordained, and triples to thief.
  • 06/24/00 - Berrin reaches Th:11/Ra:30/Ma:30.
  • 09/09/01 - Berrin joins the Circle of Faces.
  • 4/21/02 - Solanthas is promoted to DemiGod. Solanthas accepts Berrin as his first follower (for the second time. Berrin was also first worshipper of the original WarDancers.)
  • 7/17/02 - There is a record number of WarDancers present, Berrin being one of them.
8 players.
Hel [ Ra:30 Th:17 Ma:30 ] Berrin the BladeMaster.    Sword of Solanthas
Elf [    Wa:12 Cl:15    ] Lania Athsien-Goldleaf, Mistress of The WarDancers 
Elf [    Ra: 7 Ma:15    ] Macabee the Elven Love Machine *WarD*
Hum [    Ra:24 Sh:25    ] Jahar Narishma, WarDancer
Elf [       Cl: 6       ] Skie, Priest of The WarDancers.
Elf [ Ra:21 Cl:25 Th:15 ] Sicarian is probably afk.  (WarD)
Hum [    Lightbringer   ] Aster, Shining in the Darkness.     (WarD)
Elf [      Demigod      ] Solanthas Goldleaf, Lord of The WarDancers

Player Information: