Living Lands

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Living Lands
Type Standard: 5 - 30
Author Nyx
Installed July 15, 2003
Location Northern Continent

Area Lore/Back Story

  • This zone was written (at god+ staff request) to replace the old Elemental Canyon.

General Information/Trivia

Player Provided Information

  • Living Lands is located East of Thalos Pass
  • Some of the up/down passages must be opened and may require flying
  • You will need a boat to access the alcove, otherwise you can swim underwater to reach it
  • Mobs You Will Find:
    • Nightwoods of various sizes (saplings, sturdy-looking, stout, tall, great)
      • Killing one does not create ghosts or edible corpses, though a shaman can harvest seeds from the husks.
    • Herbalists
      • Usually have a satchel and sprig of nightwood
    • Nature mobs: gusts of air, currents, sparks, geodes, breezes, etc.


Living Lands: Map by Soloban

Hint: Gaining access to the area in the center of the lake of fire requires a couple of keys which can be found throughout the zone.

  • The Incessant Power of Wind
  • The Crushing Might of Water
  • The Scarring Tough of Fire
  • The Perpetual Strength of Earth