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Lord of Virtue
Lesser God
Status Retired
Retired 06/04/2000
Race Human
Classes Cleric
Followed Mort
Areas Written Turtle Den
Immorted Ambassador/Demi: Late 1994
Lesser God: 01/10/99
Following Virtue
Admin Duties Unknown

Mud Contributions:

Current Description:


You see an ordinary looking man with wizened eyes.  They
seem to see inside you and learn all about you.
JohnPaul is bathed in the essence of charisma.
JohnPaul is in perfect health.

JohnPaul is using:
<worn on finger>    (Moderate magic) the thin chrysoberyl ring
<worn on finger>    (Moderate magic) the carved steel ring
<worn around neck>  (Moderate magic) the impressive star rose quartz amulet
<worn around neck>  (Moderate magic) the brittle coral amulet
<worn on body>      (Moderate magic) a suit of splint mail
<worn on head>      (Moderate magic) a bronze plate helm
<worn on legs>      (Moderate magic) a pair of ring mail leggings
<worn on feet>      (Moderate magic) a pair of plate boots
<worn on hands>     (Moderate magic) a pair of chain mail gloves 
<worn on arms>      (Weak magic) a pair of iron sleeves
<worn as shield>    (Moderate magic) a metal large shield
<worn about body>   a small pouch
<worn about waist>  (Weak magic) a ring mail girth
<worn around wrist> (Potent magic) (Heathen) the magnificent mithril bracelet
<worn around wrist> (Moderate magic) the flickering brass bracelet
<wielded>           (Moderate magic) Sceptre of Holy Virtue
<worn with pride>   (Artifact magic) (Glowing) (Humming) the Medallion of Godhood
<worn with pride>   (Blue Aura) a medallion of Holy Virtue

You peek at the inventory:
(Token magic) a clear red potion
bag made from Okk hide
bag made from Pez hide
bag made from Zloty hide
( 2) a rattrap
(Blue Aura) a silver key
an ACME portable hole
( 9) a chest
an egg casing
bag made from Beavis hide
bag made from Noodles hide
bag made from Ivan hide
bag made from Europe hide
bag made from Azra hide
bag made from Damien hide
bag made from Sadow hide 
bag made from Sauron hide
bag made from executioner hide
bag made from Huey hide
bag made from Ironbrain hide
bag made from Corsendonk hide
bag made from Elistrae hide
a bronze chest
( 4) a dolphin hide bag
a multi-colored key ring
a girdle of many pouches

Character History:

WHO Lists:

08/08/96  Hum [      DemiGod      ] JohnPaul, Pope of Holy Virtue


  • JohnPaul had two Paladins in Holy Virtue: Gators and Kordain.
  • JohnPaul was good aligned as a mortal and an Immortal.
  • At the time of his promotion to Lesser God, JohnPaul had held the rank of Demi God longer than any other Immortal in TFC history.

Player Provided Information:

JohnPaul was the sternest FLI I've had.

Personal Timeline: