The Temple of Lorna

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Lorna's Temple As you enter the temple, you are struck with the enormous scale of the place. The three huge spires visible from outside tower up from the three chambers inside the temple. The two smaller spires angle outward, then back in towards the much taller center spire, which is open at the top, looking to the skies.

The central, main chamber is spacious, open, and largely unembellished. Various cushions, rugs, furs, even a few couches and chairs ring the chamber, providing comfortable places for the members of this religion to rest and contemplate as they wish.

Glancing about briefly, you wonder what odd material the walls are constructed of, and notice a sign for visitors next to the door. Various implements for exercise, practice, and recreation lie to the south, and a hovering black disk and assorted displays can be seen to the north.

Look North:
A hovering black disk dominates the chamber to the north, floating in the center. The images on its surface change from one moment to the next, first a chessboard, then a board with battle plans, the next stacks of charts and promotion forms.
The wall to your left is a study in the implements of war. Weapons of all types are affixed to the wall here. Among them you see maces, rods, a glaive, assorted daggers and knives, a whip, a quarterstaff, halberds, and swords of various types (most notably an impressive looking claymore) amongst other more archaic weapons. Bordering the wall are an assortment of wands, staves, and fetishes as well, their magical energies the equal of any sword. You notice that everything on this wall is somehow absolutely clean, and each weapon appears to be in perfect, deadly, condition.
The wall to your right is a study in the articles of defense. Magically anchored to the wall are various armor types, including dragonscale, mithril, adamantite, chromium, and more. Scattered amongst the various pieces of armor are an odd assortment of potions, powders, and pills.
The center wall is a work in progress, with displays of new research underway and new discoveries yet to be made.

Look East:
The back walls are lined with tremendous bookshelves, stuffed with volumes and tomes of all types, rising upwards almost beyond sight. You see here titles on the arts of combat, of battle tactics, clerical studies, and on magical spells and skills. Almost every bit of knowledge on honor and war of all types can be found amidst this collection, as well as books on nearly any other imaginable subject. The bookcases surround the archway containing the two tall, angular doors, and in a space over them are clear crystalline plates, etched with silver text. The titles of the plates read:

Ranks / Lorna's Rules / Uniform

Look South:
The southern chamber of this temple is filled with assorted implements of exercise, practice, and recreation.
Farthest in the chamber is a large pool, filled with crystal clear water. A long, white rectangular plank floats in the air about ten feet from the floor along one end.
An odd pool table, devoid of legs, but beautifully crafted of cherry wood, hovers above the floor, with the cues neatly arrayed on a rack underneath. A few gaming tables with comfortable benches are placed about unevenly, on which you can see chessboards, a stones board or two, some dice, a Dragon's Song board, and yes, even a fizzbin deck. A round dartboard is attached to one wall, and a rack of darts is affixed to the opposite wall.
A large sparring circle, immaculately clean, even though you know the members of this religion must frequently use it to hone their skills, occupies most of the rest of this chamber.

Look West:
A large, angular archway with double doors dominates the back wall of the main chamber of this temple. Above the archway are three large, rectangular black crystalline plates. Each plate is displaying a different image, and as you gaze upon them, the images slowly fade out, and new ones fade in. You see some scenes from the realms, some familiar faces, and some unfamiliar ones as well.
A few of the images bear names, appearing as if etched in silver, but fading in and out with the images.

Look Up:
As you gaze upwards, you are struck with the realization that there is no ceiling to the temple. The temple seems to somehow be untouched by any effects of weather, and you can see the starry cosmos peeking in from outside, an eternal nighttime for you to view. You wonder if the lack of ceiling is simply to provide plenty of flying space, or to admit the futility of trying to contain the spirits of those who dwell here?

Look Down:
The floors here are a gleaming black, polished so that you can almost see your own reflection in them, but not quite. You think that it is almost as if the black floors are actually emitting light, but that's not possible . . . is it?

Look Rules:
Lorna's Rules:
1) Do what Lorna commands you to do.
2) Respect, Honor, and Obey all MUD Rules in letter and spirit.
3) Act in the utmost manner of goodness. No lying, cheating, or dishonorable acts will be tolerated.
4) Be true to your word and promises as if your life depended upon them.
5) Strive to learn from your mistakes, and those of others.
6) Seek to stop, oppose, and destroy evil. NO aid may be given to any evil.
7) PKing is restricted to these guidelines:
A) Never kill another good character without Lorna's express permission. This rule supercedes the other PK rules.
B) You may kill anyone whom you are Justified to attack.
C) PKing of evil is at your discretion, but we give all of those who carry the red aura wary benefit of the doubt. I prefer that you act only against those who have proven their evil nature.
D) PKing of Unaligned characters is limited to those who show themselves to have an evil nature by their actions.
E) Protect the following from aggression, acts of evil committed against it, and avenge any attacks upon it.
8) Newbies are the future of the MUD, and are to be cherished and helped.
9) Encourage those seeking a deity to choose the path of honor and goodness - be it our path, or another religion - or Neutrality.
10) Have FUN, and encourage others to do the same!

Look Sign Visitors:
A clear crystalline plate, etched with silver text, reads as follows:
Welcome to Lorna's Temple. This place is intended to be a place of sanctuary, rest, worship, and communion for followers of Lorna. Visitors are welcome so long as they respect the temple and its residents. We also ask visitors to remove their footwear while they are visiting the temple. If you are interested in learning about the following and its rules, type LOOK RULES, and then seek out a Tiger to speak with.
Do not desecrate this place by dropping items within its confines (you will be punished by the gods for doing so). Please respect the business of followers occurring in the temple while you are visiting, and leave if you are asked.

Look Names:
You stand quietly still, closely gazing at the images, concentrating on the names that occasionally appear. After some time, you can make out Nalya and Syrinx, Ozymandius, Erond, Rishana and Jerald, Clue and Rigel, Jaator, Ghuda, Marisa and Talen, Dove, Vertigo, Zrie, Trap, Corri, Syla and Pyros, Teva, and even unnamed, yet unmistakable images of the Implementors and Greater God. You feel sure that there are more yet which you have not seen, and wonder whose images may also appear here.
As you turn to leave, you blink, unsure of the ghastly, rotten image which you think appeared there for a moment.

Look Walls Material:
Closely examining the walls, you are amazed at the fantastical material they are made of. Primarily a shimmering silvery-white color, similar to mother of pearl, different angles of light catch in its reflections pastel shades of blues, greens, purples, and pinkish reds. The fragile looking material seems harder then steel, and is slightly cool to the touch.

Look looting:
If you kill an evil (or unaligned who messes with the Tigers), or are part of a group that kills them, you may help yourself to anything on that corpse. IF, however, someone else outside of this following kills them without your aid, leave it for that other person (you MAY pick it up and give it to whoever made the kill to prevent the evil from retrieving their gear, but do NOT touch the corpse yourself). If a mob kills an evil, and you happen upon the corpse - dry sac it. We are *NOT* corpse looters, we will not BE corpse looters. I consider Corpse Looting a worse crime than killing someone for their EQ without cause - at least the killer worked for it. The only exception to this is if you know, for a fact, that someone has blood EQ that was taken from a Tiger - then you may get just those items from the corpse. If you know the corpse to contain the gear of some other good or neutral, inform them of the location of the corpse and that their items are on it, and let them retrieve their stuff. If you happen upon a pile of EQ that was likely on a corpse that has rotted - it is a pile of eq lying on the ground, nothing more - have at it. The No Corpse Looting rule is a zero tolerance issue.

Look Uniform:
Uniform Rules:

  • Officers must include "Tiger Guard" in their title.
  • Non-coms must include "Tiger" in their title.
  • Tiger's feathers are to be worn at all times (and a replacement requested when I make it known that I am online and handling follower requests, if you die and lose yours).
  • Your Description (the thing that people see when they look at you before all of your worn EQ - HELP DESCRIPTION if you need more information) MUST include your Full Rank, designate either Tiger or Tiger Guard as is appropriate, any other Titles or Positions held or bestowed upon you, and any medals or ribbons you have received.

I hope, and encourage, though it is not required that you all would display your ranks in your titles. The abbreviations listed next to the ranks can limit this intrusion on your titles to 3 characters. So long as your unit (Tiger or Tiger Guard) is listed in your title, you are wearing your feather, and your description includes the correct information, you will meet the uniform rules.

Look Ranks:

Noncommissioned (Tiger) ranks: Title 1 Title 2
Private PVT PVT
Private 1st Class PFC PFC
Sergeant SGT SGT
Master Sergeant MSG MSgt
Sergeant Major SMG SMG
Officer(Tiger Guard) ranks: Title 1 Title 2
Lieutenant 1LT LT
Captain CPT CPT
Lieutenant Colonel LTC LTC
Colonel COL COL
Brigadier General BG BGen
Major General MG MGen
Lieutenant General LTG LGen
General GEN GEN

Lorna's Study

This place appears to be a simple, functional study. A second glance at the simple appearance of the room, and the things within, however, reveals ornate detail. This room encourages a feeling of peace and contentment - an escape where one can rest and contemplate in privacy.

A roll-top desk rests in an alcove at the back of the room, with a large cathedra floating in front. A darkened crystal orb hovers to the right of the stately chair, and a crystalline display case bearing an inscription stands to the left of the desk.

An open armoire is to the north, with a small gilded cage resting atop it. The entire south wall is lined with a three-section bookcase, the middle section turned halfway about, revealing a small, well-stocked bar. On the floor in front of the bookcase are two large round dishes, and a large oval basket lined with cushions.
(Blue Aura)Tyrix, the mystical winged tiger, gazes at you.

Look Tyrix:
Tyrix is a huge feline, standing nearly as tall as a horse. He is an
attractive creature, with gleaming white fur patterned with black stripes.
You can't help but notice two feathered wings protruding from his torso,
neatly folded up against the sides of his body. Oddly, there seem to be
a few patches in the wings where feathers are missing.

Look North:
Looking to the north, there is little other than an open armoire, displaying its contents for casual observation. A gilded cage rests atop the armoire.

Look East:
As you gaze back towards the archway from which you entered the room, you are shocked to see the archway standing alone, bordered by a clear shimmering field of some sort. The floor and side walls end at the field, and on the other side is a dense jungle. The effect of the archway rising up, standing alone amidst jungle greenery is disconcerting, in the least.

Look South:
The entire south wall of the study is composed of a large, three-section bookcase. The center of the bookcase is turned around, revealing a bar. Turning your attention to the large padded basket and two dishes on the floor, you notice some script or runes written on the dishes. The text is apparently some language or script you've never seen before, as you cannot tell what they spell out.

Look West:
Gazing at the back of this study, you notice the ornate scrollwork on the borders of the alcove in which the equally ornately trimmed roll-top desk rests. Above the alcove hangs a tapestry, a portrait of many faces.

Look Up:
The ceiling in this study arcs upward from the walls, converging around a round, translucent white dome. Soft lighting filters through from the dome, providing the room with just enough light to make it comfortable, without being harsh.

Look Down:
The floor is a lovely dark-stained wood, lacquered and polished to a shine. You cannot be sure what sort of wood it is, but it seems to be well made, and probably quite expensive, and surmise it will probably last centuries.

Look Orb:
As you gaze into this darkened orb, it begins to clear up and pulse, displaying images of events and people in the realm, and even things that might be other planes. You marvel, and wonder if the owner of this orb has used it to observe your adventures as well.

Look Inscription:
The CalvinBall

Look Field Shimmering Jungle:
As you step closer to the shimmering field, your hairs seem to stand on end, as if a powerful energy were pulsing about nearby. Gazing through at the jungle beyond, you can faintly hear the sounds of the jungle, animals calling out to one another, predators announcing their presence, the pitter-patter of softly falling rain, the scurrying about of small creatures. Tentatively, you pass one hand through the field, and you can feel the raindrops on your hand, as well as the tropical heat and humidity.

Look Armoire:
This armoire looks to be quite old, yet still quite sturdy. Its doors are open, revealing a few shelves, upon which is a neatly arrayed full suit of armor. The armor is carefully cleaned and polished, the winged tiger crest on the breastplate clearly visible. Though well cared for, the armor does show signs of long use.

Atop the armoire is a rectangular gilded cage. The door to the cage seems to have been left open.

Look Cathedra Chair:
This chair is of a simple, yet stately design. There are intricate carvings along the arms of the chair, and someone has draped what appears to be a throw made of demon skin over the back. Soft furs line the seat, and this chair looks very comfortable indeed.

Look Gilded Cage:
A small cage rests atop the armoire, containing two small dishes with food and water, a golden wheel, and two white mice. One is busily running on the golden wheel, while the other one seems to be contemplating something amidst a collection of tiny charts, plans, and books.

Look Bookcase Bar:
The entire wall is lined with, or perhaps composed of, a large, three-section bookcase, stuffed with volumes, maps, even loose sheets of parchment. Various baubles and knickknacks top the bookcase, arrayed in no discernible order. The center section of the bookcase is rotated around not quite halfway, revealing a well-stocked bar, complete with mixers and glasses. You notice a stiletto lying amidst the bottles of liquor, oddly out of place.

Look Tapestry:
This tapestry, which once hung in Lorna's original temple, depicts those that are hold special places in Lorna's history. You see here renditions of her former goddess Nalya with her husband Syrinx, Erond, Rishana and Jerald, Clue and Rigel, Jaator, Ghuda, Marisa and Talen. Directly below and to the right is her brother Vertigo, and to the left is her Paladin, Dove.