Inside the Mouth of a Dragon

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As you frightfully enter the dragon's huge mouth, you begin to wonder if
you'll ever make it back alive. A huge blast of air assaults you. It must
have been his breath. With that blast, you feel invigorated and determined
to hang around. Looking around through the darkness, you begin to notice the
appearance of ghastly images encircling you and examining your every movement.
You can't believe that anyone can live in a place like this. So this is what
a dragon's mouth looks like.

How naive you were to have entered the dragon. Your doom is near. You feel
frightened, but somewhat curious. As time passes, the images slowly fade
into the sides of the mouth and you begin to feel a sense of calmness and
serenity. The ground is soft, the air is somewhat pleasant (for a dragon's
mouth), and light begins to pierce through the darkness. This must be the
place of worship for the Dragon Spirit. You begin to notice a huge pearl
floating in the air.


Nothing special there. You begin to turn away, but you notice a glimmer in
the corner of your eye. Slowly, the appearance of a dragon comes into view. It
speaks, 'Welcome. I am the Treasure Dragon. I expect you to help your family
out with spare equipment should they need it. At times, you may also be
expected to hunt for randoms for your Grand Master so that he may better
assist the family.' It disappears in a puff of smoke.


What sharp teeth this Dragon has. Luckily, you don't notice any traces of
meat on it. Except for that slight hint of roasted swallows.
The teeth start to blur and the image of a dragon appears. It tells you, 'I
am the minor Imperial Dragon. Each individual will play a role in maintaining
the family. The Grand Master will be there to guide you on the right path. You
will be granted a title and status by him and are expected to display the
word Dragon in your title at all times. You status will be determined by your
levels, acts of excellence, and general service to the family.' The image
fades away.

The appearance of a dragon immediately comes into view. It says, 'Welcome.
I, the Spiritual Dragon, will tell you the Basic Principles of the Dragon

1. Follow TFC rules.
2. Have fun! Help others have fun. After all, that's why we're all here (I
hope). Quests, adventures, and corny jokes will be common.
3. Bragging, boasting, taunting should not be done. Dragons do not exhibit
this kind of behavior.
4. PKing is allowed in retribution for the attack or death of a family
member or to assist another ally if a member of theirs has been PKed.
5. Members are to look for new brothers and sisters whenever time allows.
6. Do as Morimox says. He is very in tune with the Way, and has been infused
with the Great Imperial Dragon spirit. He wields immense power and
reserves the right to ammend anything if the situation calls for it.

That is all. Good luck on your path.' It slowly fades away.

The apparition of a dragon comes into view. It speaks, 'Welcome. I am the
Earth Dragon who will tell you about the Essence of the Dragon Spirit in
accordance with the Way:

1. Gain as much knowledge about the realm as possible. Knowledge is power.
Everyone is dependent on one another, but be self-reliant to the best
of your ability.
2. Help and protect your family at all times.
3. Remember what we represent: excellence, valor, heroism, and perseverance.
Understand what these mean.
4. Don't focus so much on power and wealth. Focus more on learning about
yourself, each other, and the realm.
5. Learn to live in peace with others. We understand that good and evil must
coexist to have a balance in the realm. We are here to learn how to live
with them and maintain that necessary balance.

That is all I can say. You will understand as time goes on. If there are any
questions, please consult Morimox.' The apparition blends into the western

The apparition of a dragon comes into view. It speaks, 'Welcome. I am the
Celestial Dragon, here to protect this place of worship. Let me tell you
something about us Dragons. We are benevolent creatures unrelated to those
evil dragons that you fear. We bring upon the essence of life, the form our
celestial breath. We yield life and bestow our powers to those that wish to
live with the Way. We are beautiful, friendly, and wise. We are the ultimate
representation of the forces of Mother Nature.'

'Now for what the following is about. The Dragon Spirit is a good-aligned
family dedicated to personal growth, acts of merit, completion of quests, and
the enjoyment of the game. Members are infused with the spirit of Dragons
unknown to many denizens of this realm. These creatures are benevolent, and
signify greatness, goodness, and strength. With these spirits, we become
symbols of excellence, valor, heroism, and perseverance. We work with our
obstacles until success has been achieved.'

The apparition fades away. You decide to turn elsewhere.

Squishy. Moist. You realize you're standing on the tongue of a dragon's
mouth. Yet you feel safe and lucky that you're here. Are you mad? Is
Morimox mad? You notice a book around your feet. You decide to take
a closer look.

LOOK yin yang image yin-yang
The yin and yang forces are cyclical, evolving into each other, represented
by the white dot on the black yin side and the black dot on the white yang
side of the symbol. This production of yin from yang and yang from yin occurs
cyclically and constantly, so that no one side continually dominates the
other. Our realm depends on the interaction between these two forces.

LOOK man monk
He sits there, eyes closed, in perfect harmony with everything around him.
As you stare at this image of the monk, he appears to come to life. He nods his
head and closes his eyes again. A voice echoes in your head.

'Welcome to my home, adventurer. They call me Morimox, Grand Master of the
Dragon Spirit. I have been chosen to lead those who wish to learn the
Eternal Way of Life. It is a challenging path filled with many hardships.
Should you become a member of our family, you will be dedicated to helping
each other and understand the Way. Your appearance will remain the same,
but you will be inhabited by a dragon spirit from a distant realm. They
are here to aid us in our understanding of the Way. If you wish to learn
more, please look up.'

LOOK book changes
It is titled "The Book of Changes" by Morimox. You turn to the

"One of the great truths that can be gained from a study of the Way is that
the Universe is slightly inclined in our favor; there is more of the good
force than the bad, which is why and how the Universe persists. It is also
why you can always triumph over evil if you are good enough. The way to do
that is not to fight evil directly, in which case you become an instrument
of evil yourself, but to make energetic progress in the good: becoming a
superior being."

You see some notes scribbled on the next page.
"Tokugawa, Trinety, Rocky, Ramza, Nicholai, Lynain, Kerriariadne, Kaye,
Jonah, Dakkon, Combee, Beelzebub, Abender, Balance, Pain,
Black Conclave, Dragons"

You close the book, more confused than ever.

LOOK rules
The dragons at each side of the wall will explain everything.

LOOK mouth door
You see no door. You wonder how Morimox keeps his place private.