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The Anti-Hero
Status Inactive
Race Aarakocra
Hometown Aaracity
Classes Shaman
Followed Molo

Mud Contributions:

Azra was a very, very prolific PK'er.

[ 68] Agape: Azra...
Fri Nov 22 15:13:14 1996
To: All
You aren't, nor have you ever been worth my time.
I wouldn't ask mine topursue you, you really aren't worth anyone's time.
Your opinion of my group means so little to me...
Your opinion is likea flash of tiny light, it's there, but mostly ignored.
As for yourviews about my following...
Speak harshly of them, if you wish, I'm surethey are in tears knowing they have lost your respect.
Agape, God of Knowledge, The "Abrasive" One
Not here to be liked, here to be the lord of my people...

Current Description:

[30 Sh:] Azra 530/ 530 hp 250/ 250 mana 302/ 302 mv 365454 xp

WHO Lists:

10/24/1996   Aar [ Th: 9 Sh:30       ] Azra the Anti-Hero of the Black Conclave

Character History/Log References:

04/1996: Log by Kaern

You tell Kell (in common) 'got drysacced, did u hear?'.

Kell tells you (in elven) '*Nod* bye Azra and who?'.

You tell Kell (in common) 'sadow...'.

06/30/96: Conclave Ftell

Avarice ftells (in common) 'sigh where are sadow ozious and azra when you want them'.

12/12/96: Myronides Boasting

(Log by Alecto) Myronides tells you (in common) 'only that fool Azra still attacks me and that's cause he likes to see himself get pounded.'.

You tell Myronides (in common) '*giggle* Youve never killed anyone have you?'.
You tell Myronides (in common) 'You should try it, it is fun =)'.

08/11/2001: Solo'ing Slue

You gossip, 'Allanon and Azra solo'd slue as well, I believe.'.

Maldobar gossips (in common), 'azra one mean bird'.

You gossip, 'Yes, Azra is an evil, NASTY little birdie.'.

Treehugger gossips (in common), 'how hard does Azra hit?'.

Daelin gossips (in common), 'Azra used to swing about 150 damage a shot.. he had a magic mace or something'.

Treehugger gossips (in common), 'what?'.
Treehugger gossips (in common), 'a 150 swing?!?!'.

09/03/2001: Dry Sacc'ing

Foolkiller says, 'Syrinx wanted a steak of Huey..'.

Clue says (in old-common), 'i 'member at least once when Syrinx stole my corpse back from Seeker or some other that had killed me'.

Foolkiller says, 'He was always doing that...swiping Court corpses back from the killers'.
Foolkiller says, 'Til Azra got the bright idea to dry-sac'.

10/27/2001: The Death of Shoya

Shoya says (in common), 'know which one killed me ever?'.

Qithlorien says (in common), 'beelzebub killed you i think'.

Shoya says (in common), 'nope..'.

Qithlorien sits down and thinks deeply.

Shoya says (in common), 'was Azra'.

02/07/2002: Cordir Tells The Story

You ponder the question.
You say, 'Now you sound like Azra and Jahiliya'.

Kain kisses Lanfear.
Kain says (in drow), 'I never knew them really :('.

You say, 'Azra was a mighty shaman of the Black Conclave'.
You say, 'A birdie who was quite insane.'.

Kain smirks.
Kain says (in drow), 'that's kinda redundent, eh?'.

You say, 'Jahiliya was a level 50 - and my sister.'.
You say, 'Azra said he was in love with her'.
You say, 'and chased her around all over the place rifting her.'.

Lanfear beams a smile at Kain.

Kain throws back his head and cackles with insane glee!

You say, 'He said if he could not have her love, he would .. er... have her corpse to .. er... love.'.

Cordir wrinkles her nose in disgust.

Lanfear blinks at what you said, seemingly stunned.

Kain says (in drow), 'azra is a cool guy'.

06/06/13: Pharuin=Creepy=Azra

Pharuin gossips (in common), 'know what hurts? Samiyah always saying no'.

You gossip (in common), 'you are creepy'.

Pharuin gossips (in common), 'I care for you too darling <3'.

You gossip (in common), 'are you like Azra towards Jahiliyah?'.

06/12/13: Montyhaul's Memories

Montyhaul says (in common), 'i got a cool memory from ages ago'.

Cordir arches an eyebrow inquisitively.

Montyhaul says (in common), 'i also remeber when i stopped moving while drunk'.
Montyhaul says (in common), 'recalled at 3hp from azra huey and sadow'.


  • Azra was the first Shaman elected to the High Council of the Black Conclave
  • Azra was one of a rare few that solo'd Slue.
  • Azra received votes for Most Enigmatic Mortal in BlissPoll 2000A and All time Scariest in BlissPoll 2002B.
  • Azra had a reputation for playing while stoned: Daelin says (in common), 'he should be more like azra and just mud stoned...'.
  • Azra was part of the Conclave group that cleared Sahuagin City
  • During one of his visits, JohnPaul showed off a bag of Azra hide.
  • Azra is discussed at length in the history of Jahiliya of Veladorn
  • Azra was the topic of a story told by Meemo
  • Azra was mentioned in Asia's Who's Who

Wiki Mentions

Player Provided Information:

Azra was the scariest of all the Black Conclave. You'd see that bird log on,and before you could get to a safe room, he was already in your zone.

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