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Status Deleted
Race Elf
Classes Ranger
Followed Solanthas
Immorted AMB: 07/05/00
DEL: 03/02/01

Mud Contributions:

Current Description:

WHO Lists:

06/28/1999  : Elf [     Ra:18 Cl:20   ] Malin, Captain of the Crimson Scourge. -=WarD=-
12/06/1999  : Elf [     Ra:25 Cl:25   ] Malin: Pirate Captain -=WarD=- *HC* -MikGub-
09/03/2000  : Elf [     Ambassador    ] Malin: Here newbie, newbie, newbie!
09/04/2000  : Elf [     Ambassador    ] Malin is a better newbiehelper than Bliss _AFK/AFW_
10/28/2000  : Elf [     Ambassador    ] Malin is God.  ...err, a God. ...err, an Ambassador 

Character History / Imm Bio:

From the Official TFC Website:
Well, we tried to get information on Malin. All we could find out was that he was Syla's official "New Pet".

Typical Malin

08/12/2000: Log by Cordir
Vulcan yells (in ogre), 'hallo m'lady'.
You yell, 'Hello, Black Smith'.

Malin yells, 'hello, vulcan ;)'.

Malin yells, 'awwww, i wanna be vulcan's lady'.

You tell Malin, '*poke* '.

Malin arrives from the west.
Malin giggles.
Malin melts into a puddle of goo and seeps into the ground.

Malin's Favorite Room on the Mud:

A Sparkling Spring
[Exits: (east) none]
You are on the western edge of the Lake of the Wood Nymphs. The clear blue
water nudges up to the face of a small cliff to the west. Sparkling pure
water flows from a spring halfway up the face, creating a natural shower.
Several large half-submerged boulders provide rough seating or lounging
places near the babbling water. The lake continues to the east.
You feel a cold, gusty wind.
The spring makes a soothing sound as it spills into the lake.
(Intense Light Blue Aura) Malin is here.
(Light Blue Aura) A stunningly beautiful nymph is here.
(Light Blue Aura) A stunningly beautiful nymph is here.
(Light Blue Aura) A stunningly beautiful nymph is here.

Retirement Note

[ 19] Malin: My Retirement
Thu Jan 25 17:35:52 2001
To: All who knew me.

I'm not going to write a super long note thanking everyone,
their grandma, and their great aunt's pet goldfish.

Subject is pretty self-explanatory. I'm retiring.
Its not because of Nash, as much as you clavers would like to think,
so get over yourselves. I've just come to the point where i dont enjoy
myself anymore.

Everyone who has been a part of Malins life, thanks. You made it fun.
You ALL know who you are. I cant even begin to name names. 
So just use your imagination.

- Malin, PirateDruid of the -=WarD=-


  • Malin received votes in BlissPoll 2000 for Second Most Powerful Immortal, Best Ambassador, Best Immortal Entrance to a Room, and Most Talkative Immortal. It was disclosed that he had voted for himself in most of those categories.
  • Malin was specifically mentioned in the temple of Bliss.
  • Malin was mentioned in the history of Abaddon


Malin says, 'nothing cooler than 2 chicks sharing dirty stories :P' (10/28/2000)

Malin says, 'okay, what DOESNT abe know? he's rich. Speaks every language. he's "cute in boxers"'

Abender tells you (in common), 'You tell Malin (in common), 'I understand you want to see a pic of me in my boxers. All this time, I thought you were straight.'


Slusk gossips (in common), 'watch out before malin turns mortal again and pk's you.'. (09/02/2000)

Immortal Entry & Exit:

Entry: Malin falls out of the trees and lands on you! OUCH!!
Exit: Malin melts into a puddle of goo and seeps into the ground.

Player Provided Information:

Personal Timeline:

We grew up on this mud together, we started playing about the same time from what I can remember. He became a much better player then me way faster but always was cool to me didn't matter what happened. Malin always took more what I viewed as chances that just wasn't my game most, of the time though they turned out in his favor. We would spend time talking on and off the mud about just growing up as kids. If it wasn't for people like him Wistom would have never got made and I would be long gone.

Player Information:

06/27/98 - Malin reaches Ra:18 Cl:20, and later kills nash.
05/20/00 - Malin reaches Ra:30/Cl:25 and duals back to cleric.
06/05/00 - Malin slays Landru for MM#45.
06/09/00 - Malin slays Mikon for effective 40th level.
06/23/00 - Malin is Ordained by Solanthas.
06/27/00 - Malin is deOrdained by Solanthas.
06/28/00 - Malin petitions for Immortality.
07/05/00 - Malin is promoted to Ambassador!
03/02/01 - Tynian posts several notes about behavior, and states in one of them that Tylorn has been deleted, Qithlorien has been stripped of all gear, Malin and all of his mortal characters have been deleted and Asia has been retired.