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Kollen Der
Created 10/19/1997
Race Elf
Classes Cleric
Last Seen 2011
Followed Rhina

Mud Contributions:

01/22/2001: An 'Idea List' shows multiple suggestions by Kollen:
[ 15] Kollen: for sale!
[ 34] Kollen: similar, but different
[ 45] Kollen: WHO command
[ 82] Kollen: enchant food
[107] Kollen: exp
[157] Kollen: reading notes
[163] Kollen: Heathen Items
[173] Kollen: exorcize

10/14/2001: Idea List
[433] Kollen: being armed with an avacado, I would like to throw it at someone.

Current Description:

Date Unknown:

Kollen Der. Spent his youth running away from who he is. He spent
years after that trying to who who he was running from. He found 
that person in Nature, but he then ran away again. He now lives 
in Mischief, doing as he wishes, helping those in need, and having
fun where he wants to. Over his years he has been called many things,
aquired many remnants of yesterday, a lot of which are in tattoos', body art, 
something he does love.

<Kollen's tattoos' are>
<worn about wrist>     A small jade leaf
<worn on chest>        <Magical>A red heart drippings three drops of blood.
<worn on forearm>      <Glowing>The Royal Symbol of Malenest 
<wrapped about forarm> <Red Aura>a scarlet letter "S"
<worn on back>         black letters that read "porn star"
<worn across stomach>  words of blue saying "I like girls"

Kollen is pretty much an average elf. He likes to be noticed, and known,
but really all he wants is to be left alone, and to have fun. 
Kollen is in perfect health.

Kollen is using:
<used as light>     (Magical) (Glowing) a war banner
<worn on body>      (Magical) a snakeskin sheath
<worn on head>      a wide-brimmed hat
<worn on arms>      (Magical) a set of iron shackles
<worn about body>   a towel
<worn about waist>  an aarahide loincloth
<worn with pride>   the Brooch of Loth-Llorien
<worn with pride>   (Magical) a niobium nipple ring

WHO Lists:

Elf [ Cl:13             ] Kollen master of the natural magic mushroom              08/19/1996
Elf [ Cl:20             ] Kollen the bald cleric of Nature                         10/11/1996
Elf [ Cl:22             ]Kollen Der: 1 part IPS, 1 Part Nature, all Cleric         (Date Unknown)
Elf [ Cl:24             ] Kollen Der. Feels like creating Mischief.                05/10/1997
Elf [ Cl:24             ] Kollen Der: The Storm is coming. (SYLA)                  06/01/1997
Elf [ Cl:25             ] Kollen Der. I am that I am. Why are you?                 10/12/1997
Elf [       Cl:24       ] Kollen Der is not a real farmer.                         03/07/2000
Elf [       Cl:25       ] Kollen Der: Flavoured Malt Liquor. (FOOD)                08/12/2000
Elf [       Cl:25       ] Kollen Der: seeking tenderness                           09/10/2000
Elf [       Cl:25       ] Kollen Der, TFC's most beautiful creature.               10/26/2000
Elf [       Cl:25       ] Kollen! poured chocolate down his pants.                 10/16/2001
Elf [       Cl:25       ] Kollen! poured chocolate down his pants.                 07/21/2002
Elf [       Cl:25       ] Kollen Case MoK-432213-C. The People versus Kollen.C     01/11/2003
Elf [       Cl:25       ] Kollen Der the Elf.                                      08/23/2003
Elf [       Cl:25       ] Kollen Der, God Poison                                   05/28/2004
Elf [       Cl:25       ] Kollen the Barbarian.                                    05/29/2004
Elf [    Wa: 2 Cl:25    ] Kollen the Corpse. (Often Animated) -{ENFORCERS}-        06/10/2004
Elf [    Wa: 2 Cl:25    ] Kollen bot. Now 42% more Mechanical.                     06/08/2004
Elf [    Wa: 3 Cl:25    ] Kollen. Pasteurised. Refridgerate after Opening.         06/17/2004
Elf [    Wa: 3 Cl:25    ] Kollen. Bad Brain. Good head.                            07/08/2004
Elf [    Wa: 3 Cl:25    ] Kollen Der. ENFORCER.                                    11/28/2004
Elf [    Wa: 3 Cl:25    ] Kollen Der. ENFORCER.                                    01/01/2005
Elf [    Wa: 3 Cl:25    ] Kollen the old schoolah.                                 01/31/2005
Elf [    Wa: 3 Cl:25    ] Kollen the old schoolah.                                 05/08/2006
Elf [    Wa: 3 Cl:25    ] Kollen Der: Yesterday's Heathen                          01/04/2007
Elf [    Wa: 3 Cl:25    ] Kollen Der.        *Potassium*                           01/30/2009

Character History:

The Trial of Kollen


Date Unknown: ### [Kollen says (in common), 'if youre that ambitious you havent been drinking enou8gh yet']
01/11/2003: Kollen says (in common), 'fondling myself was the only mudsex I got!'.


Player Provided Information:

Personal Timeline:

02/01/1997: Kollen becomes Darkmoon's official scribe. (A previous incarnation, maybe?)
04/29/1997: Note List - [ 58] Kollen: me, and why I am not here. (Content unknown)
10/19/1997: Kollen Der is created
10/29/1999: Kollen is silenced for calling Molo, "Rolo" on gossip and following it up with inappropriate emotes.
11/01/1997: Kollen is there to wish Nalya a Happy Birthday when she turned 1000.
07/19/2000: Kollen levels for the first time in three outrealm years.
07/19/2000: Kollen reaches 1000 years of age.
07/22/2000: Lorna's Armor Design Quest ends, and she announces the winners: "For the Metal category, Thalantyr is the winner, with his thoroughly evil and scary theme. For the Leather category, Layla the winner, with her Brute Seductress? theme. For the Humor category, Kollen is the winner. I'm not sure at all what to call his theme. Kollen's item descriptions not only made me laugh out loud, but he went an extra step in creativity and even provided a visual aid with his entry"
07/30/2000: Version 3.67 Notes: Some testing help provided by Kollen, Vorax, and Whitehawk, who logged in and ran around while I tested some internal code that required mortals to be online.
08/01/2000: Lorna creates a giant pudding for Kollen which stalks the guild hall. It is... large.
04/23/2004: [[Kollen is reformed from the Ash Moon Coven.
06/05/2004: Kollen joins the Enforcers.
06/12/2004: Kollen celebrates his 1200 year birthday.
06/05/2006: Kollen is reformed from the Enforcers.
04/18/2008: Kollen joins the KoTE
07/30/2010: Kollen showed up after being gone over 6 months! Sadly, he is reformed from DarkClaw's KoTE upon login.
03/24/2011: Kollen came back after being gone a few weeks!

Player Information: