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Led By Rhina
Holy Symbol 1st: a leaf of jade
2nd:a jade green leaf
Alignment 1st: Good
2nd: Neutral
Future Immortal Followers Solanthas
Ordained Mortals Luther
Temple 1st:Rhina's Temple
2nd:A Stand of Hazelnuts

Temple Key: an oddly twisted twig
Temple Altar: An altar of entwined branches is covered with bright offerings.
Look Altar:
Branches from every sort of tree imaginable are braided in an intricate
pattern, forming a rough platform. Small offerings from woodland creatures
are scattered across it, gifts they thrill to present. You feel no
overwhelming sense of awe before this altar, merely peace and contentment
with the world and a desire to understand its harmonies.

Following Description / FINFO:


Requirements for Entry

Additional Notes

  • The following of Nature has been created by Rhina on two different occasions.
  • Gaul and Luther served as Paladins.