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Nicholai ftells, 'can we put up an invisible dog fence outside our temple?'. (DarkClaw)


Nicholai says (in elven), 'the pudding eats the daisy or it gets the hose again.'. (Cordir)


Rhyvn says (in common), 'I don't think a game of hide the sausage is on my agenda.'. (Cordir)


Abe tells Portobello (in common), 'A mushroom disappears in a Portobello cloud.'. (Cordir)


### Somewhere, Sparhawk unwraps Vicar and eats him. (Cordir)


### Porthas says (in elven), 'I seen Cresom and Belgarion comparing there hp's last night'. (<---------so THAT'S what they call it) (DarkClaw)


### Gore says (in ogre), 'im a leg ogre'. (DarkClaw)


You ftell, 'But as far as the other magics go...there's weak, moderate, powerful, potent, and artifact.'.
You ftell, 'Did I miss any, Nich?'.
Nicholai ftells, 'that is all of them, except for "Nicholai"'.
You ftell, 'Hehe'.
Nicholai ftells, 'I am extra magicky'.
You ftell, 'You're the most magical of all.'.


Tirpitz gossips (in common), 'how can there be wrong ideas when nudity is involved'. (DarkClaw)


Sagan gossips (in common), 'He was <insert adjective> and I remember <event> with fondness.'. (none)


Aphelion says (in common), '..Venom could cause a saint to run through the streets shouting foulness... but one's actions are one's own'. (Sparhawk)


### Tirpitz: Entered Game
DarkClaw: Ooo, a mortal!
Tynian: There ya go. A follower!
DarkClaw: Shall we squish him?
Tynian: I'm reminded of a TV commercial. Don't squeeze the shaman.


DarkClaw: Just when Tynian almost had his private island back...Bels logs in. (DarkClaw)


### Teva says (in common), 'when your junk starts playing snapping turtle on ya its not cool' (Cordir)
(Via Teamspeak)
Samiyah: I don't kill the mobs in the temples. They are people. I only kill the guys in the hall. Who.. uh..
Ghazkull: It's because they have the magical word, "guard" in their name. It makes it okay.
(Via Teamspeak)
Sparhawk: I keep getting distracted by Sami's sensual, sexy yoga instructor voice.


Sparhawk gossips (in common), 'I swear I'm just gonna restring my hand item to a walker for how much I trip during combat'. (Gwyrdain)


Lexie gossips (in common), 'it's like the song of birds and the feeling of rose petals on my cheek when I see "### Something has been posted to typos'. (Cordir)
Sparhawk gossips (in common), 'Ask Theros or Samiyah about my Thumpity thumping '. (Cordir)


>>Emergency shutdown by system.
Golson gossips (in common), 'anyone know what happened?'.

Theros gossips (in common), 'I call cat on the keyboard'.



Golson gossips (in common), 'spar was very supportive, but to be honest, i think it was mostly because he heard he'd get to mount something'. (Cordir)
Someone gossips, 'at least they didn't do you like i do my begging dog'. (Cordir)


### Lexie yells (in common), 'you opened my flower'] (Cordir)
### Lexie gossips (in common), 'awesome! avg 7 vomit!'. (Cordir)


Lexie gossips (in common), 'she was my Pet before you were a twinkle in someone's eye'.
Golson gossips (in common), 'pretty sure that's not where i came from :-P'.
Nicholai gossip (in elven), 'getting it in their eye isn't how it works'.

Belsambar gossips (in common), 'I'm not the greatest at pulling things out. All about putting things in.'.
Wyven gossips (in common), 'I understand that, I have 3 elven children and one half-orc.. we don't talk about that night.'


Lexie gossips (in common), 'Sami...apparently wearing ribbon pasties and nothing else, causes an inability to locate objects'.

Samiyah gossips (in common), 'well, how can you be expected to concentrate when your nether bits are chilly?'.

(Lexie & Sami)


Dindrane gossips (in common), 'bavg sounds like a sexual disease'.
Sparhawk gossips (in common), 'I have that problem:P'.

### Somewhere, Lexie im going to DIE IF I CANT GOSSIP (Cordir)

Golson gossips (in common), 'lexie i caught Strad with his hand in your flower again'.
Lexie gossips (in common), 'OMG its mine'.
Sparhawk gossips (in common), 'Damnit Strad! Back off Lexie's flower'


Sparhawk gossips (in common), 'Lexie, you'll always be my gatekeeper *wink*'.
Lexie gossips (in common), 'awww you're so sweet even though you are obscuring me and trying to kill me'.
Sparhawk gossips (in common), 'Hehe i gotta insert my key -SOMEWHERE-'.


Cresom says (in beer), 'Okay, so I don't have a Kim Kardashian, popping champagne in a glass, ass, but.. I do have a nice ass.'. (Cordir)


Golson cants, 'hey I see a flower I leave my mark'. (Cordir)
Lexie gossips (in common), 'there is a tattoo on my rump *wide* and then *load*'. (Cordir)
### Somewhere, Corri's mittens purr at Chueco. (Cordir)
### Somewhere, Belsambar dusts off his tea bags. (Cordir)
Sparhawk gossips, 'Giant Squid, release my wireless connection! :( I need that!' (Cordir)
### Belsambar says (in common), 'you don't need lube if you can spit, either'] (Cordir)
### Theros tells Lexie (in common), 'If I have your permission, I will gladly mark your special spots'] (Cordir)


### Lexie yells (in common), 'you're making me hot' (Cordir)
Theros gossips (in common), 'if you're not #1 in xp, gold, mobm, scavenger, at least you can be #1 in quotables'. ([Cordir]])
###Anduin tells Kelek (in elven), 'haha yeah I know, I walked by you doing it in the forest'.
Cordir gossips, 'did you see the way that birch was dressed?'.
Lexie cants, 'oh lookie belly .. our steaks are buried next to each other'.
Belsambar cants, 'so you like my meat next to yours?'.
DarkClaw: *facepalm* Lexie is checking for typos in my temple/office now.
Katrana: That's why you don't let her in


Cordir gossips, 'calm down, charlie brown. I'm investigating a crash. I'll get you your prize, so keep your pants on.'. (Lexie - referring to Golson and AMMQ!)


You ftell, 'Not really a fish...but Sahuagin.'

Malkil ftells, 'they aren't fish?'.
Malkil ftells, 'thats like saying minos aren't cows and aarc aren't birds!'.



Lexie gossips (in common), 'you realize that because DarkClaw is *my* Pet, that makes all of you rascals my pets as well right?'.\

Lexie gossips (in common), 'sort of like...grandbaby pets'.



Lexie gossips about how she knows Venom's favorite color is hot pink.

Someone gossips (in common), 'That is from back when I left the black conclave to join the high order of breast cancer awareness.'.]


Sparhawk gossips (in common), 'Greaaaat'.
Sparhawk gossips (in common), 'Bag burnt'.
Sparhawk gossips (in common), '-LOVELY-'.
Lexie gossips (in common), 'eww'.
Vicarious gossips (in common), 'it'd put me in a foul mood, if my "Bag" was burnt, not a container. :)'.
Someone gossips (in halfling), 'I have fireball...'.
Vicarious gossips (in common), 'Your man-bag Spar?'.
Vicarious gossips (in common), 'Murse?'.
Sparhawk gossips (in common), 'Yup, I burnt my Man-Purse'.
Sparhawk gossips (in common), 'All my goodies spilled out :('.


Dimwit gossips (in common), 'want me to hump the tempest?'. (Cordir)


Bulvye gossips (in common), 'how can you be a ninja with a girth like that'. (Cordir)


DarkClaw gossips, 'Come to the Lost. We have cookies! (Snickerdoodles to be exact.)'. (Cordir)


Ink says (in sahuagin), 'bewbs made of snow... does that mean her nipples are eternally pointy?'. (Cordir)
Cordir says, 'please remove your dress, Theros.'. (Portobello)