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Rhyvn (VII)
Created 2013-11-21
Status Active
Race Elf
Classes Mage

Mud Contributions:

Current Description:

(Description by Samiyah)

Slim and graceful as a reed swaying in the wind, the young elven maiden before
you smiles readily, her expression open and friendly. Her violet eyes lure you
in - the intense color of them almost as intriguing as the sense that while an
exterior of youth is visible, an older soul lies within. Her dark, silky hair
is a touchable frame around her narrow face, the tips of her ears peeping out,
proclaiming her heritage. A tiny purple ring adorns the point of one ear, the
bright color contrasting with her dark clothing and leather armor, which has a
distinctly motley appearance, if gifted to her by a number of individuals with
very different taste in clothing and opinions on the value of various magics. 
Already distracted, she glances about the area looking for her Teacher and any
of that growing number that she calls friends. 

WHO Lists:

11/30/13   Elf  [       Ma:11      ]  Rhyvn likes shiny things! 
11/30/13   Elf  [       Ma:11      ]  Rhyvn is the queen of pickles!  xp xp xp! 
11/30/13   Elf  [       Ma:11      ]  Rhyvn swimming in a vat of pickles!
11/30/13   Elf  [       Ma:12      ]  Rhyvn likes shiny things!  xp xp xp!
11/30/13   Elf  [       Ma:11      ]  Rhyvn will try not to need help!
12/03/13   Elf  [       Ma:13      ]  Rhyvn: Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!
12/05/13   Elf  [       Ma:14      ]  Rhyvn likes shiny things!  XP XP XP!
12/09/13   Elf  [       Ma:14      ]  Rhyvn is a little bit!
12/09/13   Elf  [       Ma:14      ]  Rhyvn studying the life of magic!
12/09/13   Elf  [       Ma:14      ]  Rhyvn is always in a pickle!  Bad Mage!
12/10/13   Elf  [       Ma:15      ]  Rhyvn is always in a pickle!  Bad Mage!
12/10/13   Elf  [       Ma:15      ]  Rhyvn has stars in her eyes!  Box Stander!
12/10/13   Elf  [       Ma:15      ]  Rhyvn jumping pickle to pickle!
12/11/13   Elf  [       Ma:15      ]  Rhyvn I'm getting nothin for Christmas!
12/13/13   Elf  [       Ma:16      ]  Rhyvn, Little Sister. Pickle Jumper. +Shiny Things
12/16/13   Elf  [       Ma:17      ]  Rhyvn, Little Sister. Pickle Jumper. +Shiny Things
12/19/13   Elf  [       Ma:17      ]  Rhyvn, Little Sister. Pickle Jumper. +Shiny Things
12/28/13   Elf  [       Ma:18      ]  Rhyvn, Little Sister. Pickle Jumper. +Shiny Things
01/01/14   Elf  [       Ma:19      ]  Rhyvn, Elephant Killer!
01/01/14   Elf  [       Ma:19      ]  Rhyvn, Little sister - Pickle Jumper - +Shiny Thin
01/01/14   Elf  [       Ma:19      ]  Rhyvn.  Little Sis, Pickle Jumper, +Shiny Things.

Character History:

A work in progress...

Rhyvn is one of a pair of twins from a time (very) long ago. Her twin sister is Rhyan.

They were part of a boisterous adventuring family, and all was well and dandy until their father got all twitchy for adventure, and left the realm for two years.

When he came back he caught their mother in bed with a WarDancer. Then, all heck broke loose.

Their parents separated and fought over the twins for years. The twins were yanked back and forth like marionette dolls. The twins were frequently stolen from the beds in the middle of the night, and shuttled all over the realm, hidden from this parent or that.

Finally, their Grandfather interceded and took them away to another realm. They adventured as they grew, and learned the ways of elven magic.

One cataclysmic night, their parents caught up with Grandfather, and the ensuing magical battle threatened to destroy every family member.

Grandfather used an ancient explosion scroll to send the girls away, and they landed in the Realm of the Final Challenge. To prevent their parents from finding them, the Grandfather also cast a spell of division. Rhyvn and Rhyan cannot be within the realm at the same time. To prevent this isolation from harming the girls, Grandfather also cast a spell of forget. Rhyvy and Rhyan do not know they are sisters.

Unfortunately, the forget spell also caused Rhyvn and Rhyan to forget all their previously learned magical ability.

Fortunately – the pathways remain…


  • Rhyvn is the student of Belsambar
  • A Corpse of Rhyvn hide was specifically named as an item to be collected in Venom's scavenger hunt (12/30/13)
  • Rhyvn made the 2014 Quotables Page!

Player Provided Information:

Personal Timeline:

12-23-2013: Rhyvn learns from Belsambar that Venom is a vampire once more.

12/24/13: Rhyvn, seeking snow for the Snowman Wars 2013 , wanders into a dangerous part of Aara City. Within mere seconds, three level 50s leap to the rescue are scouring the area for her corpse" Belsambar, Samiyah, and Nicholai.

12-30-2013: Rhyvn learns that she has been targetted by Venom for his scavenger hunt, and has an odd interaction with Cusithe, which she fears may be a precursor of the scent of things to come.

02/02/2014: Sunday. Rhyvn killed by Whisk (I).
02/04/2014: Tuesday. Rhyvn killed by Venom (XLII). Later the same day, Rhyvn is adopted by Hutt.

Player Information:

Rhyvn is a little bit rusty!