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April 6, 2001

Allanon gossips (in common), 'I once again awoke believing myself the king of all that surrounds me'. (Marisa)

August 22, 2001


August 29, 2001

Myronides gossips (in elven), 'What's the difference between a pig and a dwarf?'. 'the pig tastes better'. 'How many halfling players does it take to screw in a lightbulb?'. 'There are halfling players?'. (Marisa)

September 4, 2001

Boromir ftells, 'one plus is the females will actually talk to you .. and not yell from 25 feet away :) '. (Cordir)

September 15, 2001

Okk gossips, 'Today Duvel was eaten by Okk for the forty-seventh time'. (Cordir)

October 12, 2001

Rath gossips (in common), 'unfortunately Maimer made a good point..damn that needs to go on the timeline'. (Marisa)

October 15, 2001
In honor of yet another info from Maimer that makes her laugh, Cordir announces that she is creating a new page on her website: "Quotable Quotes". Folks immediately begin attempting to be "Quotable" on gossip.

Maimer gossips (in common), 'get out of your silenced room Maldobar, I have not finished talking smack with you'. (Cordir)
Solaron gossips (in common), 'Wow, do you want to join the "Crappy ISP Club For Men"?'. (Cordir)
Belsambar gossips (in common), 'RUN! THE ELVES ARE TRYING TO TAKE OVER! THE HORROR!'. (Cordir)
Donskoi gossips (in common), 'Hey use my favorite quote - Bliss belongs in the kitchen!'. (Cordir)
Donskoi gossips (in common), 'Mael ftells, 'damn i was gonna hunt xavier - i forgot he immorted'. (Marisa)

October 21, 2001

### [Legionaire tackles Lins's lag and strangles it to Death!] (Cordir)

October 27, 2001

### [Abe tells Kaern (in common), 'but then there's the fact that fidos own me.. that's not so fun'] (Cordir)

October 28, 2001

### [Abe says (in common), 'I also have trademarked "oof" and "rummage".'] (Cordir)
Pez gossips (in dwarven), 'i have always found that music calms the savage beast...thats why my wife plays a harp before we get busy'. (Cordir)
Tynian gossips, '.... I could devote my existance to making jokes...'.
LeiLani gossips (in common), 'We'd probably all prefer you stick with the coding.'.

October 31, 2001

Pez: gossips, 'Someday, I hope to be so evil, even the Lich says 'Man, that Pez dude really creeps me out.
Someone gossips, 'Who says I don't feel that way already Pez?'.
Armalag gossips (in common), 'Keat of Aarockra was arrested today at 7am by authorities in Midgaard for the murder of one 'Merrick'. Ongoing investigations are determing whether it was a planned killing or random act of violence'. (Marisa)

November 4, 2001

Gup gossips (in common), 'we already had a debate - we just trained a monkey to say 'it's too hard to pk already' over and over to be your representative'. (Cordir)
### [Abaddon tells Gup (in common), 'yer gonna make them cry man'] (Cordir)

November 18, 2001

Boyardee gossips (in common), 'are you guys in velalililisililsililslier? Can I come? I got a naturalize ring, I'm practically a shaman!'. (Cordir)
Drystan gossips (in common), 'Hence the ever popular rule: Do unto others as they have done unto you. Unless they're big - then get someone else to do the dirty work.'. (Cordir)
Ramza says (in common), 'geez...what happened to the happy descriptions of yesteryear'. (Cordir)
Ysild says (in aarakocran), 'Clearly Nevyn was off to bop some field mice and didn't want anyone to know about it'. (Cordir)
Boyardee gossips (in common), 'I don't go down south. I'm an anti-southern continent elitist'. (Cordir)

November 20, 2001

### [Izzy has god like mana now.] (Cordir)
Weezer says (in common), 'aren't kahn and clave alies?'.'.
Majere says (in common), 'they just have the same IQ cap'

November 23, 2001

### [Keat pushes DC deeper into the pizza.] (Cordir)

November 24, 2001

### [Tranquility says (in common), 'Ours will be a handbinding kind of...wiccan triat creepy romantic thing'] (Cordir)
Mael gossips (in common), 'ignore any ghosts of vex or mael you might see'. (Cordir)
(Madman) Insaneone gossips (in common), 'Remember the one rule: Find out the quest rules and prizes FIRST!'. (Cordir)
The Second Floor
[Exits: east down]
(Intense Light Blue Aura) Tripper is here.
(Light Blue Aura) (White Aura) Abe is here.
Cordir gets out her pom-poms, short skirt, tight sweater, and cheers Abe on.
Abe gossips (in common), 'Stinky and Vex commit suicide at Master's. Film at 11.' (Marisa)
Abe ftells, 'I'm not to be blamed for anything. I'm sitting here in den, heavy rod in hand, minding my own business.
Sabella ftells, '*raises her eyebrow archly in Abe's direction* So... how's the swing on that heavy rod, Abe? Do you do... *drops voice huskily* ..swing the big damage?'.
Abe ftells, 'I'm just trying to keep it off the floor, thanks.'.
Sabella ftells, '*innocent falsetto* Oh, Please, Mr. Stormreaver, let me help you with that! We wouldn't want your heavy rod to get dirty! I'd be glad to polish it clean'.
Abe ftells, 'Well luckily it's not two-hand, otherwise Em would have to help ya.'.
Emaleth ftells, '*ducks in anticipation of....yeah....that'.
Abe ftells, 'My rod is fine, I guess. I just need help with this full sack.'.
Sabella ftells, 'I'll get right on that. ID's, I mean...'.
Abe ftells, 'Anyone spare a container?'.
Sabella ftells, 'I've got an empty trap you can borrow.'.
Abe ftells, 'Yeah I can dump my sack into your trap and I'll be good to go, thanks.'.
Doza (unseen) ftells, 'now what would happen if someone just walked in on one of those sentences without knowing whats goin on'.
Yensid gossips (in common), 'for some reason, I got an enya Cd for my birthday, tell you what, I almost fell asleep at the wheel. Promise me never to enya and drive' (Cordir)

November 27, 2001

Rath glares around him,swinging with his maul at the warm fuzzies. (Cordir)

November 28, 2001

Drystan gossips (in common), 'HOLY PUDDING!'. 'I found the right one! *cackle*'. (Marisa)


Drystan says (in common), 'One 4 minute call, $13'.
Drystan says (in common), 'A bottle of good liqour, $32'.
Drystan says (in common), 'Getting told by drunken duchies you have a sexy voice, priceless'.

December 1, 2001

### [Abe tells Valo (in common), 'Ok next time you attack me, don't let me embarass you by walking away. Our ftell is just overflowing with laughter.'] (Cordir)

December 2, 2001

### [DarkClaw uses the anti-Kain dagger on Kain.] (Cordir)

December 3, 2001

Jaerith gossips (in common), 'Marisa's timeline is like "The Globe". you know it's trash, but you can't look away. Cordir's is like the sunday paper you get on your front step.'. (Cordir)

December 6, 2001

Mordith gossips (in common), 'im feelin kinda lazy today so if anyone 29+ is out of guild please send me a tell with your location'. (Cordir)

December 11, 2001

### [Kaleyah , sponsor of the "Feed Our Mages" fund.] (Cordir)

December 16, 2001

### [Gup tells Aleka (in common), 'I think you'll xp *much* faster in the guild with me :)'] (Cordir)
### [Gup says (in common), 'you're supposed to sweep them off their feet, not knock them over :)'] (Cordir)
### [Teluin says (in common), 'what does he know? he's only God of Wisdom!'] (Cordir)

December 19, 2001

### [The gingerbread man says, 'You deserved to have that TS stolen!'] (Cordir)

December 27, 2001

### [Majere tells Kain (in common), 'dont cuss at me im sensitive'] (Cordir)
Doc gossips 'I'll braid you into my beard and carry you around like a charm necklace'. (Marisa)

December 28, 2001

Keat gossips (in common), 'i shall create a quotable quote for today :P'. (Cordir)
Damien tells you (in common), 'well.. You have Cordir.. she's like... the female thaygar..but better :P'. (DarkClaw)

December 29, 2001

### [Mish says, 'I'm sorry, Boyardee, but I can't find 'a reason to sleep with you, even if you give me gold!' (Cordir)
### [Boyardee says (in common), 'help me Morimox! Mish ignores my advances'] (Cordir)
Boyardee gossips (in common), 'oh no, we're about to be pelted with tasty seed snacks'. (Cordir)
### [Khorlan poses in his tight pants (what a nice ass!)] (Cordir)

December 30, 2001

### [Natilena says (in elven), 'too bad I couldn't charm him.. he'd be fun to have follow me around'] (Cordir)
### Cinder killed by the Ghost of the Dancing Master at The Dancer's Hall. ### [Cinder says (in common), 'the dance master wanted to waltz and I wanted a tango'.] (Cordir)

December 31, 2001

Gillfen gossips (in common), '3.7 mil on hand now.'.
Paco gossips (in common), 'SOMEONE MUG HIM!'.
### [Mish says, 'I'm sorry, Boyardee, but I can't find 'gillfens loot'.'.]
Mish says, 'I'm sorry, Boyardee, but I can't find 'my number. can i have yours?'.' (Cordir)
### [Tranquility bats innocent and FRIGID eyelashes.] (Cordir)
### [Boromir grabs your tongue and gives it to wendell.] (Cordir)