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January 28, 1997

### [Exparrot replied to Elistan (in common) 'but he's pretty popular now.. you'd run the risk of pk by association,,'] (Marisa)

February 2, 1997

### [Furious replied to Talia (in common) 'Ya, mud is so counterproductive'] (Marisa)
### [Somewhere, Zrie utters the words, 'create ice cream']. (Marisa)

August 7, 1997

Foolkiller walks away from Nayr, his lower lip quivering. (Foolkiller)
### [Somewhere, Myronides is gonna rent Nalya's wand of sex change.] (Foolkiller)

October 27, 1997, During the final moments of 2x:

Cordir gossips (in common) 'OK, who Annihilated me in my sleep?'. (Cordir)

November 29, 1997

Boyardee says (in common), 'I can personally testify that you tried to steal my sausage'. (Cordir)
Daelin cuts open his head, revealing to you that the hamsters powering him have long since passed away. (Cordir)
Daelin says (in common), 'all this pk'ing is mean guys! lets all have some bacon'. (Cordir)