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Theros (IX)
Created March 22, 2014
Status Active
Race Sahuagin
Hometown Tiren's Rock
Classes Mage

Mud Contributions:

Current Description:

WHO Lists:

02/26/11  Sah [       Ma: 4       ] Theros, purveyor of waterproof parchments.  -|SAB|-
03/20/11  Sah [       Ma: 4       ] Theros, purveyor of waterproof parchments.  -|SAB|- 

04/26/11  Sah [       Ma: 1       ] Theros the Sahuagin
04/26/11  Sah [       Ma: 4       ] Theros, purveyor of waterproof parchments.  -|SAB|-
03/25/14  Sah [       Ma: 6       ] Theros the Sahuagin 
04/04/14  Sah [       Ma:12       ] Theros, dread mystic, contemplates the a priori. 
04/13/14  Sah [       Ma:17       ] Theros, dread mystic, contemplates the a priori. 
06/06/14  Sah [       Ma:24       ] Theros, dread mystic, contemplates the a priori. 
06/07/14  Sah [       Ma:25       ] Theros, dread mystic, contemplates the a priori. 
06/18/14  Sah [       Ma:26       ] Theros, dread mystic, practitioner of apriorism. 
06/26/14  Sah [       Ma:27       ] Theros, dread mystic, practitioner of apriorism. 
06/28/14  Sah [       Ma:28       ] Theros, dread mystic, practitioner of apriorism. 
07/06/14  Sah [       Ma:29       ] Theros, silent mystic, lurking in the quiet deep. 
07/07/14  Sah [       Ma:30       ] Theros, Mystic. 
09/21/14  Sah [    Wa: 1 Ma:30    ] Theros, Mystic. 
09/25/14  Sah [    Wa: 2 Ma:30    ] Theros, Mystic. 
09/29/14  Sah [    Wa: 3 Ma:30    ] Theros, Contrarian and Mystic. 
10/14/14  Sah [    Wa: 4 Ma:30    ] Theros, Contrarian and Mystic. 
10/18/14  Sah [    Wa: 5 Ma:30    ] Theros, Anti-Intellectual Intellectual 
10/22/14  Sah [    Wa: 6 Ma:30    ] Theros, Anti-Intellectual Intellectual 
10/24/14  Sah [    Wa: 7 Ma:30    ] Theros, Anti-Intellectual Intellectual 
10/25/14  Sah [    Wa: 8 Ma:30    ] Theros, Anti-Intellectual Intellectual 
10/30/14  Sah [    Wa: 9 Ma:30    ] Theros, Anti-Intellectual Intellectual 
11/02/14  Sah [ Th: 1 Ma:30 Wa:10 ] Theros, Anti-Intellectual Intellectual 
11/06/14  Sah [ Th: 3 Ma:30 Wa:10 ] Theros, Anti-Intellectual Intellectual 
12/24/14  Sah [ Wa:16 Ma:30 Th:16 ] Theros, Contrarian and Mystic

Character History:



  • Mobmastery Journeyman Pin
    • Mobmastery Novice Ribbon
    • Mobmastery Neophyte Ribbon
  • Locator Adept Pin
    • Locator Journeyman Pin
    • Locator Novice Ribbon
    • Locator Neophyte Ribbon
  • Hunter Journeyman Pin
    • Hunter Novice Ribbon
    • Hunter Neophyte Ribbon
  • Finder Elite Medal
  • Finder Master Medal
    • Finder Expert Pin
    • Finder Journeyman Pin
    • Grand Finder Ribbon (x7)
    • Finder Adept Ribbon (x26)
    • Finder Novice Ribbon
    • Finder Neophyte Ribbon
  • Septenary Ribbon
  • One Meeeellion Ribbon
  • Unaligned Army Insignia

Player Provided Information:


damp gloves of shiny fish scales

Long Description: Seawater forms a small pool around these gloves made of fish scales.

Thin as the finest kid leather, these gloves would fit the wearer's fins like.. 
er.. Yes. That well. Providing protection without interfering with the complex
gestures of magic, or the delicate manipulation of a lock's tumblers, they are
a deep, almost mossy green with a silvery tone to the underside.  A decorative 
bit of coral carved with the Sahuagin word for 'Knowledge,' is surrounded by a
series of low, spiny fins in a lovely pattern on the back of the gloves.

The scales are a beautiful and variegated deep green, fading almost imperceptibly
into a grayish silver upon the palms. 

The salt water pool that surrounds these gloves looks oddly like a woman's profile,
if she was a particularly vexing sort.  One eye is closed in a wink, and her lips
are curved in a pout, as if realizing that she has just been defeated once more.

Object Keywords: Gloves Scales Fish
Extra Description Keywords: Gloves | Fish Scales | Water Pool 

Crafted for Theros on 11-23-14 by Cordir, and then again on 12/29/14.

a stout kraken-hide tunic with many pockets

Long Description: This tunic, of a decorous - but not excessive - length, has many pockets.

Many are the denizens of the D-E-E-P...but few are as fearsome as the Kraken
that dwells within the Triton Halls.  Resembling a giant squid, its rubbery,
tough hide has been used to fashion a tunic of surprising functionality and
yes, even fashionableness. While the wearer of this garment did not himself
slay the beast, the Threads themselves speak of the day in which he will...

This tunic is cut simply: no fancy stitching or gaudy trims, no poufs or 
slashed sleeves or high-fashion neckline.  But it does have a delightful
array of pockets of various sizes, into which all manner of objects will
or have been slipped.

The pockets of this tunic come in many shapes and sizes: Some long and 
thin, some shallow and wide.  A quick glance into some of them reveals
an interesting inventory....

- a pure white Hound's whisker
- a minute spider's web filling the opening of a small gray shell
- a small dried starfish
- a bit of stained parchment, covered in indecipherable text
- a tiny bundle of dried herbs mixed with sea-salt
- a coiled lute string
- a tarnished compass
- a well-used tea strainer, a few leaves of Earl Grey clinging inside
- a mishapen pearl
- a piece of soft green sea-glass
- a torn piece of garish cloth from a most unfortunate dress

Object Keywords: Kraken Hide Tunic
Description Keywords: Kraken Hide | Tunic | Pockets

Crafted by Cordir & Aoide on 12/30/2014

Personal Timeline:

01/06/2015: (Invis) (Translucent) Lord Theros, The Finder Legend and Past Grand Finder, is flying here.

Player Information: