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Malkil (I & II)
The Rat Lord
Created November 12, 2014
Status Active
Race Wererat
Hometown Midgaard
Classes Mage
Followed I: Syla& Khore

Mud Contributions:

Current Description:

WHO Lists:

12/14/1996  Hum [ Ma:21 Th:21       ] Malkil Ruler of the Elves, Grand Spy of Mischief
10/24/1997  Hum [ Ma:30 Th:30       ] Malkil, Ratman of Mischief
Unknown     Hum [ Th:30 Ma:30       ] Malkil is trying really hard to be evil.
01/30/1998  Hum [ Th:30 Ma:30       ] Malkil King of all rat types thingies
07/01/1999  Hum [ Th:30 Ma:30       ] Malkil, Ratlord Merchant
12/07/1999  Hum [ Th:30 Ma:30       ] Malkil willing to buy randoms scrolls, *Bank*
06/29/2000  Hum [ Th:30 Ma:30       ] Malkil the Great Enchanter
05/19/2001  Hum [ Th:30 Ma:30       ] Malkil Azure, Living Legend, Ruler of all Wererats
11/23/2014  Hum [    Ma:15 Th:15    ]  Malkil Azure, Wererat Researcher

Character History:


Player Provided Information:

Personal Timeline:

12/14/1996 - Malkil reaches 600 hours of play and is a member of Mischief.
10/24/1997 - Malkil reaches 971 hours of play and is a member of Mischief.
01/30/1998 - Malkil reaches 1000 hours of play, and is a member of the Kindred Vampyric.

Player Information: