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Maimer gossips (in common), 'well i guess since someone influenced you, you only need 1 confessional spanking and 2 Hail Tynians'. (Cordir)


Maimer tells you (in common), 'we are testing the bowel effects of pizza vs magic mushrooms'. (Lexie)
Maimer tells you (in common), 'I am fairly convinced that the guild clears out quicker when I eat pizza'. (Lexie)
Maimer tells you (in common), 'really trying to devise a way to close the blue portal for an accurate test'. (Lexie)
Maimer tells you (in common), 'and will count the seconds until people pass out'. (Lexie)
Maimer gossips (in common), 'No humans, elves, dwarves or gnomes were treated unfairly in these experiments'. (Lexie)
Maimer gossips (in common), 'Wish always gets harmed by many scientific experiments, his skin is so porous'. (Lexie)
Maimer gossips (in common), 'but the evil sea creature is just collateral for the greater good!'. (Lexie)
Maimer gossips (in common), 'I just ordered delivery, be here in 30 minutes!'. (Lexie)
Someone gossips, 'Someone put those on the wiki, I'm at work!'. (Ok! - Lexie)


Lexie gossips (in common), 'so take me and go slow...'. (Cordir)


Hedschott gossips (in common), 'the sign should say "for a good time call Lexie"'. (Cordir)
Kale gossips (in common), 'Wanna meet a Cowgirl? Dial 1-800-LEXIE'. (Cordir)


Troy says (in common), 'and i didnt follow my first instink'.
Troy says (in common), 'that innner stink that points you in the right direction'.


Kylor says (in common), 'Troy stop drawing runes on my balls'] (Bliss on behalf of Immshesforgetting)


Jin says (in common), 'mad surgeons sewing peoples mouths to peoples buttholes making a human centipede' (Nazareth via Hedschott)


### [ Sanitarium tells Kale (in common), 'i don't need any of that but i have something you might want'] (I bet you do! - Bliss)


Aareamek auctions (in common), 'Looking to buy lucky pants! Must be nonmetal.'.
Wish gossips (in common), 'i've got something lucky in my pants, does that count?'.
Wish gossips (in common), 'and trust me, its not metal'.


### [ Set tells Xerit (in common), 'You wanna group? Its true I might be askin you thinks just so i can slay you...] (Cordir)


###[ Soloban says (in common), 'go to the cooler, go directly to the cooler, do not collect $200'] (Cordir)


### Cresom says (in common), 'nah gets all over my bags'] (Cordir)


### Kale gossips (in common), 'whoever gave me a fetish, thanks. one can never have enough.'] (Cordir)


### Kylor tells Enilo (in common), 'To involve Cordir we would need a very detailed contract with lawyers for me to feel safe' (Cordir)


### [ Ink tells Lexie (in sahuagin), 'otherwise i'm dressing you up in a cocktail wench dress and making you serve me'] (Cordir)


### [Matthias says (in common), 'i just stop by once and a while and be stupid' (none)
### [ Belsambar gossips (in common), 'I will drive to your house, and do it in your living room with you for a few days'. (none)


Belsambar gossips (in common), 'I'll cage girlfriends, but only if they're into that'.
Belsambar gossips (in common), 'I don't cage my family members...usually'.
Belsambar gossips (in common), 'I'll cage strippers whether they're into it or not, gotta make sure the fetish night cages get good use'.


### [Raag says (in common), 'i maimed!!!!'.] (DarkClaw)
### [Raag says (in common), 'making bard history!'.] (DarkClaw)