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January 3, 2004

Kerriariadne: Reminds me of that log where "all we know is someone did something to someone with something and something happened" (Cordir)

January 10, 2004

### [Shaido yells, 'hide west, i have no idea u are here'] (Mystaya)

January 13, 2004

Isolas says (in elven), 'Natilena is definitely config +Isolas tonight.'. (Cordir)

January 22, 2004

### [Mystaya says (in common), 'nooo not the tickling'] (Cordir)

January 24, 2004

Isolas cants, 'There are only 2 things that can make me cry... my name coming up as 'illegal' when I try and log on...and the Dutch.'. (Cordir)
Marisa cants, 'dutchies have cry power as their secret weapon?'. (Cordir)

February 1, 2004

### [Isolas tells Erian (in elven), 'You just want me for my corpse looting.'] (Cordir)

February 7, 2004

### [Isolas says (in elven), 'Erian wants to take on an ally just so we can betray them and use the 'we figure they're more like guidelines' line.'] (Cordir)

February 15, 2004'

Thrall cants, 'now DC i have known you a long time and i wouldn't describe you as a "good" girl'. (Cordir)

February 24, 2004

### [Draco says (in common), 'i dont have man boobs'] (Kerriariadne)

March 20, 2004

Grale says (in common), 'We are gonna die in a gooey mess of blood and gore here'. (Cordir)

April 6, 2004

### [Schwartz says (in common), 'damn your hide, musk ox'] (Cordir)

April 7, 2004

### [Thingone yells (in common), 'ok mobs, i'm here! put away your moderates!'] (Cordir)

April 19, 2004

Mylk ftells, 'chill touch should become chill fondle at higher levels'. (Erian)

May 16, 2004

Isolas says (in common), 'I'll thank you to not find anything in my clothes from this point forward.'. (Cordir)

May 18, 2004

Abe ftells, 'The solitary Musk Ox waits patiently for his favorite snack, the red shaman, to cross his path.' (Cordir)


Mandrake gossips (in common), 'heh, give us time to regen'. Tynian gossips, 'You can sleep when you're dead'. (Cordir)

June 4, 2004

Schwartz gossips (in common), 'if anyone wants a longer Schwartz, you should come to Mish'. (Cordir)

June 24, 2004

Kethran gossips (in common), 'If there's any Schwartz stabbing to be going on, *I"M* going to be doing it.'. (Cordir)

June 25, 2004

Kerriariadne says, 'I miss my evil lollipop, too...' (Cordir)
### [Schwartz tells Lexie (in common), 'if you rock how come youve been lost for so long?'] (Cordir)

July 5, 2004

Abe gossips (in common), 'He has a hobby, Talyn. We just get in trouble for discussing it on the mud.' (Cordir)

July 8, 2004

Sasami gossips (in common), 'i just blow my pants up like a floaty and go in clothes and all'. (Cordir)
Wisteria gossips (in common), 'I'd wear a bikini, but I haven't found a two-piece with enough dmg yet'. (Cordir)

July 21, 2004

### [Kaira says (in common), 'if you get any fetishes...you know who to call :P ] (Cordir)

August 24, 2004

Isolas ftells, 'I tend to think of myself as the standard for adorable, so I'm perhaps a little biased.'. (Cordir)

August 25, 2004

Tranquility cants, 'Everyone loves you, they just love different parts of you...left about...bleeding and what not.'. (Cordir)
Gyro says (in common), 'Then my world came alive, I gave up girls, drugs, liquor, smoking, and found sweet sweet text'. (Cordir)

August 27, 2004

Happy gossips (in common), 'PINK! get out of the habit! NOW!'. (Cordir)

October 16, 2004

### Arianas says (in common), 'i like to buy beer and prostitutes with my paychecks' (Cordir)

October 31, 2004

Silence cants, 'oh its hot when two chicks venerate each other'. (Cordir)

November 08, 2004


November 17, 2004

Khore: Don't make me lay down my 18-wheeler death ray. (Cordir)
Judge cants, 'NO WAY!'.
Deyanira cants, 'hahah!'.
Taint gossips (in common), 'hehehe'.
Faile cants, '*LAUGHS*'.
Thor cants, 'is that info new?'.
Faile cants, 'I sawe my name and thought I was promoted to Immortal fora moment there'.
Faile cants, 'Scared the ... outta me'.
Judge cants, 'god forbid ;)'.
Faile cants, 'Exactly!'.
Cordir cants, 'Hell hasn't frozen over yet.'.
Deyanira cants, 'do me!'.
Deyanira cants, 'do me!'.
Deyanira cants, 'do me!'.
Khore cants, 'sheesh, Dey. Usually, I don't get that kind of response until after dinner and some wine.'.
Ptarchyzk cants, '*blink* It's Khore.. undead and well? '.
Khore cants, 'not flaking off bits like Molo, so I guess, comparatively well.'.
Schwartz says, 'I dub thee, Captain Sensitive.'. (Cordir)
Khore says, 'hey tyn, how about making me a Greater Semi-God?'. (Cordir)

November 28, 2004

Mystaya cants, 'i have one slot thats good and everything is in that slot' (Wylin)

December 16, 2004

Cordir: how much is your Evil Genius consulting fee? (Cordir)