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Nyx says (in common), 'Yep. The Lady is all peace and balloon animals compared to Thaygar'. (Cordir)


### [Treehugger says (in common), 'I can yell dispel magic at you a bunch'] (Cordir)


Treehugger prays, 'My Huggy-sense was tingling *hugs*'. (Cordir)

February 14, 2009

Treehugger gossips (in common), 'Void - I'm coming for ya!'. (Cordir)

Kaern gossips (in common), 'so biwarem is giving out man snuggles and treehugger is stalking the whole mud'. (Cordir)
Treehugger gossips (in common), 'LOVINGLY stalking the whole mud'. (Cordir)

Kaern gossips (in common), '*nods* and if I grope you heedlessly I will be slain'. (Cordir)