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Status Inactive
Race Human
Classes Shaman
Last Seen 1999
Followed Isolas
Partner Isolas

Mud Contributions:

Current Description:

Description by Cordir:

The woman before you is unremarkable in many ways:  if she stood in a crowd, it
is entirely possible she would simply disappear in the crowd. She is of average
height and build for a human of her age, and there is nothing that calls her to
the eye in her clothing. She is like so many mortals, dressed for rugged travel
through the forest, marked by her life with a scar here and there, unremarkably
blonde, a drab little wren. Truly - no one of importance... 

At first glance. 

Then she catches you watching and meets your gaze. Her eyes are stunning: deep,
forest green, the color of fresh leaves, or the most precious of emeralds torn
from the earth by greedy miners seeking great treasures. They sparkle with imp-
like humor, and the delight that comes from loving and being loved. They carry
undertones of strength and devotion to her oaths and to her Lord and God. They
transform her, revealing her true spirit to the world in an unshielded, honest
way that is rare in this world of deceit and lies. 

Beloved of Isolas, loyal servant of the Magi, devoted Enchantress of Nash.

WHO Lists:

Hum [ Th:12 Ra:15 Sh:15 ] Violaine, Evil Enchantress of the Nashite Magi.

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