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Created 12/27/1999
Status Inactive
Race Minotaur
Classes Warrior
Followed Okk

Mud Contributions/Notes:

[Note 17] Kantor: Read this: a bounty on Tirant's head - he is STUCK.

Thu Oct 11 10:22:53 2001
To: all
Many of you know of Tirant's cowardly and backstabbing ways. He tricked Athorne into helping him, then killed him using a portal into certain death at a mob's hands. Now Tirant is STUCK, in a locked noexit room, which is nospell norecall notele. I went and got the key, and offered him his freedom on one condition: that he return every item he stole from Athorne's corpse. He at first said no, but when we turned away and locked him back in he hurriedly agreed to my condition. However it was just him lying to try and get us to unlock and give him an avenue of escape - proven by the fact he would not accept to my method of ensuring his cooperation. (I wanted him to kill himself, then I would give him EVERY item he had not taken from Athorne.) Tirant, sensing he was up a certain creek with no paddle, then killed his link, eventually disappearing into the void. (This is however, forbidden.)

I'm hereby offering a bounty on his head, to the value of 500,000 gold coins. Any who kill him and give me his corpse, will get that money, and get to keep any items that were not once Athorne's. Also, any who HELP him out of his sticky situation will find they will NEVER receive aid from me again.
Smirking at Tirant's imprisonment...
Kantor the Tiger

[Note 18] Kantor: new dam cap

Thu Nov 15 03:44:11 2001
To: all
I for one think the dam cap is a great thing. I think it should remain as it is for both players and mobs. Xp will still be perfectly possible, especially if group xp proves good. The dam cap applying to mobs will make those hard areas even more of a challenge - you will need bigger groups, and it will be more challenging adventuring..
Good work :)

[Note 23] Kantor: Whoz, Anduin/Mordith rant

Tue Mar 19 12:11:48 2002
To: all
I thoroughly agree with whoz on every point he made in his note.
I also have adapted to the changes, and though I do not agree with every change that has been made in my time on TFC (about 3-4 years now), I definitely think it is a better, fairer environment than it used be.

The best thing by far is the range system, which makes player-player combat much less onesided, and at the same time makes level camping less useful.

Good job Tynian, and the whole immortal crew. Thanks a lot!

[Idea 636] Kantor: hurricane

Mon Nov 26 05:09:05 2001
To: all
Viewing Status: ALL
I think it is fair to ask that this only work on PCs like a mage's acid blast. ie. it only blows items when the shaman has a just, and the target has not.
(like acid blast and etching)

[Idea 163] Kantor: Spell Crystals

Fri Mar 22 10:34:39 2002
To: all
Viewing Status: ALL
not to reveal more than I should (as help file is not available yet) but could the system for using these items be restricted to mages only? The reason being, that particular system is something only mages can normally do. If you don't like this restricting, perhaps change how they are used so it doesn't overlap with the mage-only ability?

Sorry to make it confusing but I didn't want to reveal too much until help crystal tells everyone how to work them.


Addendum: All non-mages can use crystal spheres, even totally non-magical classes, so making spell crystals mage-only doesn't totally remove the incentive to go 'harvesting' these items for non-mages. Also, I think it makes sense for mages alone to be able to harness the unique spells on spell crystals - after all mages can already use spells available to any class by memorizing them from random scrolls.

Current Description:

Written by Cordir, 11/18/2002:
The minotaur before you is one of unusually rough-looking character. One horn
has been snapped off near its tip, leaving a jagged edge where the flailing
hoof of the Each-Uisge tried to take off his head. His dark brown fur flows
unevenly over a patchwork of horrible scars, including several that look an
aweful lot like acid burns. One seems very deliberate - a long scar down his
left cheek, marking his long-ago days as a Nashite under Okk. He notices you
looking at the many marks that crisscross his body and snickers softly, a
mischievious twinkle in his dark brown, almost black eyes. "Yeah, well, the
DracoLich didn't want company, but I knew better..." He cracks his massive
knuckles with a smirk. "Had to set an example for Adso. Its so much fun to
make his ex-goddess squawk in fear when she saw us running around getting into
trouble..." He leans down and taps the rough, scaly patch that mends one of
the leg-pieces of his mismatched, etched, scratched, scraped armor. "But
that's okay... Life gives its little rewards in such moments." The grin turns
to an outright smirk with somewhat nasty overtones. "I just love 'teaching'
some folks those life-lessons.." he mutters something unpleasant that sounds
like something a sailor might say, that ends in 'fricken newbiekillers...'
He brightens, though, and says, "Hey, guess what Tynian said the other day?"
Tynian tells you, 'I'm sorry, but I'm going to have to delete you.'.

SCORE: 02/15/2001

You are Kantor, Tiger Magician,
462 years old (901 hours), created Mon Dec 27 99 05:09:05.
(Rishanae the 28th, The Testing of Fates, year 2387, 4am.)
You live in Mithas and your race is Minotaur.
You are a level 28 Warrior, level 25 Thief, level 25 Mage.
You worship Tripper, who appears to be ONLINE
You have 492/514 hit, 134/235 mana, 542/542 movement, 16 practices.
You have 0 training sessions remaining.
You are carrying 32/37 items with weight 653/925 kg.
Str: TRN Int: TRN Wis: TRN Dex: MAX Con: TRN Chr: TRN
TRN = trainable, MAX = untrainable.
You are fairly lucky.
You have scored 380571 exp (1098893 total), and have 1658 gold coins.
You need 21091 exp for level 29.
Autoexit: yes. Autogold: yes. Autoloot: no. Autosac: no.
Wimpy set to 0 hit points.
You are standing.
You are barely armored.
You are Neutral Good.
The linkdead combat command is set to:
<quaff recall>.
You are affected by:
Spell: 'strength'.
Spell: 'stone skin'.
Spell: 'detect magic'.
Spell: 'improved invis'.
Spell: 'detect invis'.
Spell: 'shield'.

WHO Lists:

08/13/2000   Min [ Wa:23 Ma:21 Th:21 ]   Kantor the Bitter Bard. Life's Blood         [Nash]
08/28/2000   Min [ Wa:24 Ma:21 Th:21 ]   Kantor, sad ex-Life's Blood                  [Nash]
01/18/2001   Min [ Wa:27 Th:25 Ma:25 ]   Kantor, Tiger Magician.
02/20/2001   Min [ Wa:28 Th:25 Ma:25 ]   Kantor, first mortal to slay the Each-Uisge. Tiger
02/04/2001   Min [ Wa:27 Th:25 Ma:25 ]   Kantor, Tiger Magician
07/11/2001   Min [ Ma:28 Th:25 Wa:30 ]   Kantor, Tiger Counselor
09/18/2001   Min [ Ma:29 Th:25 Wa:30 ]   Kantor, Tiger Counselor, soon to be Mage-Slave.
10/10/2001   Min [ Ma:29 Th:25 Wa:30 ]   Kantor, Tiger. Beware ILISAM, honorless Kahn.
11/18/2001   Min [ Ma:30 Th:25 Wa:30 ]   Kantor the Tiger. Need help? just ask.
11/19/2001   Min [ Th:25 Ma:30 Wa:30 ]   Kantor the Tiger. Infuriated.
11/27/2001   Min [ Th:26 Wa:30 Ma:30 ]   Kantor has NO title! Tiger
12/10/2001   Min [ Th:26 Wa:30 Ma:30 ]   Kantor is afraid to sleep.  Tiger
02/21/2002   Min [ Wa:30 Th:27 Ma:30 ]   Kantor the Tiger.
05/27/2002   Min [ Wa:30 Th:27 Ma:30 ]   Kantor the Tiger.
06/02/2002   Min [       Wa: 3       ]   Kantor the Minobore
06/06/2002   Min [ Wa:30 Th:27 Ma:30 ]   Kantor the Tiger.
07/30/2002   Min [ Wa:30 Th:27 Ma:30 ]   Kantor would like a tell from Kerriariadne *Tiger*
08/29/2002   Min [ Wa:30 Th:27 Ma:30 ]   Kantor, Tiger Hunter
12/26/2003   Min [ Wa:30 Th:27 Ma:30 ]   Kantor, Tiger Hunter seeking Tynian's tell.

Character History:

10/21/2001 - Log by Cordir:
### Mordith killed by Kantor.
Kantor cants, 'mordith, good fight'.
Kantor cants, 'fyi i'm on 198 hps and you were .1 sec from recovering your own corpse'.

You tell Kantor, 'would you consider giving it back>?'.
You tell Kantor, 'I know that sounds odd...'.
You tell Kantor, 'but he's one of the only _decent_ clave around. I'd hate to see him leave the mud again. ( but then, I don't know how aggro he's been of late.)'.

Kantor tells you (in common), 'I know he isn't the worst of em'.
Kantor tells you (in common), 'but he has recently killed a tiger'.
Kantor tells you (in common), 'while naked he can't do it as easily.. sorry'.

You tell Kantor, 'Ah, didn't know that.'.
You tell Kantor, 'my apologies for the question, then.'.

Kantor tells you (in common), 'no, I appreciate why you asked'.
Kantor tells you (in common), 'I know he isn't a bad guy'.

(PK Stats had only recently been made available/visible)
Mordith has initiated 47 attacks, 34 justified, and 13 not justified
Mordith has been attacked 32 times (10 justified, 22 not justified)
Mordith is credited with 1 PKs (1 justified, 0 not justified)

Tripper says, 'Mordith according to my records has precipitated 37 attacks, and 3 kills of tigers'.

You say, 'But at least he's generally _nice_ about it. Aggressive... but polite. = )'.
Your say, 'But then, you can be a bloody murder, if you've been polite.'

Molo says, 'Mordith left the guild without a sanct and blynded...his death is deserved.'.

Ibram gossips (in common), 'no fair, i get mobmasters in closed areas'.
Ibram gossips (in common), 'i want to be summoned in by nicademus!'.
Kantor gossips (in common), 'yeah I got Penfold landcrab recently'.
Kantor gossips (in common), ':('.

Trivia/Wiki Mentions:

  • Kantor was part of the group when Nevyn Kicks...Butt
  • Kantor can be seen at the beginning of the log, Personal Service, on Tiger Ftell.
  • Kantor received votes in BlissPoll 2001B, for The People You'd Most Want to Take With You to Visit Scairz.
  • Kantor was mentioned in the history of Charles.

Player Provided Information:

Personal Timeline:


01/30/2000: Kantor levels to 15/10/10.

01/31/2000: Today, Kantor casts Imp ID for the first time. Kantor slays the Emperor's Wife to complete Mob Mastery Quest #30.

02/15/2000: Kantor completes his 36th mob mastery, slaying a stirge, which pushes him to level 15 warrior!.

02/22/2000: Kantor slays the Ghost of Alayros for his 38th mob mastery and 16th level warrior.

02/25/2000: Kantor reaches level 12 Thief (Th 12 / Ma 16 / Wa 16)

02/28/2000: Kantor completes mob mastery #40 (a tortured slave) as well, which gains him 13th level thief. Shortly thereafter, he also completes mob mastery 41 - a Lammasu.

04/03/2000: While attempting to slay Sombra of Cillidellia, Kantor loses an egg casing which contains his beloved restrung blue harp.

04/04/2000: Kantor slays Sgt. Qui from Aran to complete his 49th mob mastery, and gain Mage level 20, effective level 30.

04/05/2000: Trakker obtains a lute for Kantor to help ease the loss of his harp.

04/16/2000: Kantor fails his 51st mob mastery for the "upteenth" time ( a guardian demon).

05/03/2000: Kantor completes MM #53 (Orina) and 54 (Emperor Salias)

06/02/2000: Kantor and The WarDancers Incident.

06/08/2000: Kantor slays Fennoch to reach Wa:22/Ma:21/Th:21.

06/12/2000: Kantor, Kandrell, and Mong go on a Hunt to test their skills- they slay the Magistrate, Slue, the Seer of Aran, and Okrii.

8/26/2000: Kantor completes Mob Mastery #60, slaying the weasel of Nydia.

08/30/2000 : Kantor slays 'a saint bernard' for MM61, which required Mordith summoning him into a section of Nydia that was cleric-only. Kantor explores all of Tier Sh'Halen.


01/18/2001: Kantor completes mobmasters 74 & 75.

02/15/2001: Kantor becomes the first Mortal to ever slay the Each-Uisge.

03/09/2001: Kantor slays Emperor Salias to reach Wa:29\ Th:25\ Ma:25.

03/13/2001: Kantor slays the Lighthouse Keeper for MM#83 and 2700 exp.

03/21/2001: Kantor slays the Lineoth Camp Leader for MM86.

03/27/2001: Kantor slays Shadres to reach Wa:30\Th:25\Ma:25.

03/28/2001: Kantor slays the Lineoth Camp Leader for 2716 experience pointsand MM#87.

4/26/2001: Kantor kicks a weasel to death for Mage level 26.

09/17/2001: Noctus and Kantor and risk their lives to retrieve Dundrave's corpse from the 4th floor of Master's Tower.

9/18/2001: Kantor reaches Ma:29 Th:25 Wa:30.

09/27/2001: Kantor gets to the Ledge of Treasures in the Mystic Woods. Previously, no one had entered the room without Immortal assistance. Noctus survives 51 consecutive teleports in a contest created by Kantor.

10/01/2001: Kantor "heroically" rescued .. erm.. some level 10's (Goganga) corpse from the feet of the Banshee of the shadowed valley.

10/9/2001: Joeb dies in the strands of matter, and Kantor and Noctus retrieve the corpse. Two minutes after the two return to the guild, the corpse decays.

10/11/2001: Kantor posts a note about Tirant, who is stuck.

10/15/2001: All the Tigers on line (Charles, Witchdoctor, Tiax, Shailyn and Kantor) group to kill the Magistrate, but it wasn't quite enough to push Tiax to the next level exp-wise... so they killed its huge ghost. When the unliving creature fell, Tiax reached Wa:26\Cl:30. Kantor, Grimace, Shailyn, Doza and Belsambar killed Kalena, and each gained 70 exp.

11/08/2001: Indiga does 'a million' mob mastery quests (including mobmasters 28 & 29), but dies to the stingray while attempting one of them...Kantor quickly does a CR for her... this, only a few hours after he is PK'd while linkdead. ( His first CR of the day was helping a little level 10 mage who died in the Nest - this while his corpse was being looted.) Kantor's bad day continues, when later that evening, he dies to Pheather the aarockran by his own sword (which the birdie had disarmed and grabbed), and wishes it noted that Solaron bravely got the weapon back from Pheather.

11/18/2001: Kantor reaches Ma:30\Th:25\Wa:30 - "*cheer* thanks to Skeeve, Charles, Noctus, Artanis and Thingone."

11/23/2001: Kantor, Abe, and Charles decide to test the new mage code... on Sendres the High mage, to be exact. After two rounds, Charles was Slept and Teleported. Kantor began a world-wide search for his friend, and it turns out he was on Cannibal Island - a shaman was needed, and Tranquility came to their assistance. Noctus dies in the Dream realm attempting to help Kaldred with a Triat Mastery quest. Several folks attempt to interfere with corpse rescue efforts, however, Mael, Kantor, Charles, Noctus, Abe, and Tranquility are determined to get the corpse back. Unfortunately, due to code restrictions on key popping, the corpse is not obtainable and decays.

11/28/2001: Noctus, Charles, and Kantor die in the Dream Realm. Due to some sort of strange bug, their corpses don't decay for well over 7 hours.

11/29/2001: Darkfang dies in the Demon Realm, and Kantor & Abe complete the CR.

12/10/2001: The Chosen of Fate temple is installed along with that of Kim and Morimox. Clue is the first Chosen to be accepted in the new temple. Tiax, Charles, Garland, and Kantor killed the Lighthouse Keeper, gaining 100,000 gold and a spell crystal.


03/19/2002: Dijul dies to a guard in Emdeeville, and Kantor does a quick CR.

04/13/2002: With a group consisting of Clue, Skeeve, Gup, Kantor, Lins, and Tyr, Kaldred completes the last requirement of his Triat Mastery quest - the bagging of the Jester of Night Keep.

06/08/2002: Kantor becomes a thug.

06/29/2002: Clue dies to Scairz, and Solaron and Kantor quickly perform the CR. Solaron once more joins forces with Kantor (as well as Kethran) to slay the ghost of Scairz who shows up rather unexpectedly hours after the CR of Clue.

09/10/2002 : Kantor has some trouble doing a corpse retrieval, which turns into a strange discussion.

Player Information:

Kantor played from Ireland.