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The Druid of Paranor
Created 1996
Status Inactive
Race Human
Classes Shaman
Followed Tel


Mud Contributions:

Current Description:

...They hesitated a moment, then passed silently down the hall and stepped into the front room.
.....It was empty.
....."Well, no Mord Wraiths here," Jair announced at once. "Nothing here except..."
.....He never finished. A huge shadow stepped into the light from the darkened drawing room beyond. It was a man over seven feet tall, cloaked all in black. A loose cowl was pulled back to reveal a lean, craggy face that was weathered and hard. Black beard and hair swept down from his face and head, coarse and shot through with streaks of grey. But it was the eyes that drew them, deep-set and penetrating from within the shadow of his great brow, seeming to see everything, even that which was hidden.
.....Rone Leah brought up the broadsword hurriedly, and the stranger's hand lifted from out of the robes.
....."You won't need that."
.....The highlander hesitated, stared momentarily into the other's dark eyes, then dropped the sword blade downward again. Brin and Jair stood frozen in place, unable to turn and run or to speak.
....."There is nothing to be frightened of," the stranger's deep voice rumbled.
.....None of the three felt particularly reassured by that, yet all relaxed slightly when the dark figure made no further move to approach. Brin glanced hurriedly at her brother and found Jair watching the stranger intently, as if puzzling something through. The stranger looked at the boy, then at Rone, then at her.
....."Does not one of you know me?" he murmured softly.
.....There was a momentary silence, and then suddenly Jair nodded.
....."Allanon!" he exclaimed, excitement reflected in his face. "You're Allanon!"
Allanon is bleeding freely.
Allanon is using:

Who Lists:

Hum [ Sh:17             ] Allanon, Druid of Paranor      [Tel]                   06/30/1996
Hum [ Sh:20             ] Allanon, Druid of Paranor [Tel]                        12/20/1996
Hum [ Sh:30. .. .. .. . ] Allanon, Druid of Paranor [TEL]                        02/23/1997
Hum [ Wa:20 Sh:30 Th:20 ] Allanon, Druid of Paranor [Tel]                        05/13/1999
Hum [ Wa:20 Sh:30 Th:20 ] Allanon, Druid of Paranor [Tel]                        12/12/1999
Hum [ Wa:20 Sh:30 Th:20 ] Allanon, Druid of Paranor                              09-10-2000
Hum [ Wa:20 Sh:30 Th:20 ] Allanon, Druid of Paranor, Ashes to Ashes... -LLU-     08-11-2001
Hum [ Sh:30 Wa:20 Th:20 ] Allanon, Druid of Paranor, Ashes to Ashes... -LLU-     12-25-2002
Hum [ Sh:30 Wa:20 Th:20 ] Allanon, Druid of Paranor, Ashes to Ashes... -LLU-     12-04-2003
Hum [ Sh:30 Wa:20 Th:20 ] Allanon, Druid of Paranor, Ashes to Ashes... -LLU-     02-20-2004

Character History:


  • Gregar was bid to seek out Allanon by Cordir for his lore quest, as well as Typhon and Sadow: "Allanon, Master Druid - Learn the wariness and survival he can teach."
  • As part of her Triat Mastery Quest, Tranquility was required to seek out three shamans and three thieves. One was required to be Allanon.
  • Allanon used a pair of emotes prior to and after utilizing Meditate: ### [Somewhere, Allanon invokes the Druid Sleep] ### [Somewhere, Allanon awakes from his deep slumber]
  • Allanon was part of the first group involved in the Death of the Sable Dragon.
  • Allanon was the reason given for Zane being naked in Indecent Proposals.

Player Provided Information:

Allanon was one of those mythic figures of 2x that everyone knew. He was a pillar of the aggressive goods and was utterly fearless. As an evil at the time, I was always grateful to be low level, and thus out of range, when I saw he was online.

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Personal Timeline:

12/04/1996: Borneo is killed three times, once by Allanon, and twice by Ziggy.
02/28/2001: Allanon posts a public note: [ 19] Allanon: my unretirement / Wed Feb 28 20:43:13 2001 / To: all / I would like to announce that I'm unretiring. You will see me around. I play other characters, and have friends who played before, and maybe you'll see them around too. Who knows.
03/06/2001: Myronides, Allanon, and Rashiel join Bliss.
03/22/2001: When Tynian announces the loss of Frontier/Global Crossing as a sponsor and the possible end to TFC, Allanon posts a cheery note in support. [ 19] Allanon: Endgame / Thu Mar 22 22:47:15 2001 / To: all / I've always been optimistic, but I firmly believe that a new server will be donated or otherwise found. I urge you not to start dropping and saccing your gear until Tynian says he's done. :) - Allanon, Crazy Kick-Butt 2.x Druid of Paranor
04/06/2001: Allanon gossips (in common), 'I once again awoke believing myself the king of all that surrounds me'.
11/29/2001: Allanon slays a triton child for MM47.
02/27/2002: Allanon saves Lorax from a mysterious "terrible fate". (details were not forthcoming)
7/29/02 - The "unkillable" sable dragon is killed. Tamar: The sable dragon is DEAD! \ Mon Jul 29 19:23:58 2002 To: All \ Teluin, Kaltar, Mon, Agralebean, Aster, Spell, Allanon, and Vex all bravely fought the sable dragon, and actually managed to kill it. Congrats!
11/01/2002: Allanon is ranked #10 on the punishers list. 12/15/2002: Allanon is ranked #13 on the Punishers list. 12/31/2002: Tylorn posts a note about his death to Vex and Allanon.
02/22/2003: Allanon is ranked #13 on the Punishers list.
06/28/2003: A group exp'ing up in the Adventurer's Inn gets scattered as Allanon becomes a miscreant.

Player Provided Information:

Allanon worked at the same company as Elfis and introduced him to mudding. Elfis then showed a TFC to a friend, Faille, and eventually his daughter, Katrana. Faile showed it to her husband, and her son Gann.