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Created Oct/Nov 1996
Status Inactive
Race human
Hometown Midgaard
Classes Cleric
Followed Molo
Partner ZARA
Children Alito

Mud Contributions:

Alecto and her sweetie, ZARA were the 'gatekeepers' of the Black Conclave. During the year-plus span they were 'on duty', only three individuals on the entire mud made it past them to level 20 without being pk'd by one of the pair.

Alecto commissioned Cordir to write love poetry on her behalf (Found in her Ebon Book):
The sweetness of your curves beneath mine...
The tangled mystery of your hair...
The honey of your lips, breathing your breath...
The dance of fingertips over yearning flesh...

Releasing all my masks and facades
Being all that I am, unfettered
Falling, sinking, dying a little death in your arms

Freed of all prisons but that of your flesh
My cries rise up, mingling with yours...
The completion of you at my side...

[23] ZARA:
To: The Warmth in Us All
Subject: flesh
Seeing your body
Mine is no longer gore-strewn
When I smell your flesh
I know mine is pure

[ 47] ZARA:
Thu Dec 5 06:20:44 1996
To: alecto
Subject: What I like... What I really enjoy about this poem thing is....
It proves that not only de we pk, level, and eq better than them
We also role-play better than the mo-fos

Current Description:

(Written by Cordir)
Haloed by the golden sunlight, the woman before you smiles warmly and gestures you to come closer. Her melodious voice evokes images of warmth, peace and welcome, as she murmurs, "Hello.. I"m Alecto..pleasure to meet you." Soft brown hair falls in ringlets around a delicate oval face that surely was carved by a master sculptor from smoothest porcelain. A faint blush colors her cheeks as she momentarily turns away, as if heeding a hidden voice, then peeps back at you from beneath long dark lashes with a merry giggle.

She tucks an errant lock behind her ear, and as she does so, you sense more than see only the briefest shadow of towering samite wings..Her truest nature has been revealed, showing her a creature of love, light, and joy in her calling.

WHO Lists:

11/25/1996  : Hum [ Cl:12 Wa:10       ] Alecto is a Curess of the Black Conclave
12/03/1996  : Hum [ Cl:13 Wa:10       ] Alecto is a Curess of the Black Conclave
04/19/1997  : Hum [ Cl:15 Wa:10       ] Alecto: Curess of the Black Conclave [Zara's honey]


You are Alecto is a Curess of the Black Conclave, 39 years old (44 hours).
You are a level 12 Cleric, level 10 Warrior
You are trusted at level 15.
You worship Molo, who appears to be OFFLINE
You have 214/214 hit, 149/176 mana, 228/232 movement, 24 practices.
You have 0 training sessions remaining.
You are carrying 27/35 items with weight 163/700 kg.
Str: MAX Int: TRN Wis: TRN Dex: MAX Con: TRN Chr: TRN
TRN = trainable, MAX = untrainable.
You are neither very lucky or unlucky.
You have scored 73883 exp, and have 226189 gold coins.
You need 9031 exp for level 13.
Autoexit: yes. Autogold: yes, Autoloot: no. Autosac: no.
Wimpy set to 37 hit points.
You are standing.
You are heavily armored.
You are Evil.

You are Alecto, Anti-Santa of the Black Conclave, 60 years old (86 hours).
You are a level 15 Cleric, level 10 Warrior
You are trusted at level 18.
You worship Molo, who appears to be OFFLINE
You have 216/285 hit, 169/169 mana, 236/252 movement, 6 practices.
You have 1 training sessions remaining.
You are carrying 33/35 items with weight 481/600 kg.
Str: MAX Int: MAX Wis: TRN Dex: MAX Con: TRN Chr: TRN
TRN = trainable, MAX = untrainable.
You are neither very lucky or unlucky.
You have scored 107774 exp, and have 89047 gold coins.
You need 10658 exp for level 16.
Autoexit: yes. Autogold: yes, Autoloot: no. Autosac: no.
Wimpy set to 75 hit points.
You are resting.
You are strongly armored.
You are Evil.

Character History:

Alecto was based on the Greek Fury of the same name.


  • Within 6 months of the character being created, Alecto racked up over 50 player kills.
  • Alecto was referenced by Cordir in a conversation with Zeo in 2011: Darkly Cute.
  • Alecto was referenced by Cordir in a conversation with Uncas in 2011: A Lesson in Nashite.
  • Alecto & ZARA's relationship has been used in a number of trivia contests.
  • Alecto's nickname for people who had unwise, poorly designed trig-sets was, 'Triggerbabies.'

Player Provided Information:

Alecto I hated as a character and really a player before I learned this was just a game. As many people that have played this game my first character was terrible in so many ways. Alecto was one of the greatest killers for sub 20 when I first started to play everyone died to Alecto or Zara. Both most of the time and many times over. When I would die it would make me so mad when they kept all my stuff or dry sac my corpse back, in those days you hardly ever got anything back. After many many hours of playing I learned this was a game and someone playing a evil character the way it should have been played.

P.S I still would like some of those nice +1 and +2 items back if possible.

Meemo says (in common), 'meemo no like alecto'. (08/07/2001)

Wistom ftells, 'i wasn't around at that time. i do however rember alecto'. (08/09/2001)

Killishandra tells you (in common) 'You obviously enjoy upsetting people...I just wish that some of the evils on here weren't really evil in real life...I have an evil char, and I don't pick on people like you.'. (12/05/1996)

Thrall cants, 'rember Alecto Sith Oscuro - those were some nasty sub 20's'.
Cordir cants, 'Alecto & Zara were a mean pair.'.
Thrall cants, 'yeah i barley rember zara for some reason alecto sticks out in my mind more '.

Cordir gossips, 'Someone fetch me Alecto. I need to hire her for another assassination.'. (04/04/2011)

Vex's WHO JUST: You (17) killed by Alecto (24) on Mon Apr 12 99 18:17:18. (08/03/2002)

Dantrag's WHO JUST:You (27) killed by Alecto (24) on Wed Jan 06 99 22:17:36. (08/03/2002)

Personal Timeline:

Late October/ Early November 1996 - Alecto is created.
December 03/1996 - Alecto is visible in the log of the ICP being force-leveled.
December 12, 1996: Hired by Cordir of the Black Conclave, Alecto kills Kylera, the wife of Keller.
March 3, 2002: An impromptu vote on Gossip is held for the most famous mortal... votes include Stouthbound, Clue, Gaul, Noctus, Syrinx, Ozymandius, Kaern, Alecto & ZARA, Daelin, Ozious, Keller, Huey, and Pez.

11/17/1996: Player Kill - Animal

<214hp 119ma 213mv > s
Merchant's Camp
[Exits: north east]
(Blue Aura) Animal is here, fighting a dwarven hunter.
A dwarven hunter is here, fighting Animal.

<214hp 119ma 209mv > c curse animal
Animal DISARMS a dwarven hunter!

<214hp 119ma 209mv > Ok.

<214hp 94ma 209mv >
Animal's pound mauls a dwarven hunter.
A dwarven hunter mauls Animal.

<214hp 94ma 209mv > k animal
Your crush MUTILATES Animal!

<214hp 94ma 209mv >
Your crush MUTILATES Animal!
Animal's pound mauls a dwarven hunter.
A dwarven hunter misses Animal.

<214hp 94ma 209mv >
Animal sacrifices a dwarven crossbow to Bumblefoot.

<214hp 94ma 209mv > c 'magic stone'
Animal utters the words, 'judicandus gzfuajg'.

<214hp 94ma 209mv > Your magic stone MUTILATES Animal!
Animal is DEAD!!
You hear Animal's death cry.
The gods prevent you from fighting here.
You bully!

<214hp 79ma 209mv > get corpse
You get corpse of Animal.

You pray (in common) 'Lord?'.

<214hp 95ma 216mv > get coins corpse
You get 69437 gold coins from corpse of Animal.

Someone ftells 'yes?'.

<214hp 95ma 216mv > save
Your effective level is 15

You may not quit for 14 ticks.
Version 2.76ao of TFC was introduced on 11/17/96

You ftell (in common) 'DO you have a moment before you go?'.

Someone ftells 'whatcha need?'.

You ftell (in common) 'I have a well stocked corpse for you'.

Molo has pardoned you!

(Same day, 5 minutes later:)
>l augustus
Augustus smiles happily.

<214hp 153ma 26mv > You see nothing special about him.
Augustus is leaking guts.

Soulscream yells (in common) 'Alecto, dear love, how ya been?'.

You yell (in common) 'Fine sweetie'.

Soulscream yells (in common) 'I hope you don't feel like pking today'.

You yell (in common) 'Oh but I do =)'.

Soulscream yells (in common) 'Get me:) I dare you'.
Soulscream yells (in common) 'Or for that matter, Augustus'.

You yell (in common) 'Augustus ran =)'.

Polnevdra tells you (in common) '*Hug* Bane is VERY scared of you darling'.
You tell Polnevdra (in common) 'giggle *hug*'.

12/12/1996: Attempted (Illegal) Out-of-Range PK by Myronides

You tell Myronides (in common) 'What were you trying to cast on me with that wand?'.

Myronides tells you (in common) 'Who me?'.

You tell Myronides (in common) 'Yes....I logged it,....what was it?'.

Myronides tells you (in common) 'hehe dispel magic.'.

You tell Myronides (in common) '*giggle* Thats illegal, Myron =)'.

Myronides tells you (in common) 'Somewhat.'.

You tell Myronides (in common) 'Did you know it was illegal?'.

Myronides tells you (in common) 'But you got all my containers zapped'.

You tell Myronides (in common) 'No....the snowdog did =)'.
You tell Myronides (in common) 'Try not to do things that will get you deleted =)'.
You tell Myronides (in common) 'Its just smarter that way =)'.

Myronides tells you (in common) 'Ah just wiat little one, yor time si coming :)'.

You tell Myronides (in common) 'Go back to your mudsex, geek *giggle*'.
You tell Myronides (in common) 'Jyslin is in the temple waiting'.

Myronides tells you (in common) '*smirk* Whose the 30/30 and whose gonna live at 15/10 their whole life?'.

You tell Myronides (in common) '*giggle* 30/30 takes no skill at all'.

Myronides tells you (in common) 'Sure.. You'll never break 20 caus eyou know you'll be dead in minutes.'.

You tell Myronides (in common) '*giggle* You give yourself too much credit'.
You tell Myronides (in common) 'How many have you killed?'.

Myronides tells you (in common) '*smirk* I died once at lvl8 Ranger.. '.

You tell Myronides (in common) 'But how many have you killed'.

Myronides tells you (in common) 'and your might Conclavers run from me? What more do I need do?'.
Myronides tells you (in common) 'only that fool Azra still attacks me and that's cause he likes to see himself get pounded.'.

You tell Myronides (in common) '*giggle* Youve never killed anyone have you?'.

You tell Myronides (in common) 'You should try it, it is fun =)'.

Myronides tells you (in common) 'hmm Sadow (no acoomplishment), Miro (to easy_'.

You tell Myronides (in common) '*giggle*'.

Myronides tells you (in common) 'Volant (dont' ask).'.

You tell Myronides (in common) 'That's it?'.

Myronides tells you (in common) 'hmm. And the rest just flee.'.
Myronides tells you (in common) 'and I dont' cahse them cause I've own.'.

You tell Myronides (in common) ' can add one'.
You tell Myronides (in common) 'You helped kill Kylera.........'.

Player Information:

Alecto was part of a stable of characters deleted by Tynian in response to an inappropriate player-to-player tell that grossly insulted the Implementor.