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Meemo (I)
The Kneebasher
The Kneebiter
Created 1995
Status Inactive
Retired June 1996
Race Giant-Kin
Hometown Miden’Nir
Classes Warrior
Followed Slayer

Mud Contributions:

General cheer and humor. Deadly in a PK. Fearless.

Current Description:

WHO Lists:

Gia [       Wa: 3       ] Meemo Kneebasher, Fisherman of Giant tadpoles       08/07/2001

Character History:

Meemo enjoyed gnawing on the limbs of anyone he could get his paws on, usually after adding garlic, salt and pepper first, for seasoning.

Cordir says, 'what are you salivating about, Okk?'.
Okk says, 'Pie'.
Okk says, 'Although there are many mortals who look particularly appetizing'.
Cordir says, 'You sound like meemo'.
Okk says, 'Meemo?'.
Cordir says, 'Yes! Meemo Kneebiter!'.
Cordir says, 'Don't you know who meemo is?'.
Okk shakes his head.
Cordir lifts her skirts just enough to reveal hideously scarred knees, fresh bruises and scabs coloring them.
Okk grins evilly.
Cordir gossips, 'ACK! Okk does not know who Meemo is!'.
Kethran gasps in astonishment.
Kethran says (in common), 'really Okk??'.
Harmony gossips (in common), 'Whose meemo?'.
Cordir gossips, 'Anyone around that remembers Meemo besides me?'.
Solaron gossips (in common), 'ME.'.
Harmony gossips (in common), 'i grew up with okk'.
Gup gossips (in common), 'Yeeeah'.
Menion gossips (in common), 'I doo'.
Kethran gossips (in common), 'Meemo the knee-basher? of course I remember him'.
Galaphile gossips (in elven), 'I do I do'.
Gup gossips (in common), 'ooh sticky e'.
Crinos gossips (in common), 'heh me'.
Harmony gossips (in common), 'oh HIM'.
Harmony gossips (in common), 'he bit your knees quite a bit...'.
Okk says, 'I can't recall'.
Spalding gossips (in common), 'meemo?????'.
Pele gossips (in common), 'wasn't he that dumb giant?'.
Spalding gossips (in common), 'ancient mudders!'.


  • Meemo received votes for Most Enigmatic Mortal in the BlissPoll.
  • A bag of Meemo hide was part of Foolkiller’s collection.
  • Meemo once singlehandedly defeated an entire Black Conclave hunting group, sacrificing up four corpses to his stunned god, Slayer, the last one defeated when he was at 15 hit points. Azra, a member of the group, was killed in a single round of combat.
  • Meemo’s primary tactic in combat was that he NEVER fled. This gave others the impression he had far more hit points than he actually did.
  • Meemo’s fearlessness translated into attacking individuals easily twice his level.
  • Meemo regularly fought ZARA to a standstill.
  • At level 15, Meemo had a +damage roll of 90, in 2x.

Player Provided Information:

Personal Timeline:

07/20/2001: Meemo visits, to cheers on gossip.

[ 65] Meemo: deletion Wed Jun 12 15:53:25 1996 To: immortal Meemo say bye bye to all friends, meemo really tired of getting pk'd all the time by same people so meemo ask to get deleted , maybe one day meemo come back, Meemo say bye to all GOD friends especailly tel and MadMan me love you two both much as meemo can :)

Player Information:

Meemo lived in Arizona, and publicly admitted in a post-retirement visit in 2001 (See Personal Timeline link above) that he had also played Gunner and Sweetpea.