Cerebus's Temple

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The bright light of Justice fills every corner of the court with a probing curiosity. The northern end of the room is dominated by the bench from which Cerebus passes judgement on the Accused. To the east is the great court library, and on the west wall is a mural. Wooden benches fill the room, waiting for you to rest and contemplate your quest for inner peace.

(Blue Altar) This simple stone altar holds the ceremonial tools of the court.

Look Altar:
Set into the front of the altar is a plaque.

Look North:
An ornate wooden bench rises 10 feet above the courtroom floor. A large stuffed chair sits behind the bench on a platform allowing Cerebus to look down upon the accused.

Look East:
The wall is covered by a massive bookcase containing scrolls and books detailing the history of justice and ethics throughout the ages. Your eye is drawn to one book in particular.

Look South:
A sturdy wooden door leads into the hallway.

Look West:
An unfinished mural depicting Cerebus surrounded by the courts founding officers : Preacher, Snipe, Rigel, Syrinx and Claus. The outline of JohnPaul, Cerebus' God when he was mortal, can be seen in the background.

Look Up:
A skylight is partially open so that you may enjoy a breath of fresh air.

Look Down:
The marble floor is polished so brightly you can see your reflection.

Look plaque
Etched into the gold is a portrait of Athena, Paladin of the Court.

Look book page
You open the book to the first page and see:
The Laws of Cerebus
1. Seek inner peace through an understanding of Justice.
2. No grouping with Evil players.
3. Player killing is only allowed in retaliation to injustice.
4. Help followers of Justice, and Good in general.
5. Have Fun!

Holy Symbol: The Symbol of Justice
Long Description: A series of interlocking rings form a circle.