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Alyria D'Aleth
The Mystical Lady
Status Inactive
Race Human
Classes Mage
Last Seen 2005
Followed Tokugawa
Spouse Rath


Mud Contributions:

[Note 9] Alyria: The Wedding of Rath and Alyria
Wed Dec 11 13:15:17 2002
We would be honored if you would wish to attend our Nashite Wedding Ceremony.
It will be held on Saturday December 14 at 4pmEST.
The Arch-Lich will be conducting the ceremony.

[Note 12] Alyria: The Wedding of Rath and Alyria
Sat Dec 14 12:35:40 2002
To: all
We would like to happily announce that the Wedding ceremony of Alyria and Rath,
Will be held, today Sat.Dec 14, 2002 at 4pmEST
Those who desire to attend please understand the following conditions will be in effect:
No speaking, emoting, eating , drinking or spells etc..
The Lich has stated that there will be no second warnings on these things.
Thank you for all those who have given us their kind regards.

[Note 17] Alyria: Many Thanks
Thu Mar 20 02:18:28 2003
To: all
As I sat in guild feeling sorry for myself after a shadowy grey figure looted my corpse.. and a bunch of snickering men sent ghosts after first my wonderful Rath, next my close friend Mordon. and then after me... I wondered. why has this happened to me?!.. what did I really do to deserve this kind of treatment? I tried to get a few answers from the grey votex man, but he only said it wasn't personal I even tried to point out to one of the snickering haunters that their acts were very unkind.
I stewed some more and thought well it sure feels personal to me. But then, I was reminded by a wise little man..'oh well, thats the way the game goes. ...luckily you have friends to help ya out in tough situations" then he added.."deserving people usually do"
In the aftermass of a tough situation I was actually treated -better- then I deserve. What joy is mine from all you who came to defend me,to aide me with your generosity, and to comfort me in my great loses. Thank you! and I hope that you all can be treated the way you deserve to be. *smile*
Alyria D'Aleth, Mystical Lady of the Black Conclave

Current Description:


A misty fog swirls, revealing a tiny, barely five feet tall, lady.
Reddish tinged, brown wispy hair, dances around her pixie face,
around her slight shoulders and down her little back.
Her large azure eyes radiate friendly warmth, absorbing you in their fiery light.   
Her countenance glows a subtle innocence, yet the flash of her eyes 
hints of a fierce passion to live the life she was meant to have.  

Long ago, a deep voice called her name,
She reached out her little hand and was drawn to Rath's immense side.
Together they lived their dream. holding on til the end. They have come home to stay.  

Alyria has a special twinkle in her eye.
Alyria is in perfect health. 

Alyria is using:
<used as light>     (Glowing) a vial of stardust
<worn on finger>    (Moderate magic) the flashy chalcedony ring
<worn on finger>    (Moderate magic) the flaring platinum ring
<worn around neck>  (Moderate magic) (Shining) a delicate green brooch engraved 'Counselor'
<worn around neck>  (Glowing) an elemental amulet
<worn on body>      (Moderate magic) (Shimmering) a flowing dress of sheer white silk
<worn on head>      (Moderate magic) a quilted cloth cap
<worn on legs>      (Moderate magic) a pair of padded cloth peasant pants
<worn on feet>      (Weak magic) a pair of studded leather shoes
<worn on hands>     (Moderate magic) a pair of fur gloves
<worn on arms>      (Moderate magic) a pair of animal hide sleeves
<worn about body>   (Moderate magic) a quilted cloth gown
<worn about waist>  (Moderate magic) a seashell belt
<worn around wrist> (Moderate magic) the strange coral bracelet
<worn around wrist> (Moderate magic) the glittering obsidian bracelet
<wielded>           (Potent magic) a black swagger stick
<wielded off-hand>  a bludgeon
<worn with pride>   (Weak magic) a Crest bearing the Midgaard Coat of Arms
<worn with pride>   Nydia's Mark of Honor

WHO Lists:

Hum [    Ma:14 Ra:15    ] Alyria:                                                   07/05/1999
Hum [ Ma:24 Ra:25       ] Alyria: maid of balance *Rath*                            01/20/2000
Hum [ Ma:25 Ra:25       ] Alyria, Mystic Lady of Balance, *> Rath <*                03/17/2000
Hum [    Ra:25 Ma:30    ] Alyria,Mystical Mage of UA *Rath*                         07/30/2000
Hum [    Ra:26 Ma:30    ] Alyria, Abides in a Misty Fog with Rath                   08/16/2000
Hum [    Ra:27 Ma:30    ] Alyria, Returns from a Mystical Fog *Rath*                03/30/2002
Hum [    Ra:28 Ma:30    ] Alyria, Mystical Lady *Rath*                              04/12/2002
Hum [    Ra:30 Ma:30    ] Alyria,Mystical Lady of the Phalanx of Blood *Rath*       06/07/2002
Hum [    Ra:30 Ma:30    ] Alyria, Mystical Counselor of the Phalanx *Rath*          08/14/2002
Hum [    Ra:30 Ma:30    ] Alyria, Mystical Lady *Rath*                              09/16/2002
Hum [    Ra:30 Ma:30    ] Alyria, Nashite Llwellyn of Draoi *Rath*                  11/19/2002
Hum [ Th: 6 Ma:30 Ra:30 ] Alyria D'Aleth, Nashite Themaoddis of Quinalt             01/01/2003
Hum [ Th:15 Ra:30 Ma:30 ] Alyria D'Aleth, Mystical Lady of the Black Conclave       05/08/2003
Hum [ Th:17 Ra:30 Ma:30 ] Alyria:  <**>  <**>                                       08/11/2003
Hum [ Th:21 Ra:30 Ma:30 ] Alyria D'Aleth, Mystical Lady of the Black Conclave       10/01/2003
Hum [ Ra:30 Th:30 Ma:30 ] Alyria D'Aleth, Mystical Lady of the Black Conclave       01/01/2004
Hum [ Ra:30 Th:30 Ma:30 ] Alyria D'Aleth, Mystical Lady of the Black Conclave       10/14/2004
Hum [ Ra:30 Th:30 Ma:30 ] Alyria D'Aleth, Mystical Lady of the Black Conclave       01/12/2005

Character History:


  • Alyria was referenced in the description of her husband, Rath: "Born a Nashite in the southern regions of the realm,Rath learned in his youth what hate and prejudice were.Not only from his own experiences but from the journeys of the tiny mage Alyria, who he devoted himself to in his early youth. His heart, previously untarnished with hate or malice was hardened by the injustices and unwarranted attacks against his companion and himself. The suffering that was dealt to him for trying to live a quiet life was intolerable. Purpose born, justice would now be dealt by his own hand, by the Law of Lord Nash..."
  • Alyria was referenced in the history of Charles.
  • Alyria & Rath were referenced in the history of Ramza.
  • Alyria was thanked for her assistance in testing the following justification code released in Version 3.62.
  • Rath's love for Alyria is referenced in The Twice Lost Heart, a discussion about Silonch and Tylorn.
  • Alyria was referenced in a poem by Sabella.
  • Alyria was tutored in the Nashite faith by Gwyrdain.


###Alyria has become a miscreant.
Alyria tells Kethran (in common), '*blush* I got a bit confused by a mob.. and I hit my husband *sniff* *cry*!' ..heh ,, he needed a litle laove tap :)'.

Player Provided Information:

Orpik says (in common), 'alyria had TERRIBLE stats at lvl 50'.
I don't remember alot about her. She was kind, for being around so many mean people!

Personal Timeline:

1998 - 2001

03/09/1998: Alyria is created.
09/04/1998: Alyria gives worship to Tokugawa, joining Balance.
03/02/2000: Alyria completes Mob Mastery 25 & 26.
04/15/2000: Berrin attacks a group consisting of Rath (of the Conclave) and Alyria (of Balance). The couple flees, and Berrin pursues Alyria, slaying her. This prompts a slew of notes on the public list, discussing alignment and Berrin's actions.
06/12/2000: Alyria, the Mystic Mage of Balance, reaches effective 40th level (Ma:30/Ra:30).
07/22/2000: Alyria requests, and is granted, release from Balance.
12/21/2001: Alyria is recreated.
11/29/2001: Alyria is the topic of a trivia question. Rath questions (in common), 'who was my mortal companion for much of my early life.'. Abe answers (in common), 'Alyria'.


11/20/2002: Alyria gives worship to Xavier and joins the Draoi.
12/14/2002: Alyria posts an invitation to her wedding to Rath. The wedding is held later this same day, presided over by Molo. It is the first recorded Nashite wedding.
12/16/2002: Alyria mob dies to the Ghost of Grigrt.
12/21/2002: Alyria D'Aleth gains Th:3\Ma:30\Ra:30.
12/23/2002: Alyria reaches Th: 4 Ma:30 Ra:30.
12/30/2002: Alyria reaches Th: 6 Ma:30 Ra:30.
12/18/2002: Alyria mob dies to an Orc Warrior.


01/01/2003: Alyria does her first location quest.
01/16/2003: Alyria advances to Th:8\Ma:30\Ra:30.
01/29/2003: Keat attempts to worship Cordir and fails, then decides that Azeworai will be his next deity. Unfortunately, Azeworai's hopes are dashed when Alyria enters the realm and the fickle Aara drops Azeworai like a hot rock to attempt to worship Alyria.
02/18/2003: Alyria D'Aleth gains Th:11\Ra:30\Ma:30.
02/27/2003: Alyria reaches Th:12 Ra:30 Ma:30.
03/01/2003: Alyria reaches Th:13 Ra:30 Ma:30.
03/06/2003: Alyria gives worship to Molo and joins the Black Conclave.
03/19/2003: Alyria mob dies to a bodyguard and a storm demon.
03/20/2003: Alyria dies to a Drow Soldier, and her corpse is looted. (See note above)
04/04/2003: Alyria D'Aleth gains Th:15\Ra:30\Ma:30.
04/05/2003: Alyria is multi-killed (4 times) by Sicarian.
05/20/2003: Alyria mob dies to a Clan Maiden.
06/06/2003: Wish does a corpse retrieval for Alyria from the blazing inferno (4th floor masters), and doesn't even charge his "normal corpse rescue fee". (Since she's in his own following, he actually returns it intact.)
10/08/2003: Alyria mob dies to the weaponsmaster.
10/26/2003: Alyria mob dies to an undead dwarf.
11/03/2003: Alyria reaches effective 50th! (Th:30 Ra:30 Ma:30)


03/12/2005: Alyria (Ra:30 Th:30 Ma:30) deletes herself.

Player Information:

Alyria played from Arizona.