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Led By Xavier Quinalt
Alignment Neutral
PK Model Sword
Ordained Mortals Martyr

Following Creation Date/Immortal Promotion Date:Sat Sep 21 12:12:05 2002

Following Description / FINFO:

Xavier, leader of The Order of the Draoi, Demipower of the Sword.
Following's self-perceived alignment: Lawful Neutral.

Brief following description:
The Draoi, or Druids, are an order of nature lovers, or nature users.
Worshippers of the Order can choose a pathway of either ritual (Bards)
or combat (Ovates) Embracing the laws of the Order and those of Tynian,
the Draoi attach to no other codes of Ethics, each follows the spirit within.
Through shifting alliances, and uncertain allegiances the Draoi
maintain a precarious precipace, one of neutrality via equillibrium.
The Draoi choose to attack Evil and Good with little discrimination based
on alignment, for their take on neutrality is color blindness.
Functioning as a cult, there is little room for individuality.
The Order functions by selfless devotion to the path of the
following, nothing else comes close, nothing else compares.


This is NOT a complete list. Many of the names below are those of individuals who self-identified as being a member of the Draoi on the Nashite Registry. This information has not been verified by Xavier or the player.
Acer, Alyria, Aravan, Demian, Dundrave, Eamon, Flick, Gruug, HellSpawn, Kalel, Lyra, Malekith, Mars, Martyr, Mosi, Onyx, Orpik, Paddy Murphy, Rydell, Starla, Xantam, Zakarious

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