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Created 11/25/2001
Status Inactive
Race Elf
Classes Cleric
Followed Solanthas

Mud Contributions:

Current Description:

WHO Lists:

Elf [       Cl: 1       ] Sicarian.                                                  11/25/2001
Elf [    Ra: 3 Cl: 9    ] Sicarian.                                                  12/01/2001
Elf [ Cl:14 Th: 9 Ra: 9 ] Sicarian is mostly afk.                                    01/04/2002
Elf [ Ra:21 Cl:25 Th:15 ] Sicarian is probably afk.  (WarD)                          07/17/2002
Elf [ Th:25 Ra:30 Cl:30 ] Sicarian is a figment of your imagination. {WarD}          01/12/2003
Elf [ Ra:30 Th:30 Cl:30 ] Sicarian.           W        a        r         D          01/18/2005

Character History:


  • Sicarian is listed on Plaque25 in the Room of Records for his team (Ink and Izzy) winning the Kobold Mover's Quest with 209 items.
  • Sicarian was once two-rounded by Mael and Vex while in the Volcano.

Player Provided Information:

Personal Timeline:


11/28/2001: Sicarian duals to ranger and levels (Ra:2 Cl:9).
12/08/2001: Sicarian is harassed by Maximus (Cl:24/Ra:24, Dawnbringers) as he tries to exp in D'Nal N'Tor. The higher level character begins healing, armoring, and sanctifying all the mobs the lower level character is fighting.
12/11/2001: Sicarian reaches Cl:11 Th: 9 Ra: 9.
12/26/2001: Sicarian reaches Cl:14 Th: 9 Ra: 9.


07/09/2002: Sicarian levels to Ra:17\Cl:25\Th:15 and gains a Train!.
07/12/2002: Sicarian levels to Ra:18\Cl:25\Th:15 and gains MM#3 - a sparrow and #4 - a Clan Youth, #5 - a lizard child.
07/13/2002: Sicarian reaches Ra:19 Cl:25 Th:15.
07/16/2002: Sicarian levels to Ra:21\Cl:25\Th:15.
07/17/2002: Sicarian is one of a record number of Wardancers present (8)
07/21/2002: Sicarian reaches Ra:23 Cl:25 Th:15.
07/23/2002: Sicarian reaches Ra:25 Cl:25 Th:15.
07/26/2002: Sicarian levels to Cl:26\Ra:25\Th:15.
07/27/2002: Sicarian reaches Cl:27 Ra:25 Th:15. Sicarian kills a raptor chick for MM#6.
07/28/2002: Avatarr dies in EC and within 15 seconds, Sicarian performs the CR.
08/07/2002: Sicarian works on a bunch of Mob Mastery quests, ranging from #22 through #27, and including targets such as the gold dragonette and a Flying Polyp of N'Kai.
08/17/2002: Sicarian completes MM#35 - a manor guard and also levels to Ra:26\Cl:30\Th:15.
08/20/2002: Sicarian of the WarDancers levels to Ra:27\Cl:30\Th:15.
08/25/2002: Sicarian levels to Ra:28\Cl:30\Th:15.
08/28/2002: Sicarian uses mob mastery to help him get some exp: MM#55 - a male centaur, #56- a male centaur, #57 - Lt. Oukri, #58 - a cave fisher, and finally levels to Ra:30\Cl:30\Th:15.
08/31/2002: Sicarian reaches Th:16 Ra:30 Cl:30.
09/02/2002: Sicarian levels to Th:18\Ra:30\Cl:30.
09/10/2002: Sicarian slaps out MM#61 through #64 (a battle gnome, a Locathah ambassador, the huge mithril golem, and a groundskeeper), the last one pushing him to level to Th:19\Ra:30\Cl:30.
09/14/2002: Sicarian uses those Location Quest points to obtain Th:20\Ra:30\Cl:30.
09/25/2002: Sicarian slays the Master Cleric to earn MM 76 and Myron of the Timerian Museum for for Mob Mastery level 77 and levels to Th:22\Ra:30\Cl:30 in the process. Later he gains 13 points on a location quest (728 points total).
09/26/2002: Sicarian completes an LQ (864 total points) and MM79 - the Master Mage.
09/27/2002: Sicarian reaches Th:23 Ra:30 Cl:30. Aslan Reports: ### Sicarian has successfully killed a mobmastery target for level 80 - a Triton warrior.
09/29/2002: Sicarian hits the 1000 point mark on location quest! A game of Mob Hunt ends in round 9: Sicarian won with 86 points and Shon came in second with 3 points.
10/02/2002: Sicarian scores 7 points on a location quest (1122 points total). A game of Mob Hunt ends in round 5: Sicarian won with 23 points, and Wish came in second with 10 points.
10/05/2002: Sicarian completes over 20 Location Quests, reaching 1598 points total. He also levels to Th:24\Ra:30\Cl:30.
10/06/2002: A game of Mob Hunt ends in round 5: Gytar won with 42 points and Sicarian came in second with 5 points. Sicarian then spent quite some time doing LQs... reaching 2284 points total.. and Th:25\Ra:30\Cl:30.
11/28/2002: Sicarian becomes a vigilante.
12/01/2002: Sicarian did a CR at the White Dragon in the Dragon Tower for Isitititis in the EARLY a.m.
12/05/2002: A game of Mob Hunt ends in round 6: Sicarian won with 48 points and Lexie came in second with 33 points.
12/06/2002: Sicarian passes the 2300 mark on location quest.


01/04/2003: Sicarian gains MM#83 - Ygren the sword crafter, and #84 - the divine theologian.
01/28/2003: Sicarian does quite a few location quests, hitting 2489 points total.
01/30/2003: Sicarian gains level Th:27\Ra:30\Cl:30.
02/01/2003: Sicarian completes several location quests, totaling over 2880 points. A game of Mob Hunt ends in round 3, with utterly unimpressive results: Sicarian won with 2 points. Ilisam came in second with 1 points.
02/09/2003: Sicarian does a bunch of Location Quests, ending somewhere around 3050 points.
02/11/2003: Sicarian reaches Th:28 Ra:30 Cl:30.
02/13/2003: Sicarian spams the mud with LQ after LQ, finishing up somewhere in the 4000 mark.
02/15/2003: Sicarian reaches Th:29 Ra:30 Cl:30 and also hits 4500 points on location quest.
02/16/2003: Sicarian reaches effective 50th! (Th:30 Ra:30 Cl:30) He does this while hitting 4961 points on location quest.
A game of mob hunt ends in round 8. Sicarian won with 126 points and Ink came in second with 54 points.
03/08/2003: Sicarian CR's Asmodeus' corpse from Scairz.
03/10/2003: Sicarian performs a CR for Yoman after he bad vortex'ed to the Vrocks.
03/30/2003: Sicarian completes mobmaster 88.
04/20/2003: Sicarian finds two named amulets (a blocking and a health) in one day.
06/21/2003: Sicarian gossips (in common), 'Why's everyone keep checkin' my health?'.

2004 - Present

12/26/2004: Sicarian is still #20 on the XP Ranks, with 2,130,034.
02/27/2011: Sicarian is still listed as #17 on the Mob Mastery Ranks, with 88.
05/16/2011: Sicarian is still listed as #9 on the Location Quest Ranks, with 4,961.

Player Information: