Immortal Lineages

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Who were the pivotal Immortals of our world, that inspired others to follow in their footsteps? This was the question I asked myself back in 1999, when I became an Immortal. It was then that I started gathering information. I set the project aside for a time, to focus on being an FLI. I picked it back up again in 2003, and put what data I had up on my Tapestry of Fate website. in January of 2012, Isolas asked me about those old graphics, and how hard it would be to update them. This is the result. The immortals listed (Caradoc, Madman, Thaygar, Coleman, Snare, and Sinclair) are not known to have worshiped anyone as mortals, which is why they are the 'starting point' of their Lineage.

Several people (myself included) worshiped more than one Immortal during the span that they were mortal. You will find them listed under each, with an asterisk next to their name. I have tried to list their subsequent followers only under the immortal that they worshiped first (otherwise, it would just get too complex), or, if they expressed the preference - under the immortal that influenced them the most.

If you spot an Immortal that should be listed in additional spots, please post that information to the Discussion tab for this page. If you know of any immortals who are NOT listed here, please also add that to the discussion page so we can research them and get them added.

- Cordir