The Village of Skull Spire

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The Village of Skull Spire
Type Racial City (Ogre)
Author Thaygar
Location Southern Continent

Area Lore/Back Story

General Information/Trivia

Player Provided Information


In room, The Clan Throne, are Odal, Odan, and Ober. They assist one another, and are sizeable. Odan is an Arch Shaman.


  • Ozma, in the Spire Commons
    • a vial of dragon blood: 'comprehend' 'tongues'
    • a steel potion: 'remove fear'.


  • The Fetish of Skin: (anti-good noremove) 3(3) charges of level 24 'cloak of protection' - carried by Ober
  • The Fetish of Claws: (anti-good) Has 2(2) charges of level 20 'boar totem' -- Carried by Odal
  • a trichobezoar: Pill (No drop). Level 18 spells of: 'cure disease' 'cure disease' 'immunity'. -- carried by Okali


Map of Skull Village and The Lands of Skull Spire by Soloban