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Created 09/24/2002
Status Inactive
Retired 04/04/2006
Race Human
Classes Cleric
Last Seen 04/13/2007
Followed Clue

Mud Contributions:

Current Description:


.              .--.   _, 
.      . - - ;     \ / (_ 
.    /         '.   |    '-._         . ' . 
.   |            \   \  , - .)       -= *  =- 
.    \     /\_    '. ((`  . (         ' / ' 
.      )  \ /      \  )\  _ /        _/ 
.    /     \ \       -'  '-- . ,    /_\ 
.   |        \ \_.' ,        \   \ /| | 
.   \         \_ . - ' ,_) _) '\  \_| | 
.     '.           /`\       (  '._ _/ 
.       `\     .  ;   |   .   '. 
.          ) .'   ) / |         \ 
.           `    `    |   \|    | 
.                      \   |    | 
.                       ' .|    | 
.                         \  '\__ 
.                           `-._ '. _ 
.                              \` ;-.``._ 
.                               \  \ ' -  . _\ 
.                                \  |    
.                                 \ )      
.                                  \_\    
Mistyfier has a special twinkle in his eye.
Mistyfier has looked a lot healthier.

Mistyfier is using:
<used as light>     (Weak magic) (Glowing) a dancing bit of living flame
<worn on finger>    (Artifact magic) a simple ring
<worn on finger>    (Artifact magic) the Seal of the Triat
<worn around neck>  (Artifact magic) a Major Amulet of Anti-Theft
<worn around neck>  (Moderate magic) the rusty chrysoprase amulet 
<worn on body>      (Moderate magic) a platinum breast plate
<worn on head>      (Potent magic) an emerald helm crested by a coiled serpent
<worn on legs>      (Moderate magic) a pair of steel shin guards
<worn on feet>      (Moderate magic) a pair of ring mail boots
<worn on hands>     (Potent magic) a pair of scale mail gauntlets
<worn on arms>      (Moderate magic) a pair of banded mail sleeves
<worn as shield>    (Moderate magic) an iron kite shield
<worn about body>   (Moderate magic) a chain mail sash
<worn about waist>  (Moderate magic) a ring mail girth
<worn around wrist> (Moderate magic) an animal hide wrist guard
<worn around wrist> (Moderate magic) the dim rose bracelet
<wielded>           (Potent magic) (Humming) Maul of Elven Domination
<worn with pride>   (Blue Aura) a travelworn journal with quill pen
<worn with pride>   (Blue Aura) (Weak magic) (Glowing) a couatl feather

Cordir gossips, 'Anyone else want a description written for them?'.
Mistyfier gossips (in common), 'but I like my description too much!!! :)'.
You gossip, 'Only cause of the boobs, misty, ya perv.'.
Mistyfier gossips (in common), 'HAHAHA'.

WHO Lists:

Hum [       Wa: 3       ] Mistyfier the Boy                                       09/24/2002
Hum [    Cl: 3 Wa:12    ] Mistyfier, young warrior of the FoLK                    10/10/2002
Hum [    Cl:18 Wa:17    ] Mistyfier, young Warric of the FoLK                     11/03/2002
Hum [    Cl:21 Wa:20    ] Mistyfier, the young warric of FoLK                     11/29/2002
Hum [    Wa:21 Cl:24    ] Mistyfier, warric helper of FoLK                        12/29/2002
Hum [    Wa:23 Cl:24    ] Mistyfier, warric helper of FoLK                        01/12/2003
Hum [    Wa:25 Cl:30    ] Mistyfier, Healer of the FoLK -Weaver-                  02/10/2003
Hum [    Wa:30 Cl:30    ] Mistyfier, Healer of the FoLK -Weaver-                  03/23/2003
Hum [    Wa:30 Cl:30    ] Mistyfier, Healer of FoLK       -Weaver-                04/22/2003
Hum [      Wyrmling     ] Mistyfier, Healer of FoLK     -Weaver-                  04/26/2003
Hum [      Wyrmling     ] Mistyfier, Healer of FoLK     -Weaver-                  06/25/2003
Hum [      Wyrmling     ] Mistyfier, Healer of FoLK          -Weaver-             10/20/2003
Hum [      Wyrmling     ] Mistyfier, Healer of FoLK          -Weaver-             12/21/2003
Hum [ Or:27 Wa:30 Cl:30 ] Mistyfier had a missfire.  FoLK                         01/30/2004
Hum [ Or:28 Wa:30 Cl:30 ] Mistyfier had a missfire.  FoLK                         02/25/2004
Hum [      Wyrmling     ] Mistyfier had a missfire *--FoLK--* and Bliss is great! 10/14/2004
Hum [      Wyrmling     ] Mistyfier had a missfire *--FoLK--* RM!!!!!             10/28/2004
Hum [ Or:29 Wa:30 Cl:30 ] Mistyfier had a missfire *--FoLK--* RM!!!!!             11/30/2004
Hum [ Or:29 Wa:30 Cl:30 ] Mistyfier had a missfire *--FoLK--* RM!!!!!             12/28/2004
Hum [      Wyrmling     ] Mistyfier had a missfire *--FoLK--* RM!!!!!             02/03/2005
Hum [ Or:29 Wa:30 Cl:30 ] Mistyfier had a missfire *--FoLK--* RM!!!!!             03/30/2005
Hum [    Wa:30 Cl:30    ] Mistyfier wanders alone, thinking of FoLK he will miss  06/23/2005
Hum [    Wa:30 Cl:30    ] Mistyfier wanders alone, thinking of FoLK he will miss  08/13/2005
Hum [    Wa:30 Cl:30    ] Mistyfier wanders alone, thinking of FoLK he will miss  01/02/2006
Hum [    Wa:30 Cl:30    ] Mistyfier wanders alone, thinking of FoLK he will miss  11/02/2006
Hum [    Wa:30 Cl:30    ] Mistyfier wanders alone, thinking of FoLK he will miss  05/03/2007
Hum [    Wa:30 Cl:30    ] Mistyfier wanders with purpose thinking of FoLK of past 01/10/2009
Hum [ Th:17 Wa:30 Cl:30 ] Mistyfier wanders with purpose thinking of FoLK of past 03/10/2009

Character History:


  • Mistyfier was the 13th person to worship Clue.

Player Provided Information:

Personal Timeline:


10/23/2002: Mistyfier reaches Wa:16 Cl:16.

10/26/2002: Mistyfier completes mobmaster 26 and reaches Wa:17 Cl:16.

10/27/2002: Mistyfier completes mobmaster 30, among others. Mistyfier gains Cl:17\Wa:17.

11/04/2002: Mistyfier reaches Cl:19 Wa:17 as he completes mobmaster 32.

11/05/2002: Mistyfier completes mobmasters 35 (a sand shark) & 36 (a Giant Pudding, which happens to be the first one he kills).

11/06/2002: Vex CR'd both Mistyfier in Landru and Gaz in Demon Realm, literally within minutes of each other.

11/07/2002: Mistyfier reaches Cl:20 Wa:17.

11/09/2002: Mistyfier levels to Wa:18\Cl:20 and also gets a Train!

11/11/2002: Mistyfier reports, "heh i got temp. hexxed by coven today :)"

11/13/2002: Solaron performs a CR for Mistyfier. Mistyfier kills a carrion crawler for mobmastery 38.

11/20/2002: Mistyfier completes mobmaster 40 (a winged tinker).

11/21/2002: [ 10] Mistyfier: falsely accused. / Thu Nov 21 18:54:57 2002 / To followers of: Clue / I was wrongfully accused of healing Grathuk during combat. I have my log to prove it. Vex hexxed me and I'm freakin pissed as all hell.

11/24/2002: Mistyfier gets MM#41 - Voodoo Warrior.

11/29/2002: Mistyfier reaches Cl:22 Wa:20 and gets a train. Mistyfier completes mobmasters 43 & 44.

12/01/2002: Mistyfier slays a Triton Child for MM#45.

12/03/2002: Ephiny does a CR in Jester's for Mistyfier.

12/15/2002: Mistyfier gets MM#51 - Oprah, and then #52 - a male centaur, which gains him Cl:23\Wa:20.

12/16/2002: Mistyfier is slain in TP, and Shon performs the CR.

12/26/2002: Mistyfier reports that he "gained my 22 warrior level today" and MM#55 (a bathing centaur).

12/28/2002: Mistyfier levels to Wa:21\Cl:24 and also got his 54th MM; a centaur. [164] Mistyfier: sanctify / Sat Dec 28 19:23:23 2002 / To: all / Viewing Status: ALL / this is kinda an idea for sanctify/ temple's. Would it be possible to get a higher gain rate in your God's temple. (kind of like a health ammy) So you would get a faster ho/mana/mv's gain. . . I think it makes sense, but it is at your discretion. ~ Mistyfier Warric Helper of FoLK

12/29/2002: Dogdaze dies and a CR is performed by Mistyfier in Wintermeet.

12/31/2002: Mistyfier reaches 22 warrior.


01/03/2003: Mistyfier completes mobmaster 55 (a bathing centaur).

01/04/2003: Mistyfier of the Folk gains Wa:23\Cl:24.

01/12/2003: Mistyfier reaches Wa:24 Cl:24.

01/14/2003: Mistyfier completes 2 MMS:#56 - a Dark Brother and #57 - a master monk.

01/18/2003: A game of Mob Hunt ends in round 6: Fobro won with 62 points and Mistyfier came i second with 48 points.

01/22/2003: Mistyfier reaches Cl:25\Wa:24.

01/25/2003: Mistyfier levels to Cl:26\Wa:24.

01/28/2003: Mistyfier slays Lt. Oukri for MM #58, and levels to Cl:27\Wa:24.

01/29/2003: Mistyfier reaches Cl:28 Wa:24.

02/01/2003: A GT is held in Tempe, Arizona with Pitt, Mistyfier, Johnpaul, Syla, Azeworai, Rubicant, Majere, Alucard, Tolken, Tokugawa & Marisa attending. View a few pictures.

02/08/2003: Mistyfier reaches Wa:25 Cl:30. ### Indiga tells Mistyfier (in common), ':( lucky I'm not vex :b'

02/10/2003: Mistyfier reaches Wa:26\Cl:30.

02/13/2003: Mistyfier completes MM #60 - Tain, the potion brewer, and also levels to Wa:27\Cl:30.

02/19/2003: Mistyfier of the Folk levels to Wa:29\Cl:30.

02/21/2003: Mistyfier completes mobmaster 63 (the huge mithril golem).

02/23/2003: Mistyfier reaches effective 40, the first member of the FoLK to do so [Wa:30\Cl:30].

02/28/2003: Cordir runs a quick five minute (okay, it was more than 5 minutes) quest, requiring participants to find various items. Mandrake wins first place, Daisy takes second place, and Mistyfier takes third. Cordir leaves the rifting or the rewards to Tynian. Tynian sets Slue on Mistyfier who barely escapes. Mistyfier gossips (in common), 'umm whatever god sent Slue one me, Mind returning him to normal. That was scary as heck heh'.

03/04/2003: ### [Somewhere, Mistyfier humps your leg like a stray dog in heat]

03/08/2003: Lexie cants, '[Uriel tells Mistyfier (in common), 'its ok ill be gentle'.

03/15/2003: Mistyfier attends the wedding of Tern and Karyna.

03/29/2003: Mistyfier performs a CR for Aristeaus "in the middle of Cloakers."

04/17/2003: Wylin and Grale do 2 corpse retrievals (for Tweedle & Mistyfier) in Jester's Keep.

04/19/2003: Ecnelis dies and Mistyfier performs the CR. Mistyfier is later foully PKd by Ink and Alex of the WarDancers in retaliation for the corpse rescue, causing a huge uproar which is discussed at length on the forum.

04/22/2003: Mistyfier is ordained "Wyrmling" by Clue!

05/10/2003: Mistyfier completed his 8th OM level - and gets a train! [229] Mistyfier: Disarm during noeqloss and quest-time / Sat May 10 10:44:56 2003 / To: all / Viewing Status: ALL / Wouldn't that be breaking the no eqloss rule? Rincewind disarmed me and then sacced my weapon... Maybe next time there could be a no disarm implemented.

05/12/2003: Mistyfier bad recalls to Bliss' temple.

05/19/2003: [ 25] Mistyfier: WTB / Mon May 19 19:05:01 2003 / To: all / I am looking to buy a level 30+ enchant relic, or to buy a charge off of the relic. Send tells, note or PM on forum if you have one you would sell... Mistyfier, Healer of FoLK 06/07/2003: Mistyfier of the FoLK ascends to Ordained level 14.

07/08/2003: ### Mistyfier says (in common), 'no eating the fountain!'


01/08/2004: Tamar auctions off some eq in exchange for "the best" entertainment. Mistyfier immediately "misunderstands", and gossips (in common), '*seductively takes off his platinum breast plate* *you can hear music playing in the background'. 'o wait, wrong entertainment'.

02/25/2004: Mistyfier gossips (in common), 'well isn't that a duezy! I try to kill myself and give myself a scratch... Better clip my hangnails'.

8/22/2004: ### Mistyfier tells Dart (in common), 'the perks of housing DC for the weekend, I get alcohol hehe'

09/25/2004: Natilena holds a pk rumble! Her summary says: Gregar killed by Ink, Thor killed by Orion, Guartwog killed by Valgar, Valin killed by Ink, Orion killed by Dart, Lex killed by Orpik, Eldric killed by Azeworai, Cujo killed by Mystaya, Dart killed by Ink, Valgar killed by Orpik, Mystaya killed by Orpik, Cyali killed by Orpik, Mistyfier killed by Ink, Faile killed by Orpik, Ink killed by Ink, and Azeworai killed by Orpik.

2006 & 2007

04/04/2006: [ 10] Mistyfier: I'm done / Tue Apr 4 10:52:01 2006 / To: all / Well, after asking ink for help, a friend of the game for over 5ish years. And having him turn on me. The time has come where I quit. I'm sick of the people on the game. Ink, thanks for reminding me why I took my break. and thanks for making my decision easy to leave. Orpik, I will always be checking the news board in hopes that someone dry sacs your corpse. To those who made me stay around, thanks for the fun To my old guildies, Good luck with whatever you do. To Clue, Thank you for giving me the opportunity to serve as your still loyal OM. To the mafia, enjoy your new metals. ~ Mistyfier, always faithful to Clue, wherever she may be. PS: There are a lot of you that I'd like to thank for my time here, you all made it fun for over 10 years of my life. I'm not going to mention you all, since there are way too many of you... But just thank you

04/13/2007: [ 5] Mistyfier: mystaya / Fri Apr 13 15:58:21 2007 / To: all / pretty.... SCARY!!!! HAHAHA ~ Mistyfier... was here?!?

Player Information: