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Born half-Aarakocran half-Elven, this young female’s appearance is likened to that of an elf, the only signs of her Aara birth, dark talons and tell-tale wings hidden by a deep velvet cloak worn almost perpetually. Her mother nearly passed in birthing her, unused to the potency of Elven blood. Taking her spared life as a sign, rather than resenting her daughter for the painful childbirth, she committed herself to making her youngling’s existence as safe and pleasant as possible. Stubborn, as some mothers can be when raising their young, she thought to make her daughter’s life easier by barring her from her born gift of flight, hoping she would be more welcomed by her father’s people as well as her own. The matron had high expectations for this child of mixed birth, and showed it in naming her. Deyanira is known as a mortal Aara maiden in an Elven myth who charmed one of the Ageless and won His love. Perhaps she likened this to her own tryst with her Deyanira’s father, an Elven gentleman stemming from an ancient bloodline.

As a child, Deyanira was taught the arts of being a lady. Schooled three days a week by the most prestigious teacher, she was taught manners, charm, and how to attempt controlling her occasionally fierce temper. As time passed, this Aara quickly become as graceful as any true-born Elven lady. Still, she only put on a proper face before her parents or elders. When alone, she preferred taking long walks through an Elven glade… and when sure no one was watching, she would uncover her wings and take flight, stealing moments of pure pleasure and freedom alone in the clear blue skies.

One day, during one of these escapades, she happened upon a young Aarakocran girl most like herself. The two fast became friends, a friendship which would show to be everlasting. Deyanira became very dependant on this friend, Faile, who showed her things she had never seen nor dreamt of before. She would fashion any caliber of excuse simply to flee her parents’ safety net and steal a few moments with this young maiden. The girl inculcated a world of knowledge in Deyanira. Faile showed her the way to her warrior guild master where she learned the arts of combat. Later, she even learned the arts of trickery and finally, when she found peace in her heart turned to mysticism.

On a chance evening, as she was walking back home, very late at night, the sky seemed to be unusually lit. She looked up to see what was different in her town and found herself looking at a midnight blue sky pierced with a trail of Stars. Such was her fascination that she decided to follow them to try to follow their path….

That path was not for her, in the end, Stars being to far from her nature for her to properly soar above them. Now she once again finds herself strolling through her Elven glade, watching with contentment as graceful mares and their stallion mates prance around about the plain. As she walks her mind is constantly working, “To think, I may be looking at them for the last time.” This beautiful scenery seems to have sparked a memory and she momentarily finds herself thinking of her beloved mother and father, wondering what they would think of her now.

Half-Elven, half-Aarakocran, Deyanira has certainly inherited her father’s arrogance and stubbornness as well as her mother’s inquisitive nature. She approaches the stallion with careless ease, takes flight quickly and mounts his back, settling delicately across his back and clicking him into a gallop towards the horizon. Through this, and all her travels she reminds herself what her father always intoned, “One must always behave like a lady, with grace and poise.” The faint hint of a smile appears across her face as she journeys away from her home, the stars towards a new Path, seeking her Fate in the Realm.


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