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Created 5/23/2011
Status Active
Race Gnome
Classes Shaman
Last Seen When you least suspected it
Followed Rufus

Mud Contributions:

Current Description:

Noticing your interest, Kale instantly hands you his marketing material!

**** G-TEAM ****

Ten years ago, a crack commando unit was sent to prison by a bounty hunter for a
crime they didn't commit. These men promptly escaped from a MoK jail cell to the
Midgaard underground. Today, still wanted by the authorities, they survive as
gnomes of fortune. If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can
find them, maybe you can hire... The G-Team.

Kale is the preminent Yard Gnome: Trained in art of lawn war, flower guarding,
stare contests, gnomescaping, the drunken gyrocopter and has been everywhere
but the electric chair and seen everything except the wind.

Contact Information: 1-800-GNOME-PWR | #yardgnome | kale@gnomesRus.com

Kale's description for you RP types that just HAVE to know how awesome this gnome
really is:

In one hand, Kale holds a reinforced Gnome-crete(TM) dagger and a magic lantern
powered by the sun in the other. A rhythmic release of steam is escaping from a
steam-powered sniper cannon strapped on Rambo-style. Typical of many Yard-Gnomes
of his vintage, Kale wears a pointy red hat while smoking a pipe. Apparently,
Kale just left the scene of a small accident as evidenced by the affixed patch
of kitty litter soaking up an oil stain on his left shoe. As a slight breeze
floats by, you notice the unmistakable smell of BRUT by Gnommen. A cologne that
is ALL the rage of height-challenged individuals and pushed by local hipsters
across the realm.

WHO Lists:

Gno [       Sh: 1       ] Kale the Gnome                                     05-23-2011
Gno [    Wa: 1 Sh:12    ] Kale the Gnome                                     05-25-2011
Gno [    Wa:11 Sh:12    ] Kale the Gnome                                     06-06-2011
Gno [ Sh:12 Wa:12 Th:12 ] Kale THE BLOOD GNOME, THE ANTI-SWARF, *G-TEAM*     06-15-2011
Gno [ Sh:18 Wa:12 Th:12 ] Kale THE BLOOD GNOME, THE ANTI-SWARF, *G-TEAM*     06-22-2011
Gno [ Sh:30 Wa:15 Th:12 ] Kale the Yard Gnome is in your NeXuS! *G-TEAM*     03-05-2012

Character History:

Kale is a diminutive yard ornament molded by the advanced research of Gla'shorn's gnome-crete industry. His concrete form was magically animated during a tempest attack on Gla'shorn, an event likely concocted by sneaky dwarves jealous of Gnome-crete secrets.

While leading a retaliatory strike on the evil Dwarven Kingdom, Kale and his commando unit were framed for multi-killing Queen Sylette and sentenced to 3 days of record-keeping for the Magistrate. Rather than suffer the agony of paperwork, the team promptly broke out of their MoK jail by concealing their makeshift tunnel with monthly pinups of Miss PlayGnome.

Now called the G-TEAM, they are rumored to inhabit the Midgaard underground. As gnomes for hire, they take only adventures with the greatest odds and the highest rewards. While their unorthodox methods border on the ridiculous they are uncannily effective. Should you need help when no one else will, if you can find them then maybe you can hire the G-TEAM.


  • Often overheard shouting "GNOME POWER!!!" on global channels for unknown purposes or reason.
  • Liberates enslaved garden gnomes during his free time and sends them on extravagant vacations.

Place of Residence:

A Gnome's Lawn
[Exits: everywhere]
You are standing in a large lawn of premium native grasses bordered by carefully maintained garden beds. Ornamental Trees
line the sidewalks that lead no where in particular other than providing a meandering path through the lawn. The size and
amount of custom landscaping is impressive. This is the only property on the block without a house or even a shed. A small
white sign spiked into the lawn is nearby.

A small white sign reads, "A Gnome Lives here"
A talking concrete Gnome is here, ready for action

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Personal Timeline:

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