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Year 1995


1995: Kaatsheuvel, Netherlands
Let me take you back to the summer of 1995, to an amusement park called "The Efteling": the first time that Robert met the other Dutch TFC players.
See photos on the TFC website.

Year 1996

Phoenix, Arizona

December 22, 1996: Phoenix, Arizona, USA
Held at the PiZaN house, we had the Christmas GT for people in Phoenix. It was a load of fun, and we ALL thank the PiZaN guys for letting us destroy... err... have the run of their house. What follows is the list of the attendees, as noted by Talia: Airwalk/Sohcahtoa, Wyrm, Splat, Shinu, Caradoc, Aladin, Foolkiller, Xaviera, Tokugawa, Furnock, Shushila, Sierra (Shushila's RL baby), Phooey's RL dad, Kell, Agape, Crysania, Emaleth, Cerebus, JohnPaul, JohnPaul's RL wife, Syrinx, Facade, Gwyrdain, Scroll, Darkmoon, Malaki, Larry, Jyslin, Lorna, Zrie, Madman, Tynian, Assilem, Wazoo, Phooey, Kaplin, Zipp/Voltron, Marisa, Sloan, Nayr, Jaxxon, Maltor, Syla, and Talia. Biscuit (a dog) and Charlie (a cat) also were there.

Costa Mesa, California

September 24, 1996: Costa Mesa, California, USA:
'Ivarr the DisEnchanted' hosted a Get Together at his home in Costa Mesa, California. There were several attendees, including: Zarous, Khore, Foolkiller, Gryphon, Tokugawa, Einskaldir, T'Far, Cordir, ZARA, Polnevdra, Taffron, Nameless, and Feydorian. At one point, a phone call was made to the Arch Lich, and so the phone was passed around for everyone to get a chance to say hi.
Photos can be found on the TFC website.

Year 1997

Phoenix, Arizona

February 1997: Phoenix, Arizona, USA
This GT was held at the annual Arizona Renaissance Festival southeast of the Phoenix metropolitan area with the following attendees:
Front row: Jahiliya, Unknown, Shrike | Middle Row: Lorna, Syla, Darkmoon, Unknown, Unknown | Back Row: Gwyrdain, Unknown, Unknown, JohnPaul, Foolkiller, Unknown
1997 Arizona Renaissance Festival GT.jpg


1997: Kaatsheuvel, Netherlands
Pictures can be seen on the TFC website.

Year 1999


1999: Kaatsheuvel, Netherlands
Pictures can be seen on the TFC website.

Phoenix, Arizona, USA

September 3, 1999:
A GT is held at Grandma Tony's in Tucson, Arizona. In attendance are: (Mortals) Kamil, Elistan, Majere, Rubicant, Nydus, Gaul, Rocky, Marisa, Trap, Kennet, Jahiliya, Nyx, and (Immortals) Cordir, Syla, and Thaygar, with Asia arriving just as the GT was ending.

Year 2000


2000: Kaatsheuvel, Netherlands
For the sixth consecutive year the Dutch GT brought us to themepark "The Efteling" once again. Never before have this many (ex-)TFC players and their partners showed up: 19! It was also the first time we had a special guest appearance from abroad, our own Unity bird Duvel!
Pictures can be seen on the TFC webpage.

Year 2002

Renfest, Arizona

March, 2002: Renefest - Somewhere in Arizona
In February or March of each year, an annual RenFest GT is held in Arizona. See photos from the 2002 RenFest GT.

Phoenix, Arizona

May 18, 2002: Phoenix, Arizona, USA
At the home of Tranquility in Tempe, Arizona, and mudders in attendance were: Tranquility, Ptarchyzk, Tyanna, Cordir, Nyx, Jahiliya, Kennet, Tripper, Belsambar (via phone), Foolkiller, Gaul, Tirant, Kain, Majere, Syla, Tokugawa, & Marisa.
For more photos see the TFC website


Darian Lake, New York

May, 2002: Darian Lake, New York
The GT was held at Six Flags in Darien Lake, NY. Mudders in attendance were: Aslan, Belsambar, Lycron, Dart, Craige, Garland, Kaldred, Nicolas and Zoah

Left to Right: AmbianT, Lycron, Aslan, Kaldred, Dart

Chicago, Illinois

September 2002: Chicago, Illinois, USA
The event was held at ESPN Zone and on the streets of Chicago. Attendees of the Chicago GT were Myronides, Natilena, Boyardee, Solaron, Katrana, Humble, Faille, Plato, Shon, Snappy, Ambrose, Tazz, Wylin, Lorax, Maimer, and Lania. Photos of the event.

2002 Chicago GT.jpg

Cincinnati, Ohio

September 2002: Cincinnati, Ohio
Attendees of the Cincinnati GT were Mael, Mylo, Sylt, Vex, Agralebean, DuKaron, Solaron, Katrana, Humble, Faile, and Theoden. Cincinnati GT photos by Katrana.

Year 2003

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Feb, 2003: Amsterdam, Netherlands
A Dutch GT was held in Amsterdam in February of 2003, with Adso, Whoz, Gytar, Robert, Saruman, Pitt, Tiax, Riella, Rhys, Lins, Lanfear & Azeworai (via phone) attending.

Tempe, Arizona

Feb, 2003: Tempe, Arizona
A GT was held in Tempe, Arizona with Pitt (from Australia), Mistyfier, Johnpaul, Syla, Azeworai, Rubicant, Majere, Alucard, Tolken, Tokugawa & Marisa attending.

Chicago, Illinois

May 2-5, 2003: Chicago, Illinois
A big GT was held in Chicago from May 2nd thru 5th, 2003 with many people from around North America attending. (Solaron, Katrana, Lorax, Myronides, Tokugawa, Marisa, Kylanae, Wylin, Lania, Inthar, Isolas, Boyardee, DarkClaw, Vorax, Triston, Natilena, Wunk and Edge.) View commentary and GT photos by Marisa and photos by Natilena.

Darien Lake, New York

June 21, 2003: Darien Lake, New York
A GT was held in Darien Lakes, New York on June 21st, 2003 with Natilena, Skie, Malakost, Dart, Lycron, Garland, Kerriariadne, Belsambar, Tidus & Goth attending. View photos of the event

Ottawa, Ontario CANADA!

Aug 22, 2003: Ottawa, Ontario
GT was held in Ottawa at the fairgrounds. In attendance: Artanis, Anduin, Alex, Treehugger, Dekar, Natilena, Tweedle, Fisrad.

Pictures of the event.

Yarmouth, Nova Scotia CANADA!

October 8th, 2003: Yarmouth, Nova Scotia
There was a GT held October 8th, 2003 in Yarmouth in the province of NovaScotia (in Canada for those that know no geography) hosted by Seraph.
Pictures of the event found here.

Year 2004

Las Vegas, Nevada

March 12-14, 2004: Las Vegas, Nevada
A GT was held in Las Vegas, Nevada on March 12-14, 2004 with Tynian, Darkmoon, Tokugawa, Marisa, Natilena, Lania, Armalag, Takuen, Athorne, & Athorne's wife attending. View photos by Natilena and commentary & photos by Marisa.

Year 2011

Cedar Point, Ohio

August 12-14, 2011: Cedar Point, Ohio
Has it really been that long since the last GT? A group met up at Cedar Point in Ohio for not as much roller coaster riding as you would expect! Katrana, Sagan, Spooky, Vale and Natilena attending. View photos and commentary of the event!

Ohio RenFest GT

September 2-5, 2011
Right on the heels of the Cedar Point GT was the Ohio RenFest GT. Attendees included Aoide, Ink, Corri, Katrana, Nightfighter, Sagan, and Spooky and his wife. View photos and commentary of the event!

Year 2012

Las Vegas, Nevada

February 2-5, 2012
TFC was off to Vegas with attendees including Tynian, Natilena, Bliss, Katrana, Sagan, Wish, Wistom, Gheorghe and a tiny little bit of Vale. View photos and commentary of the event!