2003 Ottawa GT

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Pictures and commentary by Natilena. 8/22/2003

Canadian GT eh?

The Entrance
I finally found them! Took about a 6 hour drive by the time I got through traffic in Toronto. I checked into the hotel and walked down to the park. 20 minutes the dude said.. yeah right! This is Treehugger who was waiting with "the friend" and Fisrad for me at the entrance.


"The Super Ex"
A view down the road of the Ex, the Ottawa Exhibition. Tweedle, Dekar and Artanis had met up with us but we were still waiting for Alex and Anduin to arrive.


Everyone loves Freebies!
Fisrad with the Dole lady. Everyone loves free samples. It was very sweet but still pretty good!


Only in Canada
Err, yeah. Tweedle is the one in the hat.


The Brisk Guy
The of course to go with the Dole girl is the Brisk guy. I liked his samples better, went back to visit a couple times. Treehugger tries it out too.


Groupish Picture
Dekar, Some Random Lady, Fisrad's back, Artanis' back and Tweedle.


Watching the Zipper
Dekar, "the friend", Treehugger and Fisrad look on as Tweedle and Artanis line up for the Zipper.


Climbing into the Zipper
Tweedle and Artanis climb into their cage.


Up they Go!
(wish them luck)


While they were riding...
Alex and Anduin showed up while Tweedle and Artanis rode the zipper. They had gotten lost on the bus system but finally made it. Alex on the left and Anduin in blue outfit.


Still Alive!
Artanis followed by Tweedle stumble off the Zipper and what do they do? Line up for another go! After the second time the comment was 2ce was once too much.


The Scrambler
"the friend" and Treehugger rode the Scrambler which was located right beside the Zipper.


I don't even want to talk about it.


The Exit
Alex makes his exit, looking only a little unsteady.


Where to Next?
Treehugger, Tweedle and Alex


Its Fisrad!
and part of Anduin's head.


Rest Time
Tweedle and Anduin rest on the bench. The little Mach3 rollercoaster is in the background. Not sure how many times the others rode that thing but it was more than a few.


Show Off!
Tweedle trying out his new dmg eq.


and the Prize
Cute ain't he?


Matthew Good Time
Dekar and Alex waiting for the show which was EXCELLENT. Matthew Good was a great live performer.


More Matt Good
Anduin with Artanis hiding behind him.


The Group
L to R. Artanis, Anduin, Alex, Treehugger, Dekar, Natilena, Tweedle. I would also like to point out the Rickard's Red sign above us. That is all.


Team Awesome


When in Canada..
Go looking for mounties! Didn't find mounties but there were all these guys in fuzzy hats. If someone can explain to me why the hats are fuzzy I'll be very grateful.


Our Parliament and all the people that were there to watch the guys in the fuzzy hats.