2011 Cedar Point GT

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Pictures & Commentary by Natilena/Sagan

Cedar Point Ohio GT - August 12 to 14th, 2011

Sagan - The GT was a success! Honestly was a lot of fun - I've been to 3 or 4 GT's now with Peter (Spooky) and Natilena, but this was only my 2nd time meeting Vale, and the first time was only for an hour, tops. We traded stories, BS'd about the old days, played lots of games and really had a great time. Made me remember why I love going to GT's with you guys - more of you need to come to our next one.

I got some pictures, as did Nati, and they'll be posted soon. Until then, here's a detailed writeup that none of you will care about! Huzzah!

Natilena - Agree! TFC has an amazing group of people playing and its great to meet them.

Day 1

Sagan - Day 1: Pick Vale up at the airport, get to Castaway Bay. Realize that the indoor waterpark is awesome. Realize I told Katrana I wouldn't need any swimming trunks. Regret decision immediately. Day over.

The awesome waterpark:

IMG 0033.JPG IMG 0029.JPG
IMG 0030.JPG

Sagan - Well, not quite I guess. Natilena, Spooky, Vale, Katrana and I met the first night and, after general introductions and a few minutes of chit-chat, decided to hit up TGI Fridays. Natilena brought her 2 kids plus 2 other kids of a friend, so we kinda felt awkward as we discussed killing people and looting their corpses over dinner - but it didn't stop us. The drinking began at this time.

Natilena - The kids were all looking at you strange with the conversation that was going on! You must have scared the waitress as well, she seemed very confused at the best of times.

Spooky and Sagan discussing deaths over appetizers.

IMG 0035.JPG

Sagan and Katrana from the end of the table.

IMG 0036.JPG

Sagan - After dinner, the kids went back to their room and/or the waterpark, and the TFCers went to our room. There, we proceeded to get incredibly drunk (admittedly it took much less to get Kat and I drunk than Vale and Spooky, who are machines - I will not say a word about our dearest Natilena!). Whilst drinking, this interesting exchange occured:

Katrana says (in common), "I need to get another drink."
Katrana stands.
A Hotel-Room Chair trips Katrana and she goes down!
A Hotel-Room Chair *** DEMOLISHES *** Katrana's big toe
Katrana's big toe is DEAD!

Aside from that, the lame people (Kat and myself) decided to hit the hay around midnight. Spooky and Vale retired to the bars. Vale returned to the room hours later talking to himself - I have no idea about what.

Natilena - What he's not mentioning here is the very interesting drinking game that I got thrown into the middle of when I came back to see what they were up to. I think I finally have a handle on the rules. With some TFC themed questions it became a lot of fun though they sometimes forgot they were tasked with calling me Goddess all weekend. Naming PK'ers became almost never ending and naming light sources was hard! This was followed by some game where you had to collect flamingos (??) but everyone was so drunk the rules mostly disappeared. I kept stealing Vale's flamingos from in front of him and would keep a few as a tax when others were awarded theirs. Katrana got up and stole a handful of them and after that it was really just a free for all. Kat and I pooled our flamingos and decided that the Goddess' had won the game.

Vale in the room

2011-08-12 21-47-10 390.jpg

Spooky in the room

2011-08-12 21-47-42 463.jpg

Part of the first evening's damage

2011-08-13 00-38-08 259.jpg

Day 2

Sagan - Day 2: Kat's up at like 5am and annoys Vale and I awake. We meet up with Nati and head to the park - Spooky is not answering his phone. We ride some awesome rides and then decided that spending 3.50 for bottled water is expensive enough without buying food as well, so Vale, Kat and I head back to the room while Nati stays behind with the kids for a while.

Natilena - Top Thrill Dragster, I was scared to death but it was GREAT!

Katrana acting sassy

2011-08-13 09-19-30 992.jpg

Vale in the park

2011-08-13 09-19-56 979.jpg

Natilena in the park

2011-08-13 09-26-17 664.jpg

Katrana again

2011-08-13 09-26-22 140.jpg

Katrana & Sagan waiting in line for Top Thrill Dragster

IMG 0040.JPG

Top Thrill Dragster, yeah we rode that.

IMG 0044.JPG

Sagan screaming in terror on the ride.

2011-08-13 09-48-13 126.jpg

Vale Trying to win a Domo

2011-08-13 11-07-06 499.jpg

Sagan - We finally do a CR on Spooky and find that he's alive, if rather rough looking. We eat at Friendly's, head back to the room, and fully plan on heading back to the park that evening. Sadly, however, we decide to begin drinking first. That leads to ordering pizza and playing Munchkin for hours and hours. We totally just sat in our room the entire night, until Kat had enough. Then we moved the party to Spooky's room and continued. There, Natilena tried (and failed) to catch frogs.

Natilena - I met back up with them after returning from the park and found them all mudding in the room! Everyone talked to Cordir a little on the phone and then the Munchkin game was setup. I'm not saying ANYTHING about the frogs...

Spooking looking a little rough during a breakfast at Friendly's.

2011-08-13 12-02-51 872.jpg

Vale logged into TFC and Spooky looking on.

IMG 0050.JPG IMG 0051.JPG

IMG 0052.JPG

Katrana mudding from the bed.

IMG 0053.JPG

Things getting stranger as we setup to play Munchkin.

IMG 0054.JPG IMG 0055.JPG

IMG 0056.JPG IMG 0057.JPG

IMG 0059.JPG

Katrana trying to give us a hint that its time for bed.

IMG 0069.JPG IMG 0066.JPG

Last few pictures as we're leaving the room.

IMG 0060.JPG IMG 0061.JPG

Sagan and Spooky ... yeah I don't know either.

IMG 0062.JPG

Vale looking on.

IMG 0070.JPG

Day 3

Sagan - Finally, this morning we met up at Bob Evans for breakfast, sans Natilena who had to leave at 5am this morning to drive home because of a work snafu with one of the kids she'd brought. Hopefully the girl can hide whatever bruises Nati decides to give her! Grrr!

Natilena - I beat her up good, it was WAY to early to be leaving! Overall it was a great time though, thanks all!